Weekend Game Tip: The 5 Signs Of A DTF Girl


It’s Friday and the coveted weekend is upon us gents. You’ve worked hard all week and now you’re ready to hit up a night venue and pull a sexy girl.

You take your time getting ready, follow my 11 Step Prep To A Night Out and then roll to the club.

After a drink or two, or maybe even bottle of water, you wonder, “Which of these cute girls is DTF (Down To Fuck) tonight?”

Let’s not kid ourselves, there’s no way in hell that you put the energy into going out without having a strong desire to take a sexy girl home for the night. You’re a man with a purpose, a man with drive and now, a man with a plan.


The 5 Signs Of A DTF Girl

5. She’s With 1 Girlfriend

When you first hit a club or bar, look for the girls who are in groups of two. Ignore the bachelor parties and the girls who are clearly out to have a ‘girl’s night’. There are exceptions, but I’m showing you the blueprint for the path of least resistance. 2 girls together = better chance.

4. She’s Scoping The Venue Checking Out Guys

Make no mistake. Any chick who is glancing around at possible suitors is a chick on the prowl. She’s hungry for some alpha cock. You can be that alpha for the night.

3. She’s Drinking Heavily

A girl who’s throwing back shots like it’s New Year’s Eve 1999, is a girl who is down to have a damn good time TONIGHT. She’s ready to cut loose and have fun. Alcohol lowers people’s inhibitions and some people drink in order to relax in a social setting. Avoid the sloppy drunk girls who are stumbling around, but the ones who are drinking heavy, but controlled, are the fun party girls.


2. She’s NOT On Her Phone

Yea, yea we have all seen A LOT of chicks on their phone in the club, but not all of them are glued to it. The ones who are not and are scoping the guys out is a girl who has an agenda. Focus on these types FIRST, then, if it’s a no-go, focus on the other girls.

1. She’s Biting Her Lip and Other Physical Giveaways

Have you ever seen the girl who is pushing her breasts up, biting her lip and playing with her hair? THAT chick is RIPE for you to pluck up. She can’t even help her body language that’s she sending out like a female lion preening herself in front of the alpha lions. She’s sending out signals, both conscious and unconscious silently screaming ‘Talk to me. Party with me. Fuck me’.

A novice would not spot these tell-tale body language giveaways, but a playboy in development can spot that a mile away as THE chick to talk to and game.

Have a great weekend Gentlemen, I’m out until Monday, where I will return with a new post.

Good luck Gaming and kick some ass!

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