(Free) Episode #46 Interview

In Episode #46 of A Man In Demand Radio, I welcome blogger on the show. Known for his in-depth articles and insightful look into the world, Illimitable Man is a writing force to be reckoned with and in this podcast episode he drops gold left and right. I haven’t had a free episode of AMIDR in 6 months, so this…


Is Tinder Destroying Your Game?

Many moons ago us ‘old’ players did this odd thing called “Cold Approaching”. What’d we do is, is go out into the world, see a random pretty girl who gave us a rustle in our britches and then walk up and *gasp* talk to her. We’d say things like, “Hey” and “What’s your name?” and other foreign phrases that go…


Escaping Is Not “Making It”

  Drew glanced at the clock wondering if it was possible to speed it up, just by shooting daggers at it through his intense glare. The clock didn’t move. He leaned back in his supposedly ergonomic office chair and let out a soft groan. More like a “I hate you all and go fuck yourselves” mumbled softly and hidden by…


Episode #45 How To Have A Great Weekend In Vegas

In Episode #45 of A Man In Demand Radio, I share my tips for doing Vegas right. Summer is rapidly approaching and I’m getting inundated with emails from readers asking for tips on everything from meeting girls at vegas pool parties, to the nightlife scene, to whether daygame works there and everything in between, so it’s time to drop a…

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Weekend Game Tip: The Truth About Bottle Service

About every week I get emails from readers asking me to write a post on bottle service and how it all works. Not the standard basic bullshit advice that ‘expert’s dispense as fast as a crack dealer in Baltimore, but some really insider knowledge from the #1 Nightlife Game Coach in the world. Yes, that’s me. If you disagree, then pick a…

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DIMES: The Step-by-Step Scientific Course On How To Attract Gorgeous Women is here! (Plus a LIMITED Time FAT Discount)

After much ado and a slight delay, DIMES, the step-by-step scientific course on how to attract gorgeous women is finally here. I’ve poured a ton of effort into making this course not only CRUSH my previous courses, but provide the right amount of practical and fast-working value for you that I can, complete with BRAND NEW material, New bonuses and overall,…

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When It Has Nothing To Do With You

One of the most common statements I hear by newbies to game is this, “What did I do wrong?” and oftentimes it’s because they were too eager, or too laid back and the girl lost interest and moved on. But, sometimes it has nothing to do with you. You could be out in nightlife, at a party, or even chopping it…


Episode #44 The Isolation Method

In Episode #44 of A Man In Demand Radio I talk about The Isolation Method. While isolation is routinely thought of by the masses as being a bad thing, who cares what the masses think? They also enjoy stuffing their face with McDonald’s Diabetes Drinks and ‘vegging’ out on their days off. Isolation can be good for you, especially when…

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Introducing SELFFLIX – Stream Self-Improvement

Time is precious. When deciding what to do with your free time, what do you do? Do you hop on Netflix and zone out for a bit? Do you find yourself turning on your TV and slowly feel your brain cells diminishing with each passing hour? Now there’s nothing wrong with relaxing for an hour or so watching a movie,…


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