5 Reasons Why The Bad Boy Persona Will Always Work

While scrolling through a very popular men’s site, I noticed an article written about why the Bad Boy Persona is played out. This popular men’s site consistently provides shit information for men regarding dating and some poor unsuspecting men are lapping this ‘info’ up which will only lead to their failure with the opposite sex. Thus, I decided to write an article breaking this down specifically.


5 Reasons Why The Bad Boy Persona Will Always Work

#5. Women Are Biologically Designed With The Desire To Change You

Why is it that bad boys are so attractive to females? Because of the cliche leather jacket, cigarette dangling from their mouth and their penchant for breaking the rules? Partly yes. The reason for this is because the bad boy image is one of the man who lives life by his own rules, doesn’t take shit from anyone and is innately known to have a high sexual prowess. The reason why women are drawn to this image, is because it gives them hope that they can be ‘The One’ to change the bad boy, thus validating their desire to be special.

This desire to find an alpha male and to tie him down for her needs only is strong in women. Besides the obvious challenge, women have highly competitive streaks in their nature which causes them to go to great lengths to ‘beat out’ other women to retain the alpha sperm. Bad boys represent the elusive alpha male who’s sperm is valuable. A woman’s innate biological drive to have the best sperm causes her to be attracted to the bad boys despite of anything she may say. A woman will say, “He’s a bad boy. He’s bad news. I shouldn’t go on a date with him!”, and then just a few hours later spread her legs for the bad boy because of her desire to have his sperm. The drive is just too intense to keep her away from the ‘danger’ the bad boy represents. She knows he’s not good for her deep down, but she simply cannot resist.

James Dean

#4. Having A Bad Boy Persona Is The Most Effective Method For One Night Stands

Take two guys at the bar or club. One is standing there with a big smile on his face, being agreeable and complimenting every girl who walks by. The other is at the end of the bar brooding, sipping his drink slowly and taking in his surroundings. The Big Smile Guy is awkward, ASKS for girls phone numbers and is dressed like he shopped at JCPenny’s annual sale. The Bad Boy Guy is dressed to kill, but appropriate to the venue. He’s smooth, aloof and full of mystery. Which guy do you think causes a woman to be interested in more?

When going out at night to pull a girl for the same night lay (SNL), having a bad boy persona will ultimately attract the girls who are down to fuck that same night more than the good guy persona. She may inevitably end up with the good guy for dating and to have a provider boyfriend, but don’t be surprised if she’s still getting the Bad Boy cock on the side, simply because he’s more attractive to her due to his mystery and aloofness.


#3. Society Paints Bad Boys As Being Superior Sexually To Other Men

Whether it’s true or not, and it usually is true, due to a bad boy’s notch count, society paints bad boys as being superior to other men sexually. Name any movie where the man is highly desired (and then usually conforms, but that’s Hollywood’s way of pleasing women) and he’s a bad boy. From James Dean’s persona to Steve McQueen to the character’s of James Bond, all of these and many more are the outliers. They are the aloof stranger passing through who knows what he wants and will get it. Less is more and these actors/characters know just what to say and do to pull the baddest bitch in the bar.

Forget the movies for a minute and examine the men in real life with bad boy personas, they are given a pass for being ‘loveable cads’ who women love to love and hope to change. George Clooney, Colin Farrell and Johnny Depp are just a few of the men who women are very aware of their reputations, but yet, are irresistibly drawn to.


#2. Bad Boys Are Known For Having The Most Fun And Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Never has a generation seen a time when girls are so intent on having a good time and enjoying their party years to the max. Bad boys are known for giving girl’s the ride of their lives and providing the thrills that the Beta Bitch Boys simply cannot produce. Be the bad boy persona that’s about the party and watch girls be drawn to you like bees to honey.

"The Dark Knight Rises" World Premiere - Arrivals

#1. Bad Boy’s Are Mostly Alpha Males And Women Are Drawn The Most To Alphas

The allure of a bad boy is the man who does what he wants, when he wants and has designed his life with the concept of freedom of lifestyle in mind. It’s no wonder then, that females are so strongly drawn to the alpha male bad boys. When you look around and most of society moves as drones plugged into an invisible machine, then it’s plain to see that the bad boy persona will only have an even stronger pull to women today.

The bad boy image goes against the Pajama Boy image that society is shoving down our throats as the New Male Ideal, but society forgot to realize that women’s biology and emotions will always dictate their decisions, regardless of ‘what looks good on paper’. Women’s nature will always be drawn to the bad boy persona because it’s the perfect culmination of attraction to push their buttons physically, emotionally and biologically.

Stay Bad My Friends. Have a Great Weekend!

12 Replies to “5 Reasons Why The Bad Boy Persona Will Always Work”

  1. Maybe in high school it works or if the girl/woman is an idiot. I work in an IT department full of really nice, nerdy, happily married men. Maybe it’s you. Maybe you’re not as nice as you think.


  2. This kid in high school was like a zero physically on looks and attractiveness but for some reason he was just getting p***y thrown at him. It always blew my mind and was total bizarre to me until I realized he was a bad boy. I know why he got some many girls. They liked and he was getting the slutz and one night stand girls.


  3. In my life I was a bad boy and got laid a lot! As soon as I became the “nice guy” that all changed but after getting screwed over a few times the bad boy is coming back! I bought a hot car and started working out and my whole attitude has changed!


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