Does Going Bald Fuck Up Your Game?


‘Yes’ and ‘No’.

‘Yes’, if you allow it to. ‘No’, if you realize that your unshakeable confidence comes from within.

I currently have a full head of hair, however, the two best players I have ever met both went bald early. Real early. As in mid-20’s. One of them was my mentor and much of what I learned about game initially, I learned through him.

This guy was an absolute beast with pulling girls. I asked him one day, “Derek, how has your game changed since you went bald?” He smiled and replied, “It hasn’t. I never based my game on having hair or not. My confidence comes from who I am. Girls don’t seem to care and if they do, fuck em”.

Think about what he said for a second: “Girl’s don’t seem to care and if they do, fuck em”. 

That exact attitude is what separated him from the cats who are bald and let their baldness affect their game. His attitude of being the shit, regardless of what some club sluts thought of him, elevates him into the ‘I Don’t Give A Fuck Zone’, which is the premiere place of top players.


There are a couple of physical attributes that we are born with, that we cannot help:

1. Our Height

2. Our Genetic Predisposition To Go Bald

This article isn’t about height (I’ll cover that in the future), so let’s discuss the second attribute.

If you’re going bald, besides the creams and ‘magic potents’ you can take, there’s not a damn thing you can do about it, so what is the solution?

The solution is to start shaving it. Whether you keep a stubble or take it smooth, just by deciding to do it yourself, instead of waiting on nature to finish the job, will give you increased confidence.

The second step is to accept it and move on with life. The more you dwell on it, the more it will affect your confidence. You’re going bald. So what. You weren’t born blind, deaf or dumb. Add to that that some cats look even better with a shaved/bald head. I always wondered what I would look like if I lost my hair, so a few years ago, I picked up my trimmer and went to town in my bathroom. My girlfriend at the time thought I lost my mind, but I didn’t give a fuck, I had to know.

Guess what happened? Nothing changed. Literally nothing. It wasn’t the best look for me, but I didn’t let it affect me gaming girls. I still pulled and didn’t notice a drop-off in girls responses to me. In fact, I started to get attention from other girls who actually dug that look.

Bruce Willis Wife-5

Listen gents, you can’t help if you go bald or not, but what you can control is your attitude about it. If you start to go bald, shave your head, embrace the change and move on with life.

14 Replies to “Does Going Bald Fuck Up Your Game?”

  1. Would you say the same would apply to “gray game”. Going gray at a younger age…thanks Dad for the graying follicle genes. I am comfortable with my salt and pepper look and hate to think of looking like an old creeper that is trying to look younger than he is by coloring his hair. Any one else have any thoughts on graying hair & game?


  2. I’m 29 and balding, but not bald. Been shaving my head since I was 17, way before I lost any hair, because I like the look.

    Being bald can be a negative or a positive, depending on how you play it. Just make sure you don’t have a head shaped like Sloth from the Goonies and you’ll be fine, even though he is the fuckin man.

    Bald men are seen as more dominant, and it’s a high testosterone marker, so play up that angle.

    A shaved head with some muscles and a tight v neck? Vin Diesel. Bitches love Vin Diesel.

    A shaved head with some glasses and a skinny fat body a la Moby? Get ready to jerk off a lot.

    In short, be Vin Diesel, not Moby.


  3. I lost my hair in my early 30s. I fought it with the comb-back but I was married then and wasn’t really thinking about picking up dames.

    In the past ten years or so, I took to cutting back my hair so it was just short stubble. For the last four years (after my second divorce), I have took to cutting back my hair with my own clippers. It has not changed my game one whit. I never even factored in baldness with my attitude.

    Confidence doesn’t require hair.


  4. Man!!!
    Are you talking about famous DERREK?! He is familiar with RSD, right?
    Tell more about his mentorship 🙂 He is a true legend as far as I know


  5. I started going noticeably bald in college. Shaved my head at 23 and never looked back (I’m 33 now). I think it fits me and my build well. Plenty of women love it and upkeep is ridiculously easy.


  6. Exactly. Well said. I actually admire the bald/balding guys who exhibit that “I don’t give a fuck” attitude.

    I’m not bald, but when I clip it really short (#2 on top, #.5 on sides) I definitely pull a different kind of girl, and more quickly.

    It helps, of course, to keep in shape and to lift big. The ladies like the look.

    Growing a beard (well-trimmed of course) also gets similar results.


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