2 Dynamite Sex Moves To Rock A Girl’s World


Deep Conversion Game is Game unlike any other. If regular Game is a Porsche, then Deep Conversion Game is a rocket ship. The power of having the tools necessary to create a relationship with a lover will increase your regular game by one-hundred fold and will help you maintain a steady harem. Not only will it give you the skills to maintain a harem, but is absolutely essential to a long-term relationship (LTR) and even marriage.

With the understanding that this is a next level type of game, we can delve into the subject matter with an open mind. Everything that you’re about to read has been field tested multiple times by myself. Nothing I write comes from anything other than tried and true methods that I have taught to other men and they duplicated with similar results. To put it bluntly, this shit works and works extremely well.

Read without judgment, have an open mind and you will have the same results. This is a science, so every step must be utilized the same way and to the same degree, in order to ensure its effectiveness.

Another factor out of your control is that not every girl will allow herself to be converted. Certainpersonality types will respond better to this game and through trial and error you will gain insight into what types of girls this will work on most effectively. I have utilized this game on girls ranging from 18 years old up to 38 years old, so the age does not matter as much as the natural inclination to submit that each girl has.


#1. The Hotel Move

Set up at time for a date. Do not tell her what the plans are. Let’s say that you set the date time for 8pm on a Friday night.

Text her around 7pm and tell her this:

You: “book this hotel room and meet me there at 8pm” (points if you send
her the link to a hotel to make it an easy ‘sell’. It doesn’t have to be a nice
hotel, can be average rating)

Her: “Um okayyy? Why?”

You: (ignoring her question) “check in and text me the room number. Then
get completely undressed and tie a blindfold around your eyes. Kneel by
the door and when I knock, open the door but stay on your knees. I’ll knock
3 times so u know its me”

Her: “Oooh ok I will”

You: “good girl”

When you get to the hotel door, knock three times and upon entering immediately pull your cock out and have her start giving you head. Keep her on her knees. After you get hard, bend her over and have consensual sex. Completely dominate her.

Finish by cumming on her face, but before you orgasm, have her repeat the following mantra three times:

You: “You are my slut. Say it”

Her: “Yes Christian I’m your slut”

Cum on her face. Take the blindfold off. Finger her for a moment, then scoop up your cum off of her face and stick your fingers in her mouth. Have her eat the cum. Don’t say anything during thisphysical activity. After she eats your cum, kiss her forehead. Note, I said her “forehead”, for a reason. Then walk out of the hotel room. You’re not leaving yet, but she will think you are. This is the ‘Curtain Call’ to the act. Go get something to drink, make a phone call, whatever doesn’t matter, but spend five to ten minutes ‘gone’, then return and act like it never happened.

She will be awestruck and undoubtedly make comments praising the fun you two had. Do not make a big deal out of it, simply smirk and nod your head in agreement. Turn on tv, order room service or take a nap. The desired effect has been accomplished, less is more now.

Now what did you just accomplish? First off, you showed dominance and the ability to be Alpha and lead by telling her to book the hotel. You provided the link to the hotel in the text so you have provided the ‘tools’ for her to be successful in ‘obeying you. Her paying for the hotel is a small step in the Acts of Compliance and Investment. She invested money into the date, which causes her to become attached to you and less inclined to leave you. The physical sexual acts speak for themselves.

Whether you have money for the hotel or not doesn’t matter. She must pay for the hotel in order for this to properly play out in the long run. When
you have a girl investing on this level, you will know for a fact that she is not using you for your money (if you have it), and if you don’t have the money for a hotel, then even better.


#2. The Stairwell Move

You and her are on a date and and you spot a stairwell. Pull her into the stairwell and start kissing her. Women love this type of spontaneity. I remember this one specific time, I pulled a sexy little filly from the club who had legs for days. I pulled her into the stairwell of large hotel and we started to kiss and I sexually escalated. After we had sex I pulled out and came on her ass.

The cum ran from her ass cheek down her leg and started to pool on her shoe, a sexy five inch heel. It was a sight to behold. She looked up at me and time stood still. She smiled slowly and said, “Is it weird that I want you to take a pic of my leg right now?” “Say no more”, I responded as I pulled out my phone and took the pic. Stairwell sex is invigorating, risky and sexy as hell.

After you pull her into the stairwell, turn her around so her back is to you and guide her gently against the wall. Pull her dress up or pull her pants down and penetrate from behind. Haveconsensual sex. Kiss her heavily when doing so. For this specific exercise, when you’re about to finish, have her get on her knees. Finish in her mouth. Instruct her to swallow verbally.

You: “Swallow my cum”

She swallows, smiles up at you and no doubt her eyes will be aglow.

You: “Are you my slut?”

Her: “Yes Christian, I’m your slut”

Have her repeat it three times. The repetition is important so it becomes ingrained in her mind that she is yours.

Return to your evening and do as you were.

This has been an excerpt from Christian’s highly acclaimed 3rd book: The Alpha Playboy: Every Man’s Guide To Kicking Ass In The Game Of Life available now.

16 Replies to “2 Dynamite Sex Moves To Rock A Girl’s World”

  1. Once she is undressed, put her stilettos back on her and fuck her in her heels…doing it doggie style, lie her down flat, drill that pussy and pull her heels up under your arms, pull her arms back behind her and she will not be able to do anything but wiggle while you fuck her, and eventually you can fuck her ass. Always fuck her in high heels


  2. Good stuff. I paraphrased the line to great effect on Vday with my main squeeze. The whole story: She came over to cook dinner with me in a black overcoat with a big black bow, sexy black corset fishnet combo underneath. It was over 80 degrees in LA so some heads turned on her way in. Took her hard on the floor right then and there. Cook and eat dinner, romance in the air. Change clothes to go dancing and she rips her black nylons pulling on. Shes distraught. I say “why don’t you just wear the fishnets”. She says “what do you think I am, a slut?” This blog post flashed up in my mind so I draw her close, put my hand on the back of her head, get eye to eye and say “you’re not A slut, you’re MY slut”. She melts, says “Thats the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me”. Hardly, but her response tells you just how powerful this kind of talk and frame is. Thanks for the tip!


  3. That is some intense stuff right there. I’m curious, how do you follow up on stuff like this? Do you just act like it never happened?


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