The Power Of Who You Know

Some years ago, a young man sat on a flight headed to Miami. His girlfriend sat a couple of rows behind him and he found himself seated beside an older man, perhaps in his 50’s. The young man asked the stewardess if his girlfriend and himself could be seated beside each other, but she replied with a curt “not possible”, and the young man resigned himself to the slight irritation of sitting beside a stranger for the four hour flight.

Midway through the flight, unable to sleep, the young man decided to get nosy. He noticed the older man sitting beside him was reading a book of political nature. “Interesting title, what is it about specifically?”, the young man asked. The old man, perhaps surprised at the interest in his book by such a young man responded with an articulate description of the book’s contents. For the next couple of hours, the young man and the old man talked politics, women and life.

The plane landed and as the passengers filed out into the muggy Miami weather, the young man asked the older man if they could stay in touch. The older man happily gave the young man his business card and told him to look him up when they returned to their respective city that they both lived in. The young man thanked him for the conversation and proceeded to have a great vacation enjoying Miami’s topless beaches with his tolerant girlfriend.


When the young man returned to his home city he called the older man and asked if he could treat him to lunch in exchange for business advice. The older man happily agreed and scheduled lunch.

The young man was excited for the date of the lunch. While the young man was in college, his goal was to study law and the older man happened to be the State Supreme Court Justice. The young man knew he could glean helpful information and hopefully convince the older man to be his mentor.

The day of the lunch arrived and the young man shaved his face, combed his hair conservatively and put on his best suit. He arrived at the fancy restaurant that the older man had picked out and they sat down for lunch. They talked about politics, women and life. About halfway through lunch, the older man pointed out another older man who was eating at the same restaurant. “Recognize him?”, he asked. The younger man recognized the man as the Governor of the state. “I’ll introduce you son, come with me”, the older man said. The younger man could hardly believe it. He didn’t come from money and was not used to rubbing shoulders with such successful and powerful men. The older man walked the younger man over to the Governor and introduced him as his “friend”.

The young man felt a wave of gratefulness wash over him and when the bill came quickly grabbed it to pay. He had saved his money for two weeks in order to have enough to pay. “The bill’s been paid son, but thank you”, the old man smiled wryly while his face wrinkled with experience. The young man had just been taught a lesson in picking up the tab, before it comes. While the young man had left to use the restroom earlier during the lunch, the older man had made arrangements to pay for the meal.

The older man then took the younger man on a tour of the court house and then they went their separate ways. As time went by they stayed in contact and the younger man was mentored by the older man.


The time had come for the young man to apply for law school and he asked for advice from his mentor, the older man. The older man had always been helpful and had used his connections to secure the younger man with a political internship as well as a undergrad pre-law program scholarship. The older man said, “You listened to my advice, have kept your grades up and did very well on the LSAT, I’m going to get you a scholarship”. The young man was elated.

True to his word, the older man used his power to secure the younger man a full-ride scholarship to a Top 20 Law School. In the end, the younger man decided to not pursue a career in law, but still benefited greatly from the older man’s mentorship and friendship. Through the older man, he met and built relationships with high ranking government officials, government 3 letter agency agents, owners of professional sports teams and even the president of the United States. The world was literally opened up to him because of one man.

The young man was me. I was eighteen years old. This true story is an example from my life to show you gentlemen the power of who you know and the power of opening your mouth. I could have sat on that flight and never opened my mouth, but instead I asked one question and my life was changed.

The people in your circle can literally make or break you. You never know until you ask and you never know until you show yourself friendly.

Open your mouth today. You might just change your life.

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13 Replies to “The Power Of Who You Know”

  1. This reminded me of Don Draper and Conrad Hilton.

    At the start of the article I was wondering if this was about you CMQ, then later I didn’t think so, but at the end I was pleasantly surprised. Respect man and truly inspiring. In college (locally too) I’m going to take full advantage of networking opportunities.

    CMQ, respect.


  2. Great post and 100% true. I’m only 19 but I have dozen examples as well. Not on the scale of yours, but for example getting free plane tickets for an overseas trip because I met a rich family.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I blew off law school because I realized having a career I didn’t truly want, was a recipe to be miserable the rest of my life. I have another career outside of clubs that I don’t write about and that’s the direction I went, instead of law.


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