11 Step Prep For A Night Out


How you start your night isn’t just key; it’s an essential element that can set you up for success or failure in your quest to pull a chick. Does Lebron stretch before a game? Yes. A LOT of cats skip over this element and wonder why they are striking out left and right once they hit a party, a bar or the club. Fuck; even an art gallery showing. Here’s the 11 Step Prep formula I have perfected and developed over 10 years of going out.

Step 11: Workout

If you don’t workout, then start. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t. Doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym and sling iron like Arnold in his prime; simply drop and do 100 pushups, 100 crunches and 50 dips on your kitchen counter. If you do hit the gym, then focus on your Glamour Muscles: Arms + Chest. Also, if you do a heavy leg workout the day of, or day before going out, you will have an extra dose of testosterone which translates into your vibe/energy you put out.

Step 10: Post Workout Meal

Eat within 45 minutes after working out and focus on foods that will ‘ground’ your stomach for the drinking. Baked chicken, brown rice and some green beans and you’ll get the proper protein and carbs needed for energy. Don’t decide to go eat some spicy ass food if you’re not normally used to that type of diet. Stick with the basics, especially if it’s the evening of a big night for you.


Step 9: Prep Your Pad

Unless you’re a degenerate nasty bastard, your living spot should be relatively clean. Do a quick 15 minute run through to ensure your spot is ready to go when you bring a girl back. You may wind up banging her at her spot, a stairwell or in an alley, but better to be safe then sorry. Here’s the list:

  • Quick vaccum, or sweep of floors if hardwood.
  • Windex mirrors
  • Lysol the kitchen counters, bathroom sink and toilet.
  • Make sure PERSONAL shit isn’t laying out: i.e. your budget, tax return, or God knows what.
  • Check your sheets? If they’re not fresh, then change them.
  • Alcohol check: vodka is a sure thing and maybe a tequila and rum won’t hurt. Think basic though: 1 bottle of alcohol, 1 mixer and make sure the damn ice machine is working.

You’re done.

Step 8: Shower & Groom

Take your time showering and be sure to groom. Not talking about just shaving or maintaining your 5′oclock shadow; I’m talking about making sure your cock n balls are presentable. It will play into your confidence as well when approaching girls, that you know later when you get naked with one, or maybe two of them, that you’re good to go. My suggestion: Go Pornstar. Stays clean and chicks like it.

While doing this put on some of your favorite Feel Good music. Blast that shit.. This helps get you hyped up and feeling great. We all have different preferences, but I suggest Frank Sinatra. Stay away from any melancholy tunes no matter what.


Step 7: Suit Up

Yes, I’m an advocate of suiting up. Let’s say you live in a small Texas town though, and it just doesn’t make sense to wear a suit to your local bar. That’s ok. Wear what’s appropriate; BUT make sure your outfit is clean, ironed and looks good. If you are in the Suit-Up camp; then don’t be afraid to throw some dashes of color into your outfit.

Step 6: Have One Drink (And One Smoke)

After I get suited up, I like to pour myself one vodka tonic with a couple of limes. I sit back, sip on my drink and have a cig. One unhurried drink before heading out, eases the mind and sets one straight. This is a time to release all of the bullshit of the day and to focus on your goal(s) for the night. What is she going to look like? Are you in the mood for Asian, Latina, Black, White? How about a redhead? Visualize it and smile.

photo (1)

Step 5: Do Affirmations

Affirmations without a doubt work; when done consistently. I’m not going to go Tony Robbins on your asses, but try it out. After you’ve gotten dressed and had your drink (and smoke), go stand in front of your mirror and look at yourself. Like what you see? You better; half the battle is knowing YOUR worth and feeling like you’re the prize going out for the night and one LUCKY girl is going to get you. It might feel odd at first, but guess what? No one is watching you and know one gives a flying fuck.

