The Importance Of Building Your Own ‘Rat Pack’

Any warm-blooded male in the world is familiar with the infamous Rat Pack, the crew of Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop. While you may not be familiar with the last two names, that doesn’t come as a surprise, because Frank, Dean and Sammy were the main three. Nevertheless, these guys set the bar for male friendship, shenanigans and success in the 1960’s and their legend has carried on.

If I could go back in time to any era, I wouldn’t hesitate and would choose the peak of the Rat Pack era. Men were unapologetically masculine and I can only imagine that my personal adventures and exploits pale in comparison to what they experienced. Alas, unless you know something I don’t, time travel isn’t an option, so years ago I decided to form my own Rat Pack.

We’ve shared incredible adventures, crazy drunken nights, dropped cash needlessly gambling and of course the stories with the women I could write about for days. I cherish these times, because if you lay on your death bed and reflect on your life, what memories do you have? What stories do you have to pass onto the next generation? And most importantly, what legacy have you left for your name?


See, it’s not just the wild partying and can’t-believe-it-happened-unless-you-were-there stories, but it’s also about the business’s you built together, the risks you took and the ones that paid off and the ones that didn’t. Rising together and enjoying success as a unit, instead of as an island, is much more satisfying. If you don’t have a real core group of male friends to enjoy your success with, than can you really enjoy it?

Girls come and go, but your male friends can be there for life. I can promise you that if you have some real, loyal male friends, they will more than likely outlast any relationship you have with a woman. Never forget the importance of building your own Rat Pack and here’s why.

3. Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

Everyone thinks about the original Rat Pack in terms of their wild partying, all-nighters in Vegas and their epic parties, but take a minute and examine their professional lives. They ALL were successful in their own right, but also teamed together on multiple projects, including films and music. They didn’t just play together, they worked together.

The old saying “Birds of a feather flock together”, is very, very true. Want to be a loser? Hang with losers. Want to be a druggie? Hang with drug addicts. Want to never get anywhere in life and never accomplish something great? Hang with the status quo average schmucks and never realize your potential.

Find like-minded men who you enjoy being around and who you can have great times with, but also, men who you can collaborate with on business ideas.

The Rat Pack

2. There’s Strength In Numbers

Trying to make a go of life on your own is not only daunting, but hard. I didn’t say impossible, but when you have a support system intact, then it makes the journey not only more enjoyable, but easier. Having a core group of male friends who support each other with encouragement and inspiration is invaluable. The combination of go-getter loyal men who are friends is priceless.

1. Rolling With Your Rat Pack Is A Lot More Fun Than Rolling Solo

I’ve rolled out for the night solo and still do occasionally. It’s important to build that social skill-set of walking into a bar or lounge all by yourself and still having a great night. I think every new player should develop this skill by doing it. It will be imperative to your success as becoming a complete playboy. That being said, there’s nothing like having a great night out with your core group of guy friends.

Being able to look back and tell stories of what happened and having your buddies beside you when you experience some ludicrous shit, is an absolute blast. Going on a trip solo is fun, but stepping off a private plane in a new city with your best friends, excited about what is in store, is on a whole different level!

If you’re a man who hasn’t found those like minded guys, then I suggest putting on your friendly face and making friends with guys who you admire and who are going somewhere in their lives. In order to have friends, one must show themselves friendly. Get out of your comfort zone and start organizing parties, outings and trips. Before you know it, you’ll have your own Rat Pack. Even Jesus had the disciples.

Get your own Rat Pack started and your life will jump to the next level.

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29 Replies to “The Importance Of Building Your Own ‘Rat Pack’”

  1. This post is gold. Most game bloggers miss how crucial this is. This post inspired me to get this part of my life handled and now I have a group of like minded men to hang with and shoot the shit with. Thank Chris Mcqueen. Realest dude in the business IMO


  2. I not only remember Peter and Joey, I remember the pack originally formed around Humphrey Bogart.
    Their list of female mascots is equally impressive, from Lauren Bacall as “Mother Hen” to Shirley Mcclaine who came as close to being a full member as a woman could and was included in their last film together.

    Those were tumultous times and thus not always as much fun as they might appear looking backward, but you knew you were alive and if you needed to fight to stay alive, well, you damn well fought.


  3. This post came at the right time as I am in need of building a rat pack. I’m brainstorming a few spots to meet like-minded entrepreneurs that also enjoy picking up girls at night.

    Networking events come to mind as well as just being friendly with other alphas in the room at night venues.

    Any suggestions on where to meet the top-tier guys to form a Rat Pack?


    1. If you’re not on my get on and make a post under ‘Meetups’. Depending on what city you live in, you may find like-minded guys. Also cigar clubs are gold for finding mentors and possible business opportunities. Delve into your local art shows and elite sporting events (i.e. polo, tennis, golf). These type of events bring together both artistic fun party people and ballers. Another good one, is getting a horse race track On Lock. Tons of ballers and high status people flowing through. If you live by water, look into yacht events. Lastly, see who the regular spenders are at your local clubs and make friends. High status people know other high status people and your network will expand quickly.


      1. Thanks Christian, those are some good tips. I’l start with the forum and of the events you recommended an art and possibly tennis event seem up my alley. I’m currently exploring LA nightlife and seeing what venues fit best my style and tastes. Then I’ll attend that place regularly, get it on lock down and create my paradise.


    2. Chef,

      I noticed you were chosen as the winner on this site recently… I’d like to extend an invitation to you for a private event I am hosting in two nights in LA. It’s basically an industry mixer at my club for ppl in arts/entertainment. You seem like a decent guy and seem genuinely interested in meeting the right kind of people. Leave me your email address if you’re interested and I will get you on the guest list.



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