Gaming On A Budget: Home Dinner Date

I’ve decided to do a three-part series on Gaming On A Budget and today’s post is the first one: Home Dinner Date Recipe. To all you playboys in development out there, these are dedicated to you. No longer will a lack of funds impair your ability to set-up dates.

This recipe can be used for a girl you’re currently dating, one of your harem girls, or even after an initial meeting with a girl who you connected with on a higher level. If you met a girl in passing in the club, snagged her number quickly and didn’t have any contact with since then, then I would save this recipe for after you’ve established a bit more comfort. If you hit it off right away, then she may be down, but usually this is good for a second date move. There are exceptions and there are no rules (once you know the rules), so trust your gut and roll with your instinct. After all, your instinct knows yourself better than you do.


Below you’ll find a tried and true ‘recipe’ that you can refer to time and time again and it won’t cost you more than a quick trip to your local grocery store. Without further ado gentlemen…

McQueen’s Home Dinner Date Recipe

Pad Essentials

  • Your pad, your home, your casa. Whether you live in a penthouse on the pacific to be specific, or a small studio in Ohio, either will work. The key here is that it’s your own spot and you’re proud of your home. I’m sure you work hard to have your own spot and if it’s not up to snuff for the chick, then she’s not the chick for you anyway.


Step 1: Clean Your Crib

  • Now is not the time to be ashamed of your abode. Now is the time to give it a thorough cleaning and make it as presentable as possible. Hopefully, you didn’t tell the girl you met that you are a billionaire and that you own a mansion. If you did, then she might be in for a surprise if you live in a humble studio.
  • Banking on the concept that you aren’t a complete slob, this shouldn’t take much time, probably a concentrated 30-45 minutes will do the trick. Vacuum, dust, wash any used dishes, clean the toilet, empty your trash and don’t forget to get some candles and Glade Air-Freshner plug-ins. I swear by the Glade plug-ins. Adjust the air flow on these nifty gadgets all the way to ‘Open’ for the first hour before she gets to your crib, then dial them down to the Number 2 setting. It’ll have your place fresh as the Prince of Bel Air, but dialing it down to Number 2 won’t be overpowering when she’s over.
  • Put away ANYTHING personal such as bills, financial paperwork, or job related work. Protect yourself by putting all of that away from the prying eyes of your guest.

Step 2: Set The Mood

  • Put on some chill music and here are some samples below of what I mean. Popular enough for the girl to recognize the music and thus build her comfort, energetic enough to keep her awake and upbeat so the mood stays positive, these are selections from my Own Personal Selection. Feel free to leave a comment below with some of your favorites as well, so everyone benefits.
  • Keep the volume to a nice background noise, but not overbearing. This will vary depending on the size of your crib and your music setup.
  • Light a candle or two, but keep the lights on as normal. You can always dim the lights AFTER dinner if the two of you are kissing etc, but keep the lights on as normal so the vibe is chill, but not too ‘romantic’ from the start.
  • Have her take her shoes off when she gets to your crib. This is essential, A. To keeping your castle fit for a King, and B. it gets her in the mode of undressing, even if it’s just her shoes. There’s also something erotic about a girl’s feet on bare carpet/hardwood or concrete floors and it will kickstart her sensuality.


Kaskade Mellow Mix

Frank Sinatra Mix

Step 3: Take Charge

The moment she steps in your crib, after she takes off her shoes do the following:

  • Offer her a cocktail and/or a regular drink
  • Give her a task: cutting up some ingredients for dinner, setting the table, anything that has to do with the dinner. This allows you to take the lead and also allows you to get insight into how she responds to your direction. If she doesn’t know how to set a table, do you really think she knows anything else about keeping a home? If she complains or bitches from the start, then you will know a lot about her attitude as a person.
  • Have A Plan: Say you told her to come over at 7:30pm, she shows up at 7:30p and you say after she enters you spot, that “Just a few more things to do and we’ll eat at 8”. This establishes that you are a Man With A Plan. Whatever you do, don’t lollygag around. Have direction and take charge.


Step 4: Cook Together

  • This ties in with you giving her a task. Do NOT have dinner ready when she comes over. This eliminates an important step in this recipe and doesn’t allow for you to take advantage of one of the most sensual activities a man and woman can partake it: cooking together. Have you ever seen the scene in 9 1/2 Weeks with Mickey Rourke? Exactly.
  • Make it fun and lighthearted. Have a glass of wine or an alcoholic beverage together and have fun with it.
  • Cook An Established Dish: in other words, now is not the time to try your Grandma’s Chocolate Covered Oysters In Buttery Grits recipe. Stick to something that is basic, classy, tasty and a recipe that you have already cooked. If you need an idea of recipes, search my blog for Recipes Of The Week. I have plenty of tasty dinner recipes on this blog that you can refer to to whip up the perfect dish.
  • Ensure you have ALL of the ingredients for the recipe you pick by making a run to the grocery store BEFORE she comes over. Get the freshest fish or meat that you can find the day of. This ensures your dish will be banging with the best flavor you can make.


Step 5: Have A Chocolate Dessert

  • Hear me Loud and Clear: I have NEVER met a girl who did not like chocolate. Have a dessert with chocolate in it and get ready to see a smile appear on her face wide enough for a Mac truck to drive through.
  • Mention that you have dessert in the beginning when the two of you are cooking together. She’ll have something to look forward to.
  • The dessert can be simple: pre-bought chocolate cake, a chocolate pie, ice cream with chocolate syrup, or any myriad of other chocolate desserts out there.
  • It’s widely known that chocolate is an aphrodisiac, so utilize it.


Step 6: Have A Post-Dinner Activity Ready

  • You may get busy physically half-way through cooking and wind up having sex on the kitchen floor, however, plan on the opposite: sex after you have eaten and hung out for a bit.
  • Girls usually always “feel fat”, after eating a big meal and can even feel self-conscious about their body post-meal. Allow for some ‘down-time’, by having a new show loaded on Netflix, or a movie ready to go in a genre you know she likes. The point is that you don’t finish dinner and then sit on your couch staring at each other. Everything should just flow as though it’s unplanned, but in actuality, you planned so well, that it appears effortless.
  • This is Next Level Game info, but I’ll let you in on a little secret: Have a new toothbrush in the package available for her use after dinner. No one feels sexy with their teeth full of food and being able to offer your sexy guest a toothbrush to use is Next Level Comfort Game. It won’t cost you more than getting a bulk pack of toothbrushes and even at that, it’s no more than $4-5. You should have these anyway for your girls who spend the night.


Step 7: Game On

  • At this point you should have warmed her up with some light kissing while cooking together and you can proceed from this point by escalating before or during the movie you put on. Game as usual and enjoy your night!
  • Note: Stay away from sappy romantic films and instead play something that’s classic, such as a Bond film or an old classic like Bullitt.

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6 Replies to “Gaming On A Budget: Home Dinner Date”

  1. Good pandora stations: Drake, Miguel, or Washed Out for something more intimate

    Menu Tip: Aim for dishes that are NOT HEAVY. Pasta and potatoes are delicious, but when you serve her plate keep it light on the carbs so she doesn’t feel too bloated. Keep it simple with fish (all chicks love salmon) or chicken with a side of veggies and potatoes.

    And last but not least, always keep her glass full of wine. It’s your best friend lol


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