Tenacity Over ‘Talent’: A Tale Of Two Players In Development


Meet Chad and Mark. Chad is good looking, naturally outgoing, and overall has a lot going for him, but has one nagging attribute: he allows negative thoughts to control his actions.

Mark is of average looks, is naturally shy, but has one very positive attribute: he has a very positive inner monologue going on in his head.

For all intents and purposes, one would think that in a line-up, most girls would choose Chad over Mark based on physical attributes alone, but alas in the world of Game, looks are only one very small part of the equation.

Chad and Mark decide to roll out one night as wingmen and see what they can find at a local club. While Mark preps in advance using my 11 Step Prep To A Night Out , Chad mopes around thinking about “all the hot bitches who probably will shoot him down”. Mark tries to keep Chad’s hopes up by being upbeat and positive.

As they approach the club, they see a long line in front. Chad immediately starts to complain and states that maybe they should just call it a night and hit up the local Denny’s since he’s hungry and didn’t eat beforehand like Mark did. Mark diffuses Chad’s negativity and says he’ll talk to the door guy and see what he can do.

Mark talks to the door guy and after a couple moments, the velvet rope is lifted and the two players in development enter into the club. Mark’s energy is high and with the entrance into the club Chad’s spirits are lifted…for a moment. They approach the bar and the first girl Chad opens shoots him a dirty look and turns her back on him. Chad’s face falls and he falls back into his self-defeated self talk. Mark laughs it off and orders a drink while scanning the room for talent.

As Chad’s energy drops, Mark decides to boost him up by grabbing the first round. Chad mumbles “thanks”, before sipping on his drink. Mark starts working the room and flirts with a few girls before heading back to the bar. Chad stays posted at the bar, staring at the girls, but doesn’t approach them. ‘They’re all a bunch of stuck-up bitches’, he thinks.


An hour passes and the two continue drinking as the night goes on. Eventually, Mark ‘connects’ with a cute girl and isolates her to the smoking patio where they continue flirting. Chad tags along and eventually the girl that Mark is flirting with introduces him to one of her girlfriends, a very cute girl. Chad’s half-ass gaming attempts are ‘shot down’ initially by the girl who states “I have a boyfriend, but it’s complicated and we’re taking some time off”. Mark shoots Chad an encouraging look because players in development know that’s Womanese for “I’m available if you have game”. Chad’s self-defeat inner monologue kicked in the moment the girl said “I have a boyfriend…” and didn’t even connect the dots.

The night progresses and Mark’s high energy and positive attitude keep the group entertained, while Chad’s negative outlook becomes a drain. Mark decides to get one last shot for the road with his girl and then he bounces with her. Chad stays behind for a couple of minutes contemplating approaching some other girls who are clearly single, but talks himself out of it with his inner monologue of negative self-doubt.

Mark takes the girl to his pad and enjoys great sex with this new cutie he picked up the first night. After they’ve done the deed, they’re chilling in his bed when the girl says, “My girlfriend thought your friend Chad was really cute. What was his problem?” Mark thought for a second and then replied, “Chad is a good friend and a good guy he just tends to be negative sometimes”. “That’s too bad, my girlfriend was totally down to hook up with him tonight”, she replied.

Who are you: Chad or Mark?

9 Replies to “Tenacity Over ‘Talent’: A Tale Of Two Players In Development”

  1. U got me boy. Iam def chad, tho having game but unstable n volatile. The real question is: How do u conquer this mindset? How do u stop?


  2. The most underrated part of game is your mindset…for sure. Negativity has put me through many dry spells and the negativity was mostly due to my looks (flaws with my face, etc). That being said, looks are not a small part of the game, they are a HUGE part of the game. Looks dictate the quality of women you get and how much work you need to put in. That being said however, mindset can fuck up any good looking guys game unless women are throwing themselves at him.


    1. Looks don’t = Game. Looks may get you a few more seconds of ‘approval’ on your approach, but once you open your mouth your Game either opens the door or gets it slammed in your face.

      Lastly, unless you’re in the top .05% of looks as a man, then you have to have Game to close. Being good looking may make it easier, but it doesn’t guarantee closing success, especially in the hyper-competitive environment of pulling women today.


      1. You are right but a 5 male will struggle picking up 6+ females even with tight game. He will do well with other 5s and will have more game then an 8 male who can’t score 8s. But your looks determine the quality of women you can attain (unless you have a lot of money or status)


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