Weekend Game Tip: What You Can Learn From Tyga Getting Dumped By Kylie Jenner

I could care less about celebrity news, however, every once in a while news stories get slammed in one’s face everywhere they look so you can’t help but get drawn in and read about it. In this case, a famous couple provides a great real life example of what not to do in relationships. Tyga is a rapper who had…


Episode #30 How To Be A Better Man

In Episode #30 of A Man In Demand Radio I dive into the fundamental aspects of becoming a better man. In this practical, hard-hitting and to the point episode, I discuss the key components to upgrading your life and in the process becoming a better man. If you’ve been struggling with discovering a game-plan to get yourself in motion on…


An Invitation of Opportunity

I opened the letter slowly wondering what the answer would be. Would I be accepted? Or would I have gotten the dreaded “Unfortunately at this time…” start to the letter that would tell me the answer before I read any further. The letter was regarding a paid internship with a certain political party. I won’t say which one it was…


Weekend Game Tip: Should You Pay For The Date?

I get this question, oh maybe around fifty times per month through email, so I’m going to answer it in this post since it’s clearly a common question. There’s a million opinions on this, but the only one that matters is mine, because I’m right. I’m going to get one thing out of the way right off the bat: If…


Weekend Game Tip: Where’s The Fun?

“Excuse me?? Ummm no, not interested.” The SoCal blonde put her hand up in my face, gave me a look like I was an alien and turned her back on me. Rejection baby! I let out a deep laugh and approached the next cute girl I had already been eyeing on my approach to the SoCal blonde. Why was I…

Please forgive

The Apologist

Paul rifled through some paperwork on his desk skimming over mundane details about a new company merger. He was bored. He looked around his drab office and for the first time realized he has recessed lighting. How nice. Paul walked to the break room making himself small as co-workers passed by him in the hall. “I’m sorry” he said as…


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