This is your life so look into the mirror and say something like this, making sure to REPEAT each line 3 times:

“I am very charismatic”

“I am very good looking” (Doesn’t matter if you are or not; it’s a mindset trick which will help you carry yourself better)

“I will have a GREAT night”

“Girls fucking LOVE me”

“Girls WANT to fuck me”

“I’m a badass motherfucker who does what I want, when I want”

You’ll find that when you get done, if you commit 100%, that you’ll feel a new energy and jolt of excitement. You’re putting it out there that you have control over what happens that night, which is very very powerful. Even if you want to knock this advice; try it for one week everyday and see how you feel at the end of the week. It’s life-changing.

Step 4: Text Blasts

All of the cute girls you’ve met that week or have in your phone that are local to you, send out text blasts to them. Can be anything that is funny, sarcastic and witty. I send out emoji blasts sometimes that look like a cock shooting a load into a girls face. It puts it out there EXACTLY what you’re about, but yet it’s funny in a light way. Why send out texts BEFORE going out? It’s called ASAP Pipelining.

When you have multiple girls texting you as you head out the door for the night, it increases your confidence and takes away any neediness you may feel with the first girl you talk to. Here’s some sample texts taken from my phone. Feel free to use them:

Me: (Insert emojis of a cock busting in a girls mouth/face)

Her: OMG! Nasty boy ; )

Her: What are you doing tonite

Me: taking over the world

Her: Sounds fun. But seriously?

Me: sushi XYZ club then get naked with a sexy girl like yourself

Her: Ohhhh….hmmmm sounds fun. I have my best friends birthday but wanna meet up afterwards?

Me: prolly

Her: Ok! Text me when you’re done

Now these are not fuck buddy chicks; these are girls in the pipeline who I HAVEN’T fucked. Get’s you in the gaming mood and possibly fresh lays.

Step 3: Watch A Clip Of A Old School Film/Actor

This one is money. Nothing gets me more in the mood to go pull a fresh slut, then to watch a clip from an older movie with a badass actor who was an alpha man. Usually, I choose a clip where the scene involves a woman. They’re short, to the point and help get your mindset ready to go. Here is one I watch. Classic McQueen with a hot filly; so fucking money.

Step 2: Talk To Everyone

The moment you step out of your pad, whether it’s to go by the gas station for last minute essentials or the cabbie driving you to a joint, CONVERSATE. Keep convo light, upbeat and utilize eye contact (Eye contact is HUGE). It get’s you flowing so when you spot a cutie and walk up to her it’s in the natural flow of your state to talk to her. If the last person you talked to was your dog that night, then you are going to feel ‘off’.


Step 1: Get Out Early

In a perfect world this would always be viable; however work commitments, etc. can sometimes make this difficult. When possible though, get out an hour to hour and a half BEFORE you hit the party, a bar or a club. I prefer hotel bars where I can get a drink, post up, respond to texts/calls and Ease Into The Night.

It makes a huge difference. Restaurants are great as well, especially if it’s a hotspot with lots of girls. Grab an appetizer, talk to some girls and head to your next destination.

Good luck this weekend gentlemen!

23 Replies to “11 Step Prep For A Night Out”

  1. what frank sinatra songs are you referring to? looking to start listening to him and i stumbled upon your page


  2. Wow McQueen you’re the fuckin man! This is an excellent article. The clip was excellent as well, Steve McQueen really is the perfect alpha in all ways.

    Great list. Golden.


  3. “Girls WANT to fuck me”

    This one is huge for my game. I have been telling myself this when I’m on the beach because even though I’ve been socially successful, like Dagonet I seem to have that intractable piece of betatude in the back of my head that thinks every success with a girl is some lucky accident. There’s been too many and my close rate has been too high for me to be a chump who’s stumbling into slutty chicks with low standards. Fucking believe in yourself.

    Love the “taking over the world” text. I used to have a buddy to go clubbing and whatever with, and we fed off each other wrt the affirmation stuff. We’d walk into a place and exchange eye contact and silently communicate “we are the coolest fucking guys in the room.”


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