Hired Guns: How To Meet Girls During The Day


(Christian here. The following article is a guest post by Miami/NYC based creator and Head Editor of DudeShit.com Ric Douchegado. You can follow him on Twitter @RicDelgadoRocks)

The first challenge for any guy evolving his way into playerdom, and the ever promising land of excess pussy, is front game. How to meet women? Where to meet women? And especially how to break out of approach anxiety? The vast majority of seduction material is about it, and the majority of any bootcamps are about overcoming it.

While the differences between day game and night game are well documented, I want to particularly focus on “hired guns”, which refers to women who are working a job that requires interaction with the public. These girls are right there for the taking. They literally have no choice but to let you game them, and there is zero chance of approach anxiety, because there is never any resistance from your target.

The first step is breaking out of the “bar and club” mentality. Many guys have issues over appropriate times to flirt with a girl. Too many guys still think in the box that it’s “annoying” or “an inconvenience” to a girl if you’re trying to pick her up while she’s working, and that the only time a girl is open to being hit on is when she’s drinking in a bar.

But that’s dead wrong. The point of studying game is to break out of limited mindsets, and the fact is that women are dying to meet an amazing guy at work. Put it in perspective for a second; she’s trapped in a place where people are incessantly harassing her, and generally making her life miserable. Then, in walks that one charming guy that she prays will come in every shift.

It’s that Prince Charming type of romantic story line bullshit that women go crazy over, and what you will be using to your advantage.



This reminds me of the very first pick up I did, all the way back in 2005, after I had read David D’Angelo’s Double Your Dating.

I used to work in a bookstore in a strip mall, and next door was a GNC that I would frequent for their banana smoothies. The girl who worked at the juice bar was insanely hot: brunette, amazing figure, and very pretty face, a very solid eight. She also wore a “don’t you dare talk to me” expression most of the time that she was working.

After reading DYD, I began spitting out cocky and funny lines all the time, because it was fun and fit my natural personality.

At one point the girl behind the juice bar pulls a gallon of milk out of the fridge, and rips off the tab that holds the cap with her mouth. I say, “is that the USDA approved way of opening a gallon of milk?”

And before I knew what was going on this girl was on me like I had just told her I had the golden ticket to go into Willy Wonka’s Prada and Louis Vitton Lifetime Supply of Free Purses factory. She made me take her number.

I walked out of the GNC in total shock. Up to that point it had been several years that I’d had a real date, much less even contemplated having sex. Now I had this incredibly hot chick forcing her number on me just because I was being the sarcastic jerk that I knew was inside me, but never showed girls because I thought it would offend them.


The point is that if you’re going to be the guy that meets a girl at her job, then you’ve got to be the exception to her day. In your head you have got to be the best customer she’s going to deal with.

Usually when people frequent places like smoothie shops, coffee shops, and even restaurants, they are completely docile. They stand in line waiting, place their orders calmly, are usually slightly apologetic, and eventually just walk away accomplishing the single purpose they went there for.

You’re going to be different. You’re going to be the fun, confident guy that enjoys himself no matter where he goes. While your energy level is going to be toned down from your typical bar or club behaviors, it should still be higher than anyone else that’s there.

This should start in line. Don’t be afraid to crack jokes with other customers or even ask them about what they’re ordering. Use all the ways of communicating you’ve learned in your studies to make other people feel comfortable, laugh, or enjoy themselves. The girl behind the counter will notice instantaneously that you’re the guy that makes everyone else feel good around him.

When it’s your time to order, don’t just place an order. If it’s incredibly busy and you can tell the girl is all stressed out, then definitely tone it down, because there’s no way that you’re going to break through to her. She’s just going to want you out of her face as soon as possible. Then again, if it’s a place you frequent often, don’t be afraid to say a quick comment or two, flash a cocky smile, and put the feeling in her head that you are a sense of relief in the midst of her stress.

Unfortunately, a lot of this is about timing. Even though you can force your way into any situation, there’s going to be a big drop off if you’re in a less than ideal setting.



Usually there’s two scenarios involved in meeting a hired gun:

1. Being A Recurring Customer


2. A One Shot Deal

Obviously, being a recurring customer makes things way easier, because usually picking up a girl at her job is a matter of timing. You never want to find yourself sitting around waiting to make your move. Everything should be in the flow of events of coming by her job on your way through your life. Never let it seem like you’re going out of your way to see her or spend time with her. That is instantly unattractive, and she will smell the desperation.

Eventually, there will be a moment where you can spend a solid amount of time gaming her. Drop hints to events you are planning on attending, places you go regularly, and other things in your very active life. If you’ve run your game right, she’ll be more than interested, and she’ll question you about it.

From that point, the rest is easy. Suggest that she should join you on one of your adventures (tell, never ask), and when she agrees get her number.

It gets slightly more complicated when you’re gaming a girl that you know there’s little to no chance of seeing again. This is going to take a bit more intensity and force in your interaction. While you may be able to find your way into a flow that let’s you carve out some gaming time, more than likely you’ll have to distract her to the point where she’s going to get in trouble.

But work it. The window of opportunity is very small, particularly with girls that are in the service industry. While the “activities” method may work just as well in this situation, it’s more effective to just go direct. But going direct means that you’ve got to blow her away in a very short period time.

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