One TV Show Worth Watching


I’m not a big fan of TV. In fact, I don’t have cable, satellite or even an antenna. I do love films and certain TV shows that come along here and there though. The internet allows me to watch specific shows, but isn’t an invasive presence in my living room. Nothing is more annoying and distracting then a blaring TV in the background, thus the choice to not have one.

One show that is entertaining as hell and isn’t a big time waster (only 30min), is Californication on Showtime. It’s witty, funny and is a nice ‘unwind the brain’ type of show. It focuses on a womanizing writer in Los Angeles who is trying to get his career back in track. There are great game principles at work, although it’s not 100%. It is Hollywood after all and they have to have somewhat of a ‘feel good’ twist.

David Duchovny plays the lead character (Hank Moody) and absolutely murders the role. The show is a wrap after the final season which airs April 13th (Sun), but the earlier seasons are dynamite. If you check the web, you can find links to watch it for free and it’s worth checking out.

Don’t take my word for it though, watch this clip:

Have a great weekend gentlemen and I’ll be back on Monday!

4 Replies to “One TV Show Worth Watching”

  1. Absolutely right. I don’t watch much Tv, movies, or otherwise, but this show I burned through in a long weekend.


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