Episode #22 Lay Report & Practical Tips To Get You Laid

As a part of A Man In Demand Radio, I’m adding a new topic to the roster: lay reports. The purpose is solely to better your game through the tips I’ll share as I tell what happened with my one-night stands. Some people learn through lists. Some people learn through doing. And some people learn through stories. In these stories…


Episode #21 CMQ Game Q & A Part 2 (Podcast)

In Episode #21 of A Man In Demand Radio, I continue answering questions. Alright gents, in Part 2 of the CMQ Game Q & A, I answer questions from the members. This was supposed to be video, but I lost what I shot earlier, so switched to doing this episode to a podcast. I have a few more kinks to…


Episode #20 CMQ Game Q & A Part 1 (VIDEO)

In Episode #20 of A Man In Demand Radio, I switch gears and use video. This episode and the next one will be video. If the response is good, then I’ll use more video as I enjoy this medium. This is Part 1 of a 2-part episode that explores listeners/viewers questions about game. Questions were selected from here on the…


Frank Sinatra’s Oneitis

Oneitis is such an incredible ‘disease’ that it can overtake any man not in control of his emotions, that even the great singer and playboy Frank Sinatra fell to its devastating charms. The moment a man becomes consumed with a woman, is the moment he loses her. “Frank told Ava: ‘All my life, being a singer was the most important…

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Are You A Punching Bag For Girls?

“Hold this NOW!” The girl walking towards me on the sidewalk shoved her gigantic purse into the stomach of what I believe to be her boyfriend. “Okay honey”, he meekly dropped his head in defeat and clutched onto her purse as though it held the secret to his misery. “Unfuckingbelievable”, I exclaimed and shot her a dirty look. No fucks…


See Rollo Tomassi Live In Las Vegas!

The tease is over and I can announce the special surprise guest for the 1st Annual A Man In Demand Seminar Saturday September 12th in Las Vegas. As you’ve gathered from the title of this post, it’s none other than best-selling author Rollo Tomassi from and author of the life-changing books The Rational Male and The Rational Male: Preventative…


How To Prevent Hair Loss (it might just work for you)

Losing your hair as a man can be one of the most depressing aspects of aging. If you were lucky enough to spend your twenties with giggling girls commenting on your hair and running their fingers through it, then congrats, I know the feeling. For some men though, losing their hair happened fast and now they’re bald, but that’s okay…


How To Get Laid On Instagram

A poster on The Project Playboy forum, a free forum for men, to discuss everything from how to get laid to making money and everything in between, posted this excellent data sheet a while back and now I’m posting it on my blog (with his permission). This data sheet is easy and step-by-step and most importantly WORKS according to multiple…

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Episode #18 How To Be A Boss

In Episode 18 of A Man In Demand Radio, I get into the mindset of a Boss and explain the characteristics of what it takes to be a leader among your peers and a true ‘hustler’, sharing personal stories and a step-by-step 5 point plan for you to become in control of your own destiny. Click the link below to listen.…


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