25 Things You Didn’t Know About Christian McQueen

As it goes, the more notoriety one gets, the more myths and stories get told. I’ve decided to pull the curtain back and reveal a few things about me to give you a glimpse into my life.

25. Dj’d In A Hollywood Club

Once. The dj got into an accident on the way to the club and I stepped up to the plate. Let’s just say it’s not my calling, because the music stopped not once, but fucking twice. Could have been less of a lack of talent and more that I was drunk as fuck, but we’ll never know.

24. Car Racing

More than a hobby, but less than a career, this is one area of my life I keep mighty quiet.

23. Worked Construction

I haven’t always worked in clubs and spent time in high school and college doing commercial construction. Specifically, concrete work. Talk about real work. Nothing separates the men from the boys more than getting up 5:30am and working your fingers to the bone. One of the best experiences of my life and I highly suggest every young man to spend at least a few months working construction to really see what you’re made of.

22. Dad Was A Preacher

This may or may not come as a shock, but my dad was a preacher and a very good one at that. He spoke to people in church on an equal level, never talking down to them and never accepted any money from church members. He worked full-time to take care of his family and still managed to be there for church people when they needed him. I have nothing but mad respect for this man.

21. Played Ice Hockey

Starting at eight years old, I was on a pair of skates and had quite the talent for it. Could I have gone pro? Who knows, maybe semi-pro, but regardless, had a helluva time with this sport.

20. Was Stabbed In The Back Multiple Times In A Fight

Maybe I’ll write about this story one day, but was involved in a fight where I came close to death’s dark door by being stabbed repeatedly in the back. Thankfully, it wasn’t fatal and I’m here to write about it.

19. Used To Do Security For An Underground Gambling Hall

Back in the day, I used to run security for a secret gambling hall. Name the celeb and they came through this joint. It popped the fuck off. One day I woke up and decided it wasn’t for me. The very next day they got raided. Moral of the story? Trust your gut.

18. Had My Nose Broken Twice

Yep. Never got it fixed and alas have the bump to show for it. Once playing hockey and once playing baseball when a greedy center fielder jumped in front of a fly ball as I went for it (AFTER I called the catch) playing second base.

17. Used To Be Homeless

Success doesn’t come over night and I sure as hell went through some really hard times. Spent a few months living in a rental car trying to get on my feet. When I couldn’t afford the rental car anymore, I was forced to sleep in diners late at night catching a few minutes of sleep here and there. Incredibly, I still managed to get laid.

16. Am Terrified Of Sharks

I’m not a fearful man, but for some damn reason sharks freak me the fuck out. Enough so, that I refuse to get in the ocean water any deeper than my waist. I’d like to conquer this fear one day and it’s on the bucket list.

15. Have Been Rejected By Girls Hundreds, If Not Thousands Of Times

For every success I’ve had with a sexy dame, I’ve had countless rejections. Rome wasn’t built in a night and neither was my Game.

14. Have Been Dumped ‘Officially’ Out Of Three LTRs

Before I knew about Frame and had really developed my LTR Game, I was dumped out of not 1, not 2, but 3 LTRs. Only after I really got a grasp on LTR Game, did I manage to see the mistakes I made and learn how to handle the next LTR. Quick hint: You cannot be afraid to walk away at any time.


13. Owned An Afterhours Club

Once again, back in the day, I was the owner of an after hours membership only private club. I learned an enormous amount about business through that venture and it was one of my most proud moments. Talk about getting pussy thrown at you…

12. Has A Deep Seeded Hate For Non-Mac Computers

Ironically, I type this from a Dell. Regardless, I curse at it on the regular and look forward to the day of taking a baseball bat to it in the driveway. Why don’t I get a Mac? Because my PC’s are the perfect target to take any frustration out on.

11. Once Was A Gigolo

During the down and despair days, was a favorite of many high society rich women. Those are some stories I’ll save for my upcoming book.

10. Stayed Up For Five Days Straight

Ironically, I wasn’t even partying, nor was on drugs, I just had an insane deadline and was amped up. I have no idea how the hell I pulled that off, but I can tell you that you start hallucinating like a crackhead at Burning Man by the 3rd night.

9. Almost Died While Flying

The pilot was buzzed and myself and the four other passengers (all hot girls) were unaware. The plane was dipping and bouncing around like a fat girl on roller skates. I truly thought I was going to die and took a video on my phone saying my final goodbyes to my family. The girls were in tears and the final thought I had was, “at least I’m dying in a private plane with four hot chicks. What a way to go out!” Obviously, we didn’t crash and the pilot emergency landed at a small airport halfway to our destination. Looking back, was one of the best moments of my life. Complete clarity.

