Gorgeous Girls: Why Are They ‘Scarier’ To Approach?

There she is. You spotted her a hundred yards away and she is drop dead gorgeous. Breathtaking.

In fact, she did just take your breath away for a millisecond and your heart is pounding now.

The million dollar question is, why?

How come we as men, sometimes find it harder to approach the gorgeous types, then the cute to hot type women?

I know the feeling because I have felt it, so I decided to dig deep and figure out what exactly can be done to combat these irrational feelings that hit when I see a drop dead gorgeous woman.

The first angle I examined, was to see what variable caused me to react differently. The beauty difference between a 7 and a 9 is only 2 points, but the difference is that the cute girl is in line at the club and the gorgeous girl is at the owner’s table. They both are female, both in shape and both attractive. Having sex with either of them would still drain your balls, so what is the inherent difference between the two girls, besides the marked difference in the 9’s looks?

The answer? My perception.

My perception of the 9 was that since she was even more pleasing to my eye, that she must be harder to talk to and harder to pull. False. The irony is that it’s quite the opposite.

Most gorgeous women that I converse with, tell me that they do not get hit on as much as they would like. In fact, they have said that there have been times that they wanted a certain man to talk to them, but he appeared nervous and wouldn’t approach her. In essence, there were men who could have bed these dime pieces, if they had only changed their perception.

The next obvious question is, how does one change their perception of top notch women?

First off, getting a grip on yourself is key. I have paced around grocery stores before swearing at myself to go back and talk to that sexy model type in the produce section, and finally after calming down, have done so. Well, that’s no way to work on an approach so here’s the steps to follow.


1. Take A Deep Breath

Literally take a deep breath. Getting more air in your lungs will send more oxygen to your brain and make you sharper mentally, thus on top of your game.

2. Check In With Yourself

Take 10 seconds and remember who YOU are. You have value. You are a High Value In Development Man. It’s her lucky day that you have chosen to talk to her and possibly want to get her naked. Flip the script and you take control of the situation.

Part of becoming a man is not being affected so much by a woman’s beauty. Have you ever watched a real player in action who has incredible game? He seems unaffected by the beauty of a woman. He may be screaming inside, “Fuckin’ A, this chick is so damn hot, I want to fuck her right now!”, but you would never know it, because on his EXTERIOR he’s cool, calm and collected.

3. Approach Quick

The whole entire process I just wrote down should take you only 10-12 seconds to do. There’s still time for you to approach and guess what? Approach. Now. Do not hesitate a second, because I promise you the more you think about it, you will talk yourself out of approaching her.

Newsflash! Most of the gorgeous women I have approached, have wound up being NICER than than the cute to hot girls. Odd huh? Our minds fuck with us and tell us that the model types are ‘out of our league’ and could care less about talking with us. Bullshit. These girls tend to not get approached as much as I detailed earlier in this post.

Lastly, at the end of the day, the old cliche quote is very, very true: “Every time you see a beautiful woman, there is a man somewhere tired of fucking her”.

Now take action and approach.

Your Friend,


15 Replies to “Gorgeous Girls: Why Are They ‘Scarier’ To Approach?”

  1. It’s whatever really. I do get tired of hearing women complain about “chase me chase me, boost my ego even more.” They make a list of “things a guy must do when approaching.” While they just sit back and take in all of the attention.
    It just makes me think, you want equality but when it comes to the art of meeting people you want to stay in old fashioned gender assigned roles.


  2. These days, when a gorgeous woman attracts me, I walk up to her and start talking. It is scary the first few times. Now it feels normal. If I must get shot down in flames, let it be by the most gorgeous women around.
    Gorgeous women are nicer than the nines and below. And they seem to enjoy talking to me, no matter what we talk about.
    My notch count is climbing. I prefer repeat business to one night stand. To each his own.
    Gentlemen, I have learned plenty from Christian’s blog, ROK, and The Alpha Playboy (paperback).
    Once I got out there and started trying this stuff I wonder why I waited so long.
    If you read Game vs. Lifestyle and you aren’t sure how you measure up, here’s what and old player told me about a month ago; “It’s not the money…It’s the man.”
    Good luck gentlemen.
    Thanks again Christian.


  3. I’ve seen smoking hot girls walk untalked-to and untouched through a club because dudes and wanna-be playas couldn’t open their mouths to make words. I opened one particular girl after she walked past everyone else, and it wasn’t obvious that I was nervous AF but I believe she sensed it. She did this thing right before she walked away where she made a cocky smirk, looked down at my package, then chest, then smiled while she looked me dead in the eyes, and it completely scrambled my brain!

    The other thing about super hot girls is that they are “nicer” in that they don’t reject you harshly outright, but they can be incredibly sneaky about “rejecting” you. They use their friends, their environment, etc to basically distract you or bamboozle you. Two recent examples:

    First girl, blond Hollywood 9, with phone in hand, as I’m telling her to give me her number her drunk brunette 8 friend comes up and she says, “Jenny, give him your number.” Drunk girl obeys and as she’s slowly giving me her number, the blond 9 quickly walks away. I’m quick-witted and good on my feet, but this girl forced to either interrupt her friend and call her out (which would be considered “rude” on my part), or to chase after her. I didn’t like either option.

    Second girl, blond 8 was the ring leader and I was talking to her Italian brunette 8 friend, all of the sudden the blond squeals excitedly about something I didn’t see and runs off grabbing my girl’s arm. Once again, she forced me into chasing.

    Other times I’ve pressed on and not taken “No” for an answer and the girls completely ignored me and talked about whatever was going on around them as if I wasn’t there. Another time I had a south-american tv personality say, “No thank you” and then “No english” and then proceed to look down at her phone and walk away until I left her alone.


  4. “I have paced around grocery stores before swearing at myself to go back and talk to that sexy model type in the produce section, and finally after calming down, have done so. ”

    nice touch. so true.


  5. Actually, I would bet that, on a percentage basis, hot girls don’t get approached as often as plain Janes. So better to rock out with you cock out and take your shot.


  6. Yeah, so true. You almost have to put yourself on autopilot. Any thinking, any hesitation…sews doubts.


  7. Your style has a very unique flavour. Something I haven’t seen in the other school of pickup that I have experimented with so far. There is something distinct about your force — even in your writing — which I would describe as an intense and in-style celebration of life. I just picked up the Nightclub Bible recently, and will work my way through that before moving on to the Alpha Playbook. Keep up the great work!


  8. You’re like the Eric Thomas of game. Glad to see you’ve found it in your heart to share some of your wisdom in blog format. Welcome to the club, prepare to get embarrassingly excited when the big names leave comments.


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