Welcome To RealChristianMcQueen.com


Welcome to my blog.

After much consideration and multiple requests, I have decided to make a blog offering advice in Game, Style, Fitness and the Playboy Lifestyle.

I foresee this blog having a wealth of free information and being your one stop shop for advice, my podcast and links to my books.

I will update this blog at least once a week, if not twice a week, with plans to eventually be posting five days a week.


I’m going to share photos from my adventures, tips from shaving, to how to fuck a girl properly, to how to tie to a tie. Hell, there’s going to be a lot of info on here. Yea, I know there’s only one post right now, but I launched it today, so hold your horses, there’s a fuck-ton more stuff to come.

This is more than just a blog though…

See, there was a time when I was a young lad that I didn’t have a lot of friends and it sucked. Badly. I know how it feels to be lonely due to living in a small town, or just not having the social skills to meet people.

If you’re in that boat, or you are popular as fuck and just want to improve your life and be the best man you can be, then count on me to be there for you, even if know one else gives a flying fuck.

ENGAGE: leave comments, feedback, what kind of articles you would like to see.


Join me on this journey of kicking ass in the game of life and spread the news: Blogging will never be the same when I get done with this bitch.



13 Replies to “Welcome To RealChristianMcQueen.com”

  1. love your books & podcast.(wish they were around when I was younger though….). looking forward to more great content and learning.


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