Going Out Motivation: Part II

As promised, here is Part II of this three part series of motivational videos. If you don’t have that Rat Pack built yet of like-minded men who can motivate you to hit the nightlife scene, then look no further than these posts.

Even when you do have your Rat Pack built up, watching these videos is a great way to prep for your night out. It puts you in a fun party mode to meet fly girls and keeps your energy up so you’re motivating to your buddies and not a Sad Sam.

Lessss goooooo!


Jude Law in Alfie picks up two girls in the club (Note: his entrance happens when you follow this guide and sums up my entrance to nightclubs)

Jude Law in Alfie

Clive Owen in Derailed

Sean Connery as James Bond in Dr. No (Note: Pay attention to his body language and eye contact with the girl)

KirillWasHere presents Champagne Facials

2 Replies to “Going Out Motivation: Part II”

  1. Yes. One of my favorite Dr. No scenes. Connery is cool, calmed, collected, classy and alpha as fuck. Connery is the man to beat.


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