See Rollo Tomassi Live In Las Vegas!

The tease is over and I can announce the special surprise guest for the 1st Annual A Man In Demand Seminar Saturday September 12th in Las Vegas. As you’ve gathered from the title of this post, it’s none other than best-selling author Rollo Tomassi from http://www.therationalmale.com and author of the life-changing books The Rational Male and The Rational Male: Preventative…


How To Prevent Hair Loss (it might just work for you)

Losing your hair as a man can be one of the most depressing aspects of aging. If you were lucky enough to spend your twenties with giggling girls commenting on your hair and running their fingers through it, then congrats, I know the feeling. For some men though, losing their hair happened fast and now they’re bald, but that’s okay…


How To Get Laid On Instagram

A poster on The Project Playboy forum, a free forum for men, to discuss everything from how to get laid to making money and everything in between, posted this excellent data sheet a while back and now I’m posting it on my blog (with his permission). This data sheet is easy and step-by-step and most importantly WORKS according to multiple…

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Episode #18 How To Be A Boss

In Episode 18 of A Man In Demand Radio, I get into the mindset of a Boss and explain the characteristics of what it takes to be a leader among your peers and a true ‘hustler’, sharing personal stories and a step-by-step 5 point plan for you to become in control of your own destiny. Click the link below to listen.…


The Loss of Sobriety In Society

I am a positive person. I make a choice (because it is a choice), to look at life in a cup half full type of way, but that does not exclude me from also facing reality. The reality of society in 2015 is that our world is shifting in ways that were unfathomable just five years ago. Political correctness and…


Del Mar Update Details

A bright reader mentioned to me through email that I didn’t give a specific location meeting place for Thursday’s meetup at Del Mar Racetrack Opening Day’s party. He is correct. Del Mar Racetrack is huge. Massive. Usually the default for meetups is that there is a group of guys suited up looking better than everyone else, so it’s easy to…


Meetup: Del Mar Racetrack Opening Day Party

Nothing encapsulates the playboy lifestyle like horses, cigars and babes. Del Mar Racetrack Opening Day is just that. Over 40,000 people descend upon Del Mar on opening day for a day of betting, boozing and enjoying the SoCal sun, while figuring out who they are going to have sex with after the races. I’ll be there this year of course and…


Excuses of Average Schmucks

People who fail to get ahead in life are usually fond of excuses. Scratch that. They love excuses. Excuses become their friend because it brings them comfort. Here are the most common excuses I hear from average people. Have you caught yourself using these? If so, eliminate them from your vocabulary. Purge them from your mindset. Choose to look at…


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