5 Things I Learned From A Night Out With Christian McQueen

(Christian here. This guest blog post is written by ‘The Chef’ Jackson, winner of the From Beta To Alpha 6 Month Coaching Contest)

On a Saturday night, I walked down Hollywood Boulevard eager to meet Christian McQueen for the first time. I had discovered his posts on Return of Kings and found them entertaining as well as enlightening as he talked about how to prep for a night out or how to conquer a nightclub. I’ve read his books and listened to his podcasts with Dagonet while stuck in traffic on the 405. Hell, I even won the opportunity to be his student for 6 months. Now, I finally had the chance to take my game to the next level under his guidance.

Approaching the pre-game spot, a local bar, I saw a man in a fitted blazer, dark purple undershirt and a matching pocket square as he sipped a cocktail and took a long draw from his cigarette. A lone wolf ready for something to happen. It was McQueen himself.

With a warm shake and a smile, we sat down and my learning began, sometimes not just from his words as he talked about frame and lifestyle, but also his nonverbal cues and general swagger.

Here are a few things I learned from that first night:


5. Style Is In The Details

Christian talks a lot about style, because it’s the easiest way to step up your game and look more attractive to women. Immediately, he complimented my look suited up (but prefaced it with his signature comment “No homo”) and suggested next time I:

– Ditch the plaid shirt, and opt for a solid color or striped dress shirt.

– Wear better shoes, as the ones I had on were Echos that had been through a lot and looked it

– Refold my pocket square in a better way. Originally, I had a nice, conservative square fold, which Christian quickly pulled out, ruffled up and refolded in a way that had much more jazz and pomp.

Another thing I noticed was that Christian had a money clip rather than a wallet. It’s a lot classier to whip out a money clip filled with $20s then to have an oversized wallet like most men carry. Sure, it’s a little showy, but when you live in Los Angeles, every little bit help.


4. Talk With Authority

If you’ve heard McQueen’s podcast, you know he’s got a gregarious nature and a distinct (dare I say maniacal) laugh. What struck me was the tone of his voice conveyed strength and authority. I doubt he worried about people not hearing him at a club, which is something I’m sure anyone can relate to when you approach a girl and she says, “What?” because she just can’t hear your words.

The more I hung out with him, the more I started to adopt his vocal tonality, and I made a note to focus on projecting my voice and speaking with power.


3. Start At The Bottom And Work Your Way Up

From the get go, my goal was to up my notch count and became a master playboy who could seduce gorgeous women. Like everything in life, you have to start from the ground up and he said that I should focus on approaching and going for quantity before quality. This didn’t mean sleeping with ugly fatties, but instead gaming girls who were cute, such as 7s or 8s, as I acquired the ability to pickup 9s and 10s.

In a nutshell: Put in the work, perfect the skills and the results will come. (on her Victoria Secret face)


2. Don’t Wait In line, Money Talks

Fuck waiting in lines. A $20 bill in the palm and a handshake will save you time and the letdown-effect of waiting outside in the cold in front of a nightclub. In LA, where everything closes early, it’s a waste of time to hang out in line, when dropping some cash with the doorman will get you where you want to be faster…and in a cooler way. People notice the guy who waltzes in like he owns the place.


1. Enjoying Your Night Is More Important Than Getting The Girl

Did I walk away with a super model on my first night out with Christian? No, my game isn’t there yet. I did talk to a bunch of girls, got a make out and massaged some titties as some chick grinded into me on the dance floor.

At the end of the night, Christian said, “It doesn’t matter, whether you get a girl or not. Have fun and enjoy yourself. That’s why it’s called ‘Game.’”

After running solo many a nights, this nugget of wisdom hit home. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself to always pull a girl. Instead, have fun in the venue and approach girls for the thrill of it. Whether you’re talking with a girl or a guy, just laugh and talk about shit that amuses you. Good energy is contagious. Christian chuckles and laughs all the time, and you can tell he doesn’t give a shit and is having fun. That’s how game should be.

For me, that means laughing more, to myself and those around me. Hang out with fun people. Get a mentor if you can afford it. Being around people at the top of their game will rub off on you so you can maximize your own potential.

And, for the love of God, don’t wear a plaid shirt at a nightclub.

-‘The Chef’ Jackson

4 Replies to “5 Things I Learned From A Night Out With Christian McQueen”

  1. This is legit. Absorb these tips and you will be on your way to establishing a frame and swagger that is admired by men and desired by women.


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