Next Level Game: Setting Up Your Own elimiDATE


I’m sure you’re all familiar with that dating show that used to be on TV called elimiDATE. Essentially a man gets five girls who compete for him and vice versus. I had a buddy who was on as a competitor and he actually was picked by the girl as the winner and fucked her in the ass that night. He was a rascal and had mad game, so I wasn’t surprised.

For those of you who are not eager to audition for reality TV shows, but are still intrigued by having women compete for you, than check out this next level game move.

Here’s My Elimidate Game Recipe.

Purposes (doesn’t have to be limited to one particular one)

1. Shake up your harem: letting your girls know who’s in charge, eliminating the Edge Girls (ones who are flaky), dumping the bench bitches.

2. Entertainment: I particularly use this for entertainment value. As a guy’s game progresses, the novelty factor of going on a date with one girl can get boring and I have to shake things up.

3. Getting your buddies laid: have your buddies waiting in the ‘wings’ of the bar/lounge to swoop in when they slowly peel off. As any player knows a scorned girl is RIPE to be plucked, fucked and chucked. Have buddies with game? It’s like shooting fish in a barrel with this move, IF they have game and are smooth about it. (I.e. Comfort Game etc)

4. Threesome+ Game: I’ve had 3 situations where I set this up and the end result was I was left with two girls who would not quit, so I dropped the “let’s all get along then etc” and it culminated in threesomes. Have yet to pull off more than a threesome with this setup, but I’m sure it’s possible.


The Setup

Pick a bar or lounge where you have it On-Lock. You have to be able to conversate with your girls. A club for these purposes isn’t a good choice, due to noise, people traffic etc.

The reason for having the venue On-Lock is due to any drama that could arise. Drama can happen, but probably nothing more than a girl yelling at you/maybe a drink in your face. Once again, this is for a player who’s bored and wants to shake things up. Having the venue On Lock allows you the freedom to know that staff has your back. You can even give the GM and security a heads up if you’re tight with them. I’ve had GM’s get a kick out of this and comp rounds for the girls to keep the entertainment going.

Frame Control: Your Frame is PARAMOUNT for this situation to work. It’s YOUR world and the girls are in it. Think Hugh Hefner.

You must be chill, cool, calm and collected and act like it’s completely NORMAL. Don’t act like it’s a big joke, act natural and like any girl who has an issue is insecure and has issues.

Rules For The Game:

1. You cannot chase. There will be a girl or two who immediately catch on and will walk out. So be it. They just flunked ‘the test’.

2. There may be girls who bicker between each other, due to the situation. Make peace with them as in, smile, put your arm around BOTH of them and order them drinks. Once again being cool, calm and collected.

3. Post Up and Don’t Move Around: Make them come into your ‘circle’ and compete to be next to you. Guaranteed, there will be one or two who will cozy up to you. Give attention based on who’s reciprocating as a REWARD. If the kitty wants some milk, then the kitty has to play nice.

Grab a spot on a couch, or at a table and be in the center physically. Make sure that there is room for a girl or two on EITHER side of you.

4. Make Strong Eye Contact With The Ones Furthest From You Physically:

Let’s say you have two girls cozyed up to you on either side and 3 across from you. Make eye contact so they each feel ‘special’, which feeds them into thinking they have a chance, which they do, provided they put in effort.

5. Don’t Make Excuses To The Girls

You don’t need to explain yourself. The world if your playground and the girls are your for your entertainment and pleasure. If they ask you why you invited all of them, don’t explain your self, just smile and do shots with them.

You would be surprised by what you can pull off with girls if you simply BE and LEAD. 

Sidebar: the beauty of this setup, is that it instantly flips the table on the usual nightlife setup: pretty girl surrounded by multiple guys wanting her attention. This is INSTANT DHV and can even help you pull another girl outside of the harem circle due to the attention the ‘outsiders’ see you getting.

As the night passes, whoever is left, is who you smash and possible upgrade on your roster.


Game Strategy:

How do you game all of your girls in this situation?

Something I like to call the Clock Move. The Clock Move is essentially you giving a moment of attention starting at ’12’oclock’ and working your way around the ‘clock’, this is why it’s key for you to be posted up with them forming a horseshoe around you.

Ask, comment, next girl.

I will tell you that this might sound outlandish, but it’s very possible. The key is actually trying it and seeing for yourself.

You also can invite girls who you haven’t fucked to see what happens. On the flipside, if you have any of them addicted to your dick, get ready for some 1st class Playboy Lifestyle entertainment. The memories I have from some of these situations are literally priceless and led to some next level sexual scenarios.

The #1 Key For This To Work Is: You must not give a flying fuck if you ‘lose’ any of them. That’s why it’s a great way to shake up your harem/potentials and eliminate the fringe girls.

Any questions, leave them in the comments below and I’ll answer them.

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5 Replies to “Next Level Game: Setting Up Your Own elimiDATE”

  1. Holla at yo boy Christian! I’m a straight killa so don’t push me, revenge is the sweetest joy next to gettin…you know the rest. I’ve been a monstrous fan of your blog for years now. When I get paid, we’re hanging out for sure. Hit em up!


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