How To Become A Club Promoter


One of the most popular questions I get is, “How do I become a club promoter/VIP Host?” Having spent years as a host and even owning my own nightclub in Los Angeles, I’ve had over a decade of experience in the nightlife world. Although I only host for private clients now and will still occasionally promote events I deem worth my time, I can’t advocate Promoter Game enough. It’s like handing you the keys to pulling pussy every fucking week for the rest of your life. Rest of your life? Yes.

Many big Hosts/Promoters are in their late 40’s and even 50’s, still pulling 21 year old sluts. It’s not uncommon for a host or promoter to then buy into a club, or start their own.

The way club promoters get their start is to street promote. Let’s use a guy named Brad as an example. Brad moves to Los Angeles and wants to work in the nightclub world, so he starts off street promoting, which is essentially standing on Hollywood Boulevard and handing out flyers to upcoming parties. It’s a grind, but 90% of promoters start out like this, if they do not have an established network of ballers aka dudes willing to spend stacks on bottles) and girls who attend events with them.

Starting out as a street promoter is usually by the hour, so let’s say $10/hr and you pass out flyers for 2-3 hours in a night. You are not doing this for the money; you are doing it to work your way up to a top promoter position and eventually a salaried VIP Host.

Brad is consistent and his bosses like him, so after a few months he gets a break and they allow him to try for a week sub-promoting.


Here’s how that works: Brad contacts all of his people who like to party that he’s met while street promoting. He tells them to come to Supper Club in Hollywood on Saturday night and say my name ‘Brad Jones’, to the list girl. Girls will get in free and guys only pay $10 BEFORE 11pm. After 11pm it’s $20.

On the list girl’s clipboard she has Brad’s boss’ name: Jared Smith. UNDER Jared’s name is the list of his SUB-PROMOTERS. Here’s an example:

Supper Club Sat 5/20 


Brad Jones IIII II

The dashes represent 1 person who has checked in under the promoter or sub’s name. This keeps track so they know what to pay out. For a brand new sub-promoter he’ll only get $3 a head on average. So if he brings 20 people, then he will be paid $60.

Brad kills it that night and brings 50 people so he makes $150 and they decide to bring him on as a sub-promoter. He sub-promotes for 6 months does well and then Jared decides to get married, move to Montana and have babies leaving the club sluts for Brad. The club brings on Brad as an official promoter now.

Now Brad can hire sub- promoters and build his own team and he’s making around $10 a head or a Flat Rate. Flat Rates are essentially salary to Promoters and can range from $200 a night to easily $1,000 for a night. There is great money in this business BUT it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes network savvy, hustle, drive and a special skill-set with people.

Eventually, Brad is commanding a $1,000 a week flat rate and is one of the best
promoters in the city. Jack from Encore Beach Club in Vegas, meets Brad and decides to offer him a salary + commission + tip pool package to come on as a VIP Host at EBC.


Brad agrees and signs a contract for $100,000 salary + commission (10% of tables sold) + Tip Pool. Tip Pool is essentially all cash tips for the week given to hosts added up and paid out based on your table bookings etc.

There was a particular female host in Vegas who had a guaranteed $500,000 salary + commission + guaranteed $500,000 of tip pool. She was making well over a million dollars a year for partying. That’s the exception; but VIP Hosts still make well into the 6 figures in Vegas if they have the client lists. I won’t reveal my exact previous salary because I can’t, but it was over $150,000 a year in Vegas. Not bad for poppin’ bottles and for fucking sluts.

Now that you know how promoting and hosting work, let’s focus on the Game aspect. If you are a street promoter, you need to spit some serious game to pull girls. They could give a fuck about you to be honest and might want something to do with you IF it gets them closer to the subs and promoters. Do you see the link?

Once you are an actual sub-promoter, your level of power opens up and girls are more receptive because you now can get them INTO the club based on your name on the list. Here’s another Inside Tip that I’ve NEVER revealed to the public before and probably will get every club owner mad at me in the USA.

Promoters who have a good client list get A FREE TABLE + FREE BOTTLES. That means when they pitch girls to come to their club, they simply text, “hey sexy join me tonite at my table. Pop bottles w me tonite need help drinkin the Ace of Spades ; )” What girl is going to turn that down? In exchange for you hooking them up to party for free, it’s expected that they will hook up with you or at least hook you up with their friend(s). So not only are you making money and partying for free, you are getting ass while at “work”. Excited yet?!

The top of the food chain are VIP Hosts. Girls will fuck hosts simply because they are a host and have the inside track on all the hottest parties and events. It’s insane but that’s the way it is. It is a power position. Having power in clubs is like catnip to a cat to a 21 year old slut.


My path to Host happened much quicker; I didn’t have to street promote or even sub-promote because I had an insane client list and could bring in celebrities + hot girls very easily, thus my value was higher off the bat. Doesn’t mean I still didn’t have to hustle really hard, but was fortunate to skip a few rungs off the bat. If you have access to high-profile people who like to party and are already good with girls, then you can do the same.

If you like to party and you have patience, then look into promoting. It’s literally the holy grail to nightclub sluts without owning a club. Zero investment money wise, you make money and you get pussy; not a bad deal is it?


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This has been an excerpt from Christian’s best-selling Nightclub Bible. To watch a quick video about it click here.

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  1. I’m confused, how would you be able to make the jump from hollywood to vegas like that? since your network is still all in hollywood. would you have to do street promoting again once you got to vegas?


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