Going Gray? What To Do


“You’ve got to be kidding me”, I thought as I examined my hair in the mirror. Three gray hairs had my attention, a stark contrast to my brown hair. Defiantly ‘laughing’ at my shock, the three gray hairs are a testament to mutherfucking stress I thought. Should I ignore them or dye my hair?

While doing research on what causes premature graying in men, I was surprised to learn of the following results of a study done by the British Medical Journal: people who smoke cigarettes are four times as likely to gray prematurely. Well, looks like that’s part of the problem. My pack a day habit for the last few years has more than likely contributed to these damn three premature gray hairs.

The two more well known facts, are genes and stress. Stress comes and goes in varying degrees, so regardless, you can control your worrying, but life happens and with that stressful events out of your control. Your genes are your genes, there’s no escaping them, so what are the options available to a man who prematurely goes gray?


Dye Your Hair

One obvious option is to dye your hair. I have a good friend of mine who is quite prominent in the gaming community, who’s prematurely gray at 27 years old. He keep his hair cut relatively short, but the salt and pepper is on full display. For his look, facial structure and game style it works. He can pull it off without a problem and it hasn’t had an affect on him pulling pretty girls left and right.

Throw a rock at your local CVS and you’ll hit a display for men with the latest hair dye products, or book an appointment at a hair salon and have a sexy 23 year old girl dye your hair.

Here’s the deal with dying your hair:

1. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Period. You have to look at your face type: Do you have a baby face, or do you have ruggedly masculine face. My face to put it bluntly, is very masculine. If I was girl, I’d be hideous, but as a man, it works. For me to go gray wouldn’t be too much of an issue. It would fit my vibe and style of suited up playboy at the end of the bar sipping on a vodka-tonic.

Let’s assume you have a baby face though. If you have pink cheeks and look much younger than your age, than I recommend utilizing your youthful looks by dying your hair to it’s original color. Use your natural strength of having a baby face and extend that ‘look’ by keeping with the overall tone. If you’re in shape, have a baby face and have gray hair, it’s inconsistent with your overall look. If you’re in shape, have a rugged face and have the salt and pepper look, than it may just work perfectly for you.


Rock The Gray With Absolute Confidence

Do you notice a trend with my articles regarding Game and your looks? Confidence is key, whether you’re balding or have gray hair.

The key to rocking your gray hair with confidence is two-fold:

1. Choose a haircut and style that compliments you with gray hair.

Stay away from long hairstyles and choose something that’s classic and plays to your strengths based on your face shape. There is nothing wrong with going into a high end hair salon and telling the stylists, “Look I need to select a great hairstyle and get a haircut that compliments my face and I’m damn clueless on what to do”. Hair stylists love creating a new hairstyle or helping you out, because they’re creative people. They may ask to dye your hair for the up-sell, because once they have a client who needs their hair dyed that’s a repeat customer which equals more money, but if you’ve decided to rock the gray with confidence, than say you’re happy with the gray and that you want a style that compliments it, not hides it.

Side-bar: girls who style/cut hair have to be some of the most sexually open girls. I chalk that up to the artistic types which include singers, actresses, painters, writers etc. Flirt, game and don’t be surprised if you start banging a stylist. Guess what that means? Means you’ll be getting free cuts/styles before you know it.

How does this all relate to girls?

Whatever you choose to do, whether dying your hair, or rocking the gray with confidence, will be perceived by the chicks you game, based entirely on your confidence.

Girl: “You dye your hair?”

You: “Yep. I only rock my Santa Claus look in the winter.”

Girl :(Laughing) “Whatever works.”


Girl: “Why don’t you dye your hair? The salt n pepper looks good on you just curious.”

You: “Why fuck with perfection?” (wink)

Regardless of what you choose, it’s all about confidence and your Frame when dealing with girls. At the end of the day, some girls will prefer the gray, some will prefer you to dye your hair, but guess what? It’s not about them. It’s about you and only motherfucking you. Rock what you want and rock it like you’re the baddest motherfucker alive and it will have ZERO affect on you gaming girls.

As for myself, I’m letting the three gray hairs stay. First off, I could give two fucks what girls think and secondly, I think this look might just make me look even better. Suit, Ray-Bans, and a head full of gray hair. I’m digging it.


2 Replies to “Going Gray? What To Do”

  1. Starting to go silver, it works for me. But that’s because I’ve still got youthful good looks. So, grey balances things out. It’s a good contrast.

    And yeah, the silver DOES turn many girls on. Surprisingly.

    I used to worry about going grey, I’d actually pluck them out. Now, I can’t wait to go full silverback.


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