5 Ways To Check Your Frame With Girls


I talk a lot about Frame with girls because it’s the fundamental foundation of Game, but how does a player know when his Frame is slipping?

Here’s 5 Ways To Check Your Frame With Girls

5. When You Get That Gut Reaction, Check Yourself

Something feels off. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but something feels off with your interactions with girls as of late. You seem to be chasing a tad too much, you are a bit too agreeable due to fear of loss, and you keep getting that nagging in your gut telling you that you’re not acting like a real man.

Take a few minutes and examine your interactions with the girls you’ve been hanging out with lately. Note where you tried too hard, were too eager to please and didn’t do what you truely wanted to do regardless of their opinion. Your gut instinct is there for a reason, so listen to it.


4. Check Your Schedule

Are you missing workouts, skipping on eating properly and spending too much money chasing girls? If there’s one thing you ever take away from my writing, is that YOU must come first. If you put yourself first, then Game will be much easier and it will have a flow to it, that cannot be attained by forcing it. Put yourself first and let the girls join you on your journey in life. Don’t live for girls, but instead let girls compliment your already fucking fantastic life.


3. Test Your Girls

A quick easy way to see if your Frame is slipping, is to test your girls. If you sense that they are losing respect for you due to you slipping into beta bitch boy tendencies, then test them.


-Change plans last minute on them and note their reaction

-Disagree with something they say/do and without apology. Note their reaction.

-Ask a favor. Have them bring you food for example. If they balk and throw a fit, then they are not conforming to your Frame. Shape up or ship em out.


2. Check Your Neediness Meter

Are you asking them to hang out more then they request to be in your presence? This says a lot. A large part of Frame is being the man in demand. If you find yourself constantly thinking about a girl, or trying to line up dates with her, then you my friend, are slipping. Put yourself in check.


1. How Much Do You Really Give A Fuck?

The premiere place of a player is adopting the I Truly Don’t Give A Fuck Attitude. You must care about your life and your success, but you cannot put extreme importance on whether a girl is into you or not. I can promise you that if you focus on yourself, then girls will be drawn to you.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t make time or put out energy to see your girls, instead, it’s that your happiness is not based on their approval of you. You will be happier then you can imagine, if you release yourself from the Prison of Validation. Hoping that you get approval from your new muse is not the way to operate.

If you’re having trouble adopting this attitude, then watch this clip. Rhett Butler says it all.

10 Replies to “5 Ways To Check Your Frame With Girls”

  1. Great article,

    And Reading at point 4 got me thinking. How to take care of your woman/girl, whom you are in a relationship with, and at the same time maintain yourself focused on your success and personal life?

    As a personal example, I live with a girl since one year. Everything’s been good, but when you see she is in tough times (work issues, tough market conditions, personal problems) you will never (at least easily) feel the “I don’t give a fuck attitude”. I mean… You will also feel like “I should help”, but at the same time…. Where’s the boundary? The more you help a person in tough times, the more she will ask you……. Eventually you’ll find yourself in a conflict: <>


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