12 Tips For Short Guy Style


The following tips are an excerpt from The Alpha Playboy book.

1. Aim to draw the eye up when making purchases. Everything is worn in a way
to elongate your body, instead of shorten it.

2. Dark colors work best, because they lengthen and extend the body.

3. Keep darker colors toward the bottom and lighter colors towards the top.

4. Accessories, such as hats and glasses help bring the focus to the upper body.

5. Vertical stripes look best and elongate the body.

6. Avoid larger and bolder prints and patters, because they tend to break the
vertical body frame illusion.

7. Slimmer fits complement shorter men best. Hence, another reason to get in

8. Hats will instantly add a few inches in ‘height’.

9. Heeled soles add height. Also, opt for pointed toe versus round toe, because
they lengthen the foot and the leg.

10. Skip the belt and go for dress pants without belt loops: a lack of a belt adds
length to your trousers.

11. When layering, keep darker shades out and lighter shades inward, since the
prominent color will extend the torso.

12. Don’t layer longer items under shorter, as this will cut the vertical/long
silhouette up.

4 Replies to “12 Tips For Short Guy Style”

  1. This advice is priceless – especially # 10. Usually it will take a man years to figure this all out if it isn’t explained to him first. Nice job.


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