8. Am Ambidextrous

Useful when masturbating or fingering a girl and that’s about it.

7. Have An Intense Addiction To Seafood

Anything from the sea and I’ll scarf it up like a man’s first meal out of a POW camp. Favorites are shrimp, salmon and oysters.

6. I Have Never Seen Titantic

Now fans of G Manifesto, don’t trip, because I know he’s said the same, but it’s 100% honest to God’s truth. I’ve never seen it and don’t desire to. I already know the damn ending and Kate Winslett could lose a few pounds, so I have no desire to see her naked (as people have told me she does in the film).

5. Once Lost Every Dime I Had On A Bet

Was totally wiped out financially on a bad bet and had to rebuild. I learned my lesson and only gamble what I can afford to lose now. Big mistake, but learned from it, so it wasn’t for naught.

4. Hate Olives

With a fucking passion. The texture, the shape, the taste completely disgusts me.

3. GManifesto and Myself Are Not The Same Person

Although I get emails weekly from readers thinking we are. We’re not I swear. Or are we?

2. Have Adapted A Biography Into A Screenplay And It’s In Development

Big book, famous man. Wrote the script in less than two weeks and it’s in the works to be made. These things take time, but still pretty damn cool.

1. Once Kissed A Tranny* And Didn’t Realize It

So sue me. Friend pulled me to the side and let me know. Gargled with vodka and moved on. Shit happens.

*In my defense many people were fooled. One bad tranny, if you can say that.

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9 Replies to “25 Things You Didn’t Know About Christian McQueen”

  1. What separates alpha from beta- testosterone levels?

    You’ve seen a lot in your life-are you late 30s? Do you have a college degree?

    I agree with you-preachers are great men a lot of times-giving up their life’s to serve others- that takes courage.


  2. That’s cool that you posted this. Props. Close to 1000 rejections? Wow. To be honest, I have a REALLY hard time dealing with rejections. I have probably had close to 200. They can be crippling sometimes and they distort my whole reality. I start to think I am unattractive and undesirable despite putting a great deal of effort into my appearance (I’m 6.2, 190 pounds, 10 percent body fat, clean decent face @ age 22). Nothing is more crippling then getting rejected by girl after girl after girl after girl. And I know you guys say “You have to have other shit going for you and if you have success you won’t give a shit about rejection.” I have a lot of shit going for me in life but when a girl turns me down, I know its simply based off of my looks (even though some of the girls that reject me are slightly less attractive then me but they probably have much higher standards then me). How can I deal with these rejections from a mind set standpoint? I can handle getting rejected by a girl who is better looking then me, but when I get rejected by girls on my level or below, it really fucks me up. Anyways, I think you guys should touch on looks and how to deal with rejection because approaching 200 rejections has fucked me up psychologically. Most of the guys that I know that have success with girls or are dating hot women are objectively good looking men and most of them don’t have the killer game you guys talk about (they just sit back, approach a little and always seal the deal).


    1. Rick, what I recommend is a change in perspective.
      It’s not always them rejecting you. Sometimes their just not up for it that day/night. For all you know, they could just be out for other purposes like a celebration or just a night out with the girl friends.
      Just the other night, at a dance club I noticed a group of girls that throughout the whole night, I did not see one break free from their dance circle to go have a quick swing with some guys.
      So from that experience, my assumptions was that they were only out to hang out with friends. And hey for all I know, they could have just been shyer than me and the other people around wanting to dance.

      Sometimes with the girl, the chemistry/compatibility just isn’t there.
      I’ve been going out constantly these past few months and what I’ve noticed is that I rarely come across a girl where we’ve had some instant neutral attraction towards each other. The statistics says (at least from what I’ve read according) is that all these people going out and trying to find “the one” is less than 5%…
      HELL YEAH that’s fuckin’ small, but the way I see, that 5% will be soo worth the trouble/wait.

      Stop counting your number of rejections if you are. Just realize that if after so many approaches and tries with girls isn’t going anywhere, something needs to be tried differently.

      The whole point is to just have fun. If you take one home tonight/get a kiss/get a number or whatever it is your trying to accomplish, then see it more as a bonus.
      That’s what I’ve been doing and really since then, none of these turn downs from girls is getting me down.


      1. This is true, but there is no way a girl is banging you if there is 0 physical attraction. If she is not attracted at all, game will not make her. Game only works for girls that find you physically attractive


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