Going Out Motivation: Part III


When you’re out on the town you not only deal with women, but men as well. Holding Frame and exhibiting Alpha behavior comes into play with both sexes.

*Note: The video clips can only be viewed from a desktop computer.


Marlon Brando in The Wild One (Note: How he holds Frame in the bar scene with the sexy filly. Classic Alpha male)

Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire (Note: His complete dominance of the other characters)

Paul Newman in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (Note: His Frame when dealing with the chick’s tantrum. Golden and unfazed.)

Denzel Washington in American Gangster (Note: Denzel is a MASTER at Alpha Swagger. Watch and take note of how calm, cool and collected he is)

Denzel Washington once again completely dominating the other character in Training Day (Note: How he holds Frame and makes Ethan Hawke’s character squirm. He truly is a master of holding Frame)

TV Shows

Hank Moody in Californication (Note: there are ‘balloons’ throughout the scene breaking down the Game process)

This concludes the 3-part series of Going Out Motivation posts. To read/watch the other two in this series, click here for Part II and here for Part I.

To get started on becoming the man you were meant to be, go here.

5 Replies to “Going Out Motivation: Part III”

    1. Of course JB is good. I’ve never seen True Blood, so don’t know about that character. Most importantly if it motivates YOU, then use it. We all have different characters who will inspire us more than others.


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