Weekend Game Tip: Are You Overlooking Some True Beauties?

“She’s alright I guess. Nothing special though.” My friend and wingman for the night gave a half disinterested glance at a girl I pointed out to him in the club. I agreed, tossed back my drink and walked to the bathroom to freshen up, spray some cologne, grab some mints and tip the old school bathroom attendant. On my way…


Episode #24 How To Have Swagger

In Episode #24 of A Man In Demand Radio, I dive into what it really means to have swagger. You know it when you see it, but how do YOU get it and use it to help you meet girls and build a great social circle? I got you covered! Show Notes: My first encounter with a guy who had…


How Much Time Do You Have Left To Live?

When you’re a young buck you might think that you have all the time left in the world, but do you really? Something that I’ve tried to drive home on this blog is the concept of living life to the fullest everyday, because we are not guaranteed tomorrow. A forum member on the Project Playboy Forum posted a fascinating post…


48 Hour Warning: Get Laid Tonight

Alright gents, only 48 hours left to get all three of my kickass systems for pennies. The cart closes on Get Laid Tonight and the bonuses at 11:59pm THIS Sunday Oct 4th and is NOT reopening until next year aka 2016. Here’s what you get: Get Laid Tonight Speed System: The Average Guy’s Guide To Getting Laid Within 24 Hours…


New Blog Posting Schedule

As summer has officially drawn to a close and Fall is upon us, my schedule has slowed down slightly, so I’ve made a new blog posting and podcast schedule. Here it is: Mondays: Motivation, Personal Stories, Playboy Lifestyle, Current Events with a Game Spin, Scientific studies regarding Game and Social Dynamics. Wednesday: A Man In Demand Podcast covering everything from…


Young and Broke? Listen Up

So I was up at Griffith Park observatory earlier tonight cruising around with a chick. I like driving through LA at night, cuz there’s something ‘magical’ about the lights and stillness of it, but hell no during the day if I can avoid it. Anyways, we parked at a lookout point of sorts and just were talking and I started…


Introducing Get Laid Tonight

I’ve been ‘quiet’ for a while because I was putting the finishing touches on my latest project and boy is it one helluva project. Check it out by clicking on the logo below and don’t forget to watch the teaser trailer for the documentary on the main page.


The Art of The Perfect Pause: How Reducing Your Words Enhances Your Game

One of the biggest issues I see newbies struggle with, is prattling when with a girl. They never stop talking. They never allow the tension to build. They never let their words sink in. Part of this is due to nerves and the other is lack of confidence. They do not feel that their words carry weight, so they increase…


9 Signs You’re Getting Oneitis (and what to do about it)

As the weather starts to shift as we head into Fall, I always start to see the same pattern of men and women coupling up in preparation for cold months. Here in LA, it’s never really winter, but still the same pattern exists. Oneitis will creep up on you just like age. One day you’re twenty-one and the next you’re…


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