Weekend Game Tip: “She needs to get fucked”


The other day a coaching client of mine mentioned how he’s never heard this phrase that I apparently use a lot: “she needs to get fucked”. I pondered his comment and realized it was true. It’s something I used to think and started vocalizing it at some point, although I can’t remember when. Too many vodka-tonics and sleepless nights.

Whenever I’m out and about, whether cruising Los Angeles, or out at a club, and I spot a cute girl, I’ll mentally think, ‘she needs to get fucked’. If I’m with a buddy, I’ll vocalize it.

As I examined the reasoning for saying this, it occurred to me that this is not a cat-call, it’s not a beta bitch boy’s attempt to act like a badass, but instead something I truly believe, and then it hit me: My inner belief system truly believes that every cute girl I encounter should have the pleasure of me railing her until the cows come home.

When approaching the girl, not only am I unconsciously thinking this, but am communicating this with my eyes. In turn, the girl feels the energy and feels open to my advance at a higher success rate.

It may just be classic arrogance, but regardless of what ‘it’ is, ‘it’ works so I’ll continue saying it.

Cutting to the chase, how can you my friend, develop this self-belief?

2. Imagine Fucking The Girl You See

As men, we can auto-scan a girl with our eyes and within milliseconds do our best to imagine what she looks like naked. We are pre-wired to do this and we cannot escape it. I challenge you to take this a step further and visually imagine having sex with the cute girl you notice at Starbucks, at the gym or on the subway.

Let me be clear: You’re NOT staring at her. You glance, take that mental image and then imagine what position you would fuck her in first etc. Smile to yourself, because now that you have imagined having sex with her, you instantly feel a boost of confidence. It’s a form of mental affirmation without vocalizing it.

If you’re out with a buddy gaming and you spot a girl 20 feet away and you’re attracted to her, vocalize “she needs to get fucked” to your wingman. Why would you say this? Because it’s true. She does need to be fucked by you and now you’re going to approach and treat her to your presence. This instantly makes you ‘The Man of The Hour’. Your paths crossed for a reason. That reason is so you can approach and make contact.

What we think about tends to be what we take action on. If you truly believe that when an attractive girl crosses your path, that she needs to be fucked by you for her own good, then you’ll spring into action while having a boost of confidence through imagining the event beforehand.


1. Think Sexual Thoughts When Looking Into Her Eyes

You’ve already imagined what sex would be like with the cute girl you just saw, now as you approach her, use your eyes to communicate sexual energy. The eyes are truly the window to the soul and you players-in-development should utilize your #1 tool available to you: your eyes.

When you open a girl look into her eyes and convey confidence, coolness and a hint of sexuality. The sexuality comes from you imagining in those couple of seconds what you would do to her. Imagine taking her panties off, slowly touching her pussy for the first time etc. Girls have a extremely heightened sense of energy and they will get the vibe from the jump that you’re an alpha male who’s not introducing yourself to just be friends.

The key is not to get lost in her eyes and go into the ‘creep’ zone, but instead, to maintain control. She’ll probably blush and look away and then you know it’s on. Odds are she felt a tingle between her legs as well. I’ve had girls tell me that when they first met me, it was like I could see into their soul and even that I made them feel wet from the moment I opened my mouth.

This directly comes from eye contact, my inner belief that they need to be fucked by me and my body language.

Thoughts become actions and actions become habits. Start practicing this weekend and watch your confidence boost and your approach number and ONS close rate jump.

Have a great weekend gents!

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