Red Pill Roundtable: Wingman vs. Solo

This week’s Red Pill Roundtable is about Wingman vs. Solo tips. Each of the respective members of the Red Pill Roundtable, myself, Goldmund from goldmundunleashed.com, Kyle from thisistrouble.com and masculineprofiles.com answer a few questions on rolling solo vs. with a wingman. This is another lengthy, but informative and detailed ‘think-tank’ article from varying perspectives of players around the world. Question #1 Do…

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Episode #17 5 Signs She’s Going To Flake (and the perfect backup plan)

In episode 17 of A Man In Demand Radio, I share 5 signs that she’s going to flake on your date. If you’re sick of getting blind-sided by flakes, then check out these signs that will show you the writing on the wall BEFORE she flakes, plus a perfect back-up plan so your night is never ruined. Big shout out…

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Less Than 24 Hours Until CONVERT Deep Conversion Game System Price Increases

Gents,   Less than 24 hours until CONVERT Deep Conversion Game System’s price increases.  I launched it at an extremely low price for the younger cats, who aren’t flush in cash, but we’re slowly inching up to a more fair price to what it’s worth. For those of you still on the fence, I offer the best money-back guarantee in…


Direct Game Personified: “Let’s Fly To Oviedo”

“Life is short. Life is dull. Life is full of pain. And this is a chance for something special.” What do you think of when you think about Direct Approaching? What wordplay comes to your mind when you think of Provider Approaching? Nothing I’ve seen in a film captures direct approaching quite like a scene from Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Javier Bardem…


5 Harsh But Truthful Reasons Why She’s Not Fucking You

Isolating the areas one needs improvement in is often easy and met with begrudging hope, but identifying the areas that one is blatantly fucking up in, hurts more due to the ego. Well, I might hurt you right now, but it’s not due to lack of love for my fellow-man. It’s because I want you to do your best, be…


The #1 Reason Your Game Might Be Stuck

“She’s not like that” “She’s a good girl” “I don’t want to rush sex, because I don’t think she’s like THAT” “This girl is really different. I don’t think she’s slutty” “She’s not the type to give blowjobs” Have you ever caught yourself saying one of these statements? Newsflash: it’s holding your game back. I’ve been noticing a trend lately,…


Introducing CONVERT Deep Conversion Game

Game is now forever changed.   You guys requested it and now it’s here. Everything you need to know about how to convert a girl is in CONVERT Deep Conversion Game and I’m even giving you an entire YEAR to try it out. Yea, it’s that damn good. Click the logo below and get ready to have your mind blown.  


The “I Know” Factor That Took My Game To The Next Level

There comes a time in a player’s life when he thinks he knows it all. I’ve been there. I had arrived. I knew pretty much everything there was to know about meeting and seducing women. How foolish of me. Then one day I walked past a chick at Starbucks and our eyes connected for a few seconds. The look on…


The Negative Effects of Porn Addiction on Your Confidence and Game

(Christian here. Today’s post is a guest post from David de las Morenas from HowToBeast.com and co-host of the Beastly Gentlemen Podcast.) Internet pornography will ruin your confidence… if you let it. It’s one of the most common “bad habits” that guys share. It’s so common that researchers have trouble studying it because there’s hardly anyone to put into a…


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