The Perfect Suit Fit Chart


I came across this handy chart while surfing the web (courtesy of GQ’s site).

This chart is great for a quick handy guide for seeing how a suit should really fit.

The fit of your suit is absolutely key.

You’re better off buying an off the rack suit and having it tailored to fit perfectly, then buying a $3,000 suit and it being ill-fitted.

Cheers to the perfectly fitted suit.


5 Replies to “The Perfect Suit Fit Chart”

  1. Great chart to glance at right before you go suit shopping… just as a refresher course.

    I’d love to read your take on what makes a suit right for an international playboy on the rise… is fit enough, or does it have to be a bit edgier to take a step firmly out of the 9-5 working stiff category.


  2. This picture illustrates the importance of contrasting with your crew.

    3 above average looking men walk into a bar. All have the same vibe. But far left (and probably least attractive) has the darkest style for sure.

    These three would crush your local but far left would crush the fittest and freshest for sur


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