4 Steps To Saying “Fuck Off” To Your 9-5


The second most popular question I get, besides “How do I get laid?”, is “How do I quit my 9-5 and become location independent?”

First off, there can be multiple answers to such an in-depth question, but the short answer is below.


1. Take Inventory Of Your Finances

Are you drowning in debt? Is your monthly expenses staggering? Do you have dependents (wife, kids, family)?

Sit down and budget out exactly where you are financially. You must be brutally honest with yourself. The numbers don’t lie.

-How much do you have in savings?

-How many months of expenses do you have put back for an emergency?

-What are your MUST PAY bills? (necessities)


2. Downsize Your Standard Of Living

If you’re truly committed to leaving your 9-5 job, then cutting off the fat is key.

Do you really need a new car?

Can you go without that brand new suit you’ve been eyeing?

Is it really necessary for you to go out to eat three times a week?

Make a list of NEEDS and WANTS. Big difference.

Leaving the financial ‘security’ of a 9-5 can be daunting and should only be done with proper preparation. Taking a risk is great and great men were great risk takers, but take CALCULATED risks. Plan every detail out in depth and get realistic.


3. Make A List Of What You Will Replace Your 9-5 Income With

What are you going to replace your 9-5 income with, after quitting?

My advice is to focus on an internet business. This guarantees that you can be location independent and while you might have spent the winter huddled in an office cubicle at your job, you’re instead sitting on a beach working from your laptop while accompanied by a sexy broad.

Make a list of what talents you have for an internet business. Are you good with website design? Do you have a great idea for starting a new service online? Write out a need that can be provided for others online.

There are millions of ways to make money online, so do some research and narrow it down to a few. After you have 2-3 ideas, then do research on who your competitors are. If you don’t have any, even better. Being a pioneer on the internet can reward you with unimaginable riches.


4. Continue Working Your 9-5 Until Your New Income Is Suffice

Hey you! I know you’re eager as hell to quit that 9-5, but hold up a second. You should continue working the 9-5 while working on your new business. Yes, that’s A LOT of work, but guess what? Who said this would be easy? In order to design your life in a manner that allows you location independence, you must sacrifice in the beginning.

If you have a years worth of living expenses saved up, then perhaps you can leave your job now and focus all of your energy on getting your new business up and running, but most people don’t.

Continue putting your nose to the grind and work your ass off. If you do so, then after 6 months of working on your new online business, you will have an idea of how it is doing and then can take the step of leaving your 9-5. You may be successful from the start, but don’t count on it.

Once your business income is equal to your 9-5, or sufficient for you to live the lifestyle you want, then quit your 9-5. While it is tedious at first working for both your boss and yourself, you will find the reward of working for yourself is extremely satisfying and FREEING.

I don’t know about you, but freedom is worth working for.

Good luck on your endeavors gentlemen.



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16 Replies to “4 Steps To Saying “Fuck Off” To Your 9-5”

  1. It’s all about cutting back on your expenses and leveraging your income. If you’re making let’s say 60K per annum you should only spend about 40k. Do this for 3 years and you got 60k saved up in the bank. You should be able to live off of that for 2 years at least without lifting a finger. Always make sure your revenue is at least 1.5x more than your expenses. The key is downsizing, spending less and cutting back. Bare necessities


  2. I think the first three points are spot on. I disagree with point four.

    Do something a hundred percent or don`t do it at all. If you keep working 9-5, one of the most important parts of running your own shop is missing. The pressure.

    I say: Everybody who truly want`s it, should burn all bridges, and quit right away. The evolutionary pressure will take care of everything else. If somebody needs to find a solution very soon, he`ll do so.


  3. Excellent steps. I’m on number 3 and it’s most definitely the hardest. I don’t hate my 9 – 5 but my desire is to look up to ‘The Man’ and say, ” FUCK YOU!”
    One day… One day indeed.


  4. I am now starting a content blog. Would you think I could build income around sponsorships packages and ebooks


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