Weekend Game Tip: One Way To Improve Your Game With One-Night Stands Immediately


The moment my game took a gigantic leap to the next level was when I decided that phone numbers were no longer acceptable.

Newbie guys tend to think of phone numbers as a testament to a player’s game, and while that is a good goal initially, it will only impede you if you focus on getting phone numbers as the End Game of the night.

Let’s say a Player In Development heads out for the night. His goal is to get 3 phone numbers. He structures his approaches and ‘lines’ with the end goal of getting the girl’s number. After he gets the phone number he continues with his night content in his sub-conscious, because he hit his goal.

Now let’s say that same player decides to head out for the night with the Intent To Have A ONS and simply refuses getting numbers. Now he’s working towards the end goal of getting his dick wet.

As a result his game jumps to the next level, because he is being put to the test. No longer will he have the paltry reward of heading home with his dick in his hand and three phone numbers in his phone, because let’s keep it real: Most numbers do not convert for the average player.


There’s a couple of reasons why this works:

1. You screen out the potential lays from the girls DTF immediately

From my experience, when I refused numbers and continued to approach girls until I found one (s) DTF that night, my ONS notches increased 10x. My brain was no longer working on just getting a number, but instead not resting until my cock was inside her pussy. Sometimes this meant I went home with zero numbers and pissed because I faced LMR that didn’t work out, but guess what? I improved my game the next time and continued to get better. Pro athletes become the best by pushing themselves continually and staying OUT of their comfort zone.

2. Being a real player is fucking girls, not getting numbers

No matter how you slice or dice it, there comes a point when you must develop the ability to pull a chick the same night for the lay. By working with the goal of just getting a phone number, then hoping to set up a date and then hoping to get laid, you’re not working with your full potential. Period.

Now this doesn’t mean that you don’t go for numbers, but go for numbers as the last resort.

Everyone of you readers have the ability to go out and pull a sexy chick the same night. Stop selling yourself short.

Say ‘No’ To Phone Numbers and watch your SNL Rate jump.

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13 Replies to “Weekend Game Tip: One Way To Improve Your Game With One-Night Stands Immediately”

  1. Number Two says it all! I’ve often felt like many people pride themselves on digits…but at the end of the day, how does one define a playboy? The amount of phone numbers he can get on a night out, even from 9s and 10s? The amount of makeouts?


    Think of James Bond, he’s never just going out, enjoying a few martinis and returning home with a few numbers. He’s got some sexy girl next to him the next morning.


  2. Very true. The problem with a phone number, even for a seasoned player, is that it gives you the illusion of accomplishment. You don’t try as hard to make shit happen immediately, because you tell yourself you’ll go on a date with hewr anyway.

    If a large fraction of phone numbers did convert, being happy with a number and opting for the date later instead would be understandable. But she won’t give you that choice, it’s now or never. She will flake. Accept that and make it happen tonight, or forget about it

    This is location dependent though – it’s possible that girls will be less flaky so going balls to the wall is not ideal, in certain places. I’ve never experienced that myself though. And refusing the number can make her adopt your mindset – “omg I have no way of getting in touch this guy, I should keep hanging out with him tonight.”


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