4 Ways To Deal With Rejection From Girls

We all have experienced getting shot down like a motherfucker before in a social setting. Rejection of any type, from not getting picked until last in gym class, to that cute girl in the club putting her hand in your face when you approach, it sucks worse than a nun trying to give a blowjob.

Rejection is a part of game and always will be. So how does a guy deal with this?

As many successes as I’ve had with women, I also had countless rejections. I’m talking complete BLOWOUTS.

I remember one in particular where I spotted a cute girl at a bar (easy 7.5) and she gave me a small flirtatious smile. “It’s on”, I thought and made a beeline to talk to her. I got to within about three feet of her and she stops me in my tracks with an upright hand in a ‘stop’ motion. “I HAVE A BOYFRIEND AND YOU’RE UGLY!”, she shouted. I shit you not, she yelled it loud enough for just about every one in the college bar to turn around and stare. I froze for a couple of seconds stunned out of my mind at her reaction, especially after she had smiled at me mere seconds before.

Embarrassed beyond belief, I quickly slunk out of the bar. It tore me up so badly I didn’t even return to that specific bar for over a month. I felt like a fucking fool. To this day I have no idea why she did that, unless I’m blind and she was smiling at someone behind me or to my left or right and I confused it with a smile at me. I’ll finish telling you more on the Blowout Bitch story later, but first I’m going to show you how to deal with this behavior.

Moving on I decided to develop a plan for how to deal with rejection from a girl. I don’t care how successful you get with women, how good looking you are, or how many stacks you have in your bank account, you will get rejected again. I still get rejected a few times a night when I’m out, but HOW I deal with the rejection is like night and day compared to that night with the Blowout Bitch.

Read this, study it and utilize it. It will soften those blows of rejection and keep you smiling regardless of her response when you approach.


4. Learn The Mindset Of Abundance

One reason that men can take rejection so hard, is due to putting a specific girl on a pedestal. Kick that pedestal out from underneath that chick immediately. I will piss you off right now, but this is a fact: Most girls, and I mean most, are not actually special. Until you’ve been with multiple women (I recommend sleeping with at least 100 women before considering settling down), then it’s hard to see the script that most of them operate from.

You will literally hear the same ‘lines’ from them, the same shit tests and the same power moves. Until you’ve played the Game for a while, it’s hard to spot the patterns, but after playing for a while then you’ll spot them a mile away.

Here’s some quick advice for you gents, especially the ones who live in small towns/cities. Open up ‘Google’ and put this code in: girls+sexy+pics How many cute to smoking hot girls’ pics do you see? Thousands upon thousands. Yes, it is the internet, however those are pics of girls somewhere in this world we live in. If you live in a bigger city then you see pretty girls on the daily, from the library to the gym, so you get where I am coming from.

This is a simple exercise to show you just how many cute to smoking hot girls exist. If a girl rejects you don’t trip out, there are plenty more to work with.

3. Stop Having Unrealistic Expectations Of Females

Here is where you have to undo the thinking process you more than likely have been raised with. Odds are you were raised to believe that girls are sweet, dependable and treat ‘gentlemen’ with respect. Scratch that. American women today are encouraged to compete with men, sleep around and treat men as disposable dicks.

Lower your expectations of a woman and understand that if she rejects you, it’s really not a big deal. Stop being shocked that she rejected you. So what? Move on. The best reaction to her blowing you out, is to simply pause, smirk at her and carry on with your night. By smirking you establish that she lost out, while also maintaining your composure. The best reaction to a woman’s emotional outburst is to treat them like a child. You know better than them and you will not stoop to their level by responding emotionally. You are a man and men keep their emotions in check in this type of situation.


2. Know Your Worth

The best way to lessen the ‘sting’ of rejection is to know your own value. You have to have the firm belief that you have great worth and you are a High Value Man In Development. You may not be where you want to be, but you know damn well that you are working hard towards being complete. If she rejects you, it’s simply her loss and she lost out on a great prize, whether she sees it or not.


1. Be Thankful Your Time Wasn’t Wasted

When you get rejected immediately and abruptly, guess what the chick just did for you? She saved you some time. Period. Yes, there are exceptions where an initial rejection is a shit test to see if you will still pursue, however, I am talking about blow-out rejections, the kind like what happened to me in that college bar years ago.

When a chick blows you out, be thankful that your time wasn’t wasted. I would prefer a chick to blow me out within seconds, then be the ‘nice’ type who flirts all night, only to never back it up and leave with her friends. Cockteases and frivolous flirts are huge TIMEWASTERS.

The cliche sales saying of “Every ‘no’ gets me closer to a ‘yes'”, is very very true when it comes to Game. If that cute chick rejects you, laugh, smirk and move to the next one, all the while being thankful your time wasn’t wasted.

Remember that chick in the bar I mentioned who blew me out? I saw her a couple of years later at another bar with her girlfriends. She was overweight now with a potbelly (Not pregnant, but fat) and looking like she just didn’t hit the wall, she smashed right through it.

I almost couldn’t believe my eyes, but her face was burned into my memory so I knew it was her. I walked up to her and in a loud voice proclaimed, “Well I’ll be damned, are you pregnant now? You shouldn’t drink when you are with child”. Her mouth fell open and tears began to pool in her eyes. I let out a loud laugh and swaggered to the bar where I had a sexy 8.5 waiting for me.

Revenge can be as sweet as fresh new pussy.

9 Replies to “4 Ways To Deal With Rejection From Girls”

  1. LMAOOOOOO. Great tips, but the end had me in tears because the SAME thing happen to me, except with multiple women on the same night. Heres my epic story: Back in grade 10, I wasn’t the best looking kid. I was in great shape but my face wasn’t the best (some acne, braces, weird face). I remember 3 girls specifically. They were all attractive at the time. Girl 1: Told me I was weird and creepy. Girl 2: saw her at a party once and tried to give her a hug, she shoved me away. Girl 3: I asked her out on a date once and she told me in her dreams and told me I was weird.

    Fast forward from 16 to 22 years old….haven’t seen these girls in 4 years. Walk into a bar. See the WHOLE high school posse. All of them that rejected me and called me weird. I am a stud now, so I decided to have some fun. I walk up to girl 1: She has gained some weight, her teeth have gotten a little weird. I say what’s up. Do you recognize me. She says No…I say really? Her eyes light up and she grabs me and says Hey and gets all bubbly. She tells me I look so much more different and amazing. I tell her thanks, but I’m going to grab a drink. She tells me to come back later to catch up. I say maybe, but I’m getting “weird” tonight. Hahaha. Same girl happens with girl 2. And here is where it gets amazing. Girl 3, the most attractive, is still looking good. I tap her on the shoulder and say what’s up. She doesn’t recognize me. I tell her you don’t recognize me? I asked you out in grade 10. Her eyes go crazy and she tells me I look so good and hot. HA! End up banging this girl, finishing on her back and giving her a fake number. When I left in the morning, I left a note on her fridge say “I’m glad you we finally got to go out after 6 years. Thanks for the waffles and bananas.”

    Sounds resentful, but girls that stick it to you like that leave an imprint that you will never forget. Always treat people with respect…sorry for the book but it was to good to not be told!


  2. This article is on-fucking-point, it’s great to see a different (smarter) way of looking at the rejection scenario. Keep up the great words of wisdom.


    1. A lot of game principles have been re-hashed a thousand times, however, I plan on spitting some wisdom that provides new solutions for the ever changing climate of the dating scene. Thanks for reading!


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