3 Ways To Keep A Girl Wanting You

The true mark of a developed player is when he has girls chasing him. Famous men get chased by girls, but how does a alpha playboy in the making get women to chase him? When women are begging you to hang out, then it cuts down your ‘work’ and lets you focus your energy into other pursuits.

Here’s 3 Ways To Keep A Girl Wanting You:

3. Blow Her Mind In Bed

Rocking a girl’s world sexually will have her on a proverbial ‘leash’. Think about it for a second…most guys are average in bed according to sex studies with women, so if you know what it takes to ravish her sexually, then you automatically jump to the top tier of men.

From the first time you have sex with her, ‘tear’ that pussy up! Be dominate, passionate, and over everything, simply give her a good dicking that leaves her quivering with pleasure and satisfied for pleasing you.

Once a girl is Addicted To Your Dick, then she will go to hell and back to please you. 

Young Woman In Shorts Walking To A Crowd Of Policemen

2. Don’t Go Out Of Your Way To Please Her

Ever see that guy who bends at every girl’s whim? He’s a Beta Bitch Boy. This is NOT attractive to women. Focus on your goals and dreams and let her join you on the journey. She will be attracted to your drive and will alter her schedule to be a part of your life.

Don’t be a shoulder to cry on. She’s there to enhance your life and her reward is getting to enjoy your company. You are the prize, not her. Flip the script on girls: stop putting them on a pedestal and put yourself on one.

How come girls are so attracted to famous men, besides the biological instinct and pre-selection at work? Because they KNOW that the famous guy is a ‘prize’ and they love to compete for it. They want a guy who is wanted by women, not a guy desperate for female companionship.


1. Less Is More: Limit Your Time With Her

The number one way to keep a girl chasing you, is to simply not be available all the time. High Value Men are busy as fuck and can only squeeze in so much time with each of their girls. See her 1-2x a week and she will stay ‘hungry’ to be in your presence. The guy who’s asking to hang out with a girl every damn day, is not only a loser, but will quickly see her attraction for him crumble before his eyes.

Stay Gaming my friends.

6 Replies to “3 Ways To Keep A Girl Wanting You”

  1. Some relationships work some don’t. I see this hot chick who’s 20 years younger than me but I don’t know if I can hold her down. I probably could if i had more cash. I used to see her every day, now I see her once a week or so. I really don’t know how long the relationship will last, So far its been three years. I’d keep her forever If i could, cause she looks good but My life isn’t that great and she’s domineering sometimes. I let her get her way and I am always pleasant. I’d think about replacing her if I could get someone hotter than her but that is going to be pretty close to impossible. This girl is really hot. She does have some flaws but she has pale flawless skin without a blemish on her entire body. She has perfect teeth, nice eyes. She is also relatively tall with an athletic build. It would be very hard for me to get a girl better than her but it could happen. I always think about her though


  2. Uh……..sure. But not when he’s so fucking hung up on it that he’s asking questions on a blog site about it.

    Just fuck. Like she owes you money. Period.


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