One Man’s Trash…


We’ve all heard the cliche quote, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, but never is this quote more true then talking about buying clothes on the cheap.

I’m going to keep it real as possible, as I always strive to do in my writing: you can get a helluva wardrobe by checking out re-sale shops. In layman terms, thrift shops. Yes, I just said it. If you’re on a tight budget and still want to improve your style, then check stores like these to find designer names for CHEAP.

Don’t freak out, you’re not going to get a weird disease wearing someone else’s clothes they decided to give away. In fact, a lot of the clothes you’ll find, will still have the price tags on them and it’s a matter of someone just changing their mind and dropping them off at their local Salvation Army.

Here’s a checklist of specific things to check for when shopping second-hand:

1. Look For Stains

Check the garments carefully. Are there stains on it? Some stains can come out with a good dry cleaners and depending on the price, you may want to take the risk. If there’s any type of red stains, then I would avoid. Could be Uncle Tony’s blood or maybe Aunt Flow had an accident in the club close to the former owner of the clothing.

2. Check For Rips

Check the creases of the clothing: Underarms and along the seams. Check the pockets for the holes as well. A pocket hole is an easy fix.

3. Check For Irregularities

Pants: Is one leg longer than the other? Manufactures fuck up and retailers will dump the clothes off, so check for proper leg length.

Coats: Check the lapels. Mismatched lapel sizes, or less buttons on one sleeve than the other are common problems.

Now that you have an idea of what to look for here’s some great retailers to find quality clothing on the cheap:

Salvation Army

Buffalo Exchange

Crossroads Trading Co

Lastly, don’t worry about what other people think if you shop and buy second-hand. Who gives a flying fuck? It’s none of their business and it’s your wallet that saves some damage while still leaving you cloaked in finery and looking like Sinatra on a Saturday night.


People buy used cars all the time and no thinks twice. Save some money and shop second hand. The last tip I’ll leave you with is that your Dry Cleaners and your Tailor are you best friend. You can find a second hand suit for around $50. Dry cleaners say $20 for the full gauntlet. Tailored to fit you perfectly maybe another $50. For $120 you have a tailored name brand suit and no one is the wiser.

Pro-Tip: Find a old-school tailor and haggle with him paying cash. The old school cats get the value of cash and will cut you breaks when you pull out cash. Leave the plastic at home.

Shop on gents, shop on.

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