11 Ways To NOT Get Laid

In your quest for becoming a better man, building your lifestyle and becoming a Casanova with women, it’s wise to learn what to DO, but knowing what NOT to do, is just as important. Thus, this list of 11 Ways To NOT Get Laid, is your new guide to help you identify exactly what will cockblock yourself and learning to avoid these mistakes will help your game tremendously.

11. Get Oneitis

Nothing will stop you in your tracks quicker then getting fixated on ONE girl. The moment you put her on a pedestal and decide that she’s The One and no other girl can compare, is the moment your Game will take a dive into the dirt. Her pussy will dry up due to your needy behavior and you will lose self-respect deep down due to your beta bitch boy actions. If you’re having trouble getting over a girl, then listen to this advice and listen good young buck:

Go out and fuck 10 new girls. Yes, it may take you a year, or maybe 6 months, or maybe only 3 months, but regardless, the process of meeting new girls and dipping your dick will help you realize your precious snowflake really isn’t as unique as you had IMAGINED.

By the 10th girl, if you’re not over her, then send me an email and I’ll give you some custom advice: AskChristian@RealChristianMcQueen.com

10. Have A Bad Attitude

A bad attitude will cockblock you worse then a ‘mother-hen’ in the club and will prevent you from maximizing your potential. Learn to have a good attitude. Your attitude creates your vibe and your vibe is the energy you put out when in public. Do you really think you can have a terrible attitude and approach that cute girl at the Gap and she won’t notice? If you have a negative, depressed attitude then work on flipping it 180 degrees to positive and uplifting. You’ll see a major difference.

9. Ignore Tried And True Game Advice

Reading this blog, my books and other great blogs and game books won’t help you at all, IF you ignore the advice. Myself and others have experienced years of trial and error to see exactly what works and what doesn’t. If you ignore it, then don’t be surprised if you don’t have as much success then if you actually put it to use. Read + Learn + Application = Positive Results.


8. Don’t Approach

Nothing will prevent you from getting laid more, then not approaching girls. You HAVE to put in the effort of approaching in order to reap the rewards of sex. Even if you’re big into online dating, you still have to do virtual approaches by messaging girls or swiping to the right (Tinder). Turn it into a Game and don’t be so hard on yourself and you’ll do just fine.

7. Hang Out With A Bad Wingman

Rolling with a bad wingman can cockblock you worse then anything else. There’s nothing better then a great wingman and nothing worse then a bad wingman. If you don’t have a great one to roll out and game with, then roll solo. Why make it harder then it has to be?

6. Neglect Your Style, Grooming And Fitness

If you expect to roll out of bed, throw on a dirty jersey, some old New Balances and neglect to shower, don’t be surprised if girls are repelled by your presence. Put in the effort you’d like to see a girl put in. Does a girl with soiled sweat pants, Ugg boots, a big baggy sweatshirt and a greasy hair bun turn you on? Didn’t think so. So expect the same level of care in your grooming, style and fitness for yourself: Excellence.

5. Get Angry When Rejected By A Girl

Anger can literally ruin your night or day while out gaming. You make an approach, get blown out and then become angry. Guess how you’re going to do approaching the rest of the day or night? Terrible. Laugh off a rejection and keep it moving. There’s far too many fish in the sea to get angry over a girl you don’t even know. Let it go. Keep approaching.

4. Kiss Ass On A Date

You arrange to meet that cute chick from the Gap for drinks. Problem is you kiss her ass and act like a beta bitch boy the entire date. Shockingly, she decides to turn her head when you go for the kiss and ejects from the date early because “she has to get up early”.

3. Text Her Back Immediately In Long Paragraphs

If your text game isn’t on point, then besides getting the ultimate playboy’s guide to text game, you should ALWAYS avoid getting stuck in long texting conversations that lead to nowhere. Keep it short, with a hint of flirting and heavy on the logistics. It’s MUCH easier to build attraction in-person, then through text, so keep it short and get the in person meetup.

2. Be Afraid To Fail

If you’re afraid of rejection, failing and getting ignored by girls, then Game isn’t for you. You must develop thick skin and learn….ready for it? To Not Give A Flying Fuck. If you have to repeat that over and over everyday that you don’t give a fuck, until it’s drilled into your brain and changes your behavior, then do so. Don’t worry about the outcome, just put in the effort and keep moving. The results will show when you let go of being dependent on the outcome.

1. Believe You’re NOT Good Enough

Nothing will stand in your way quicker with being successful with women, then to think you’re NOT good enough. You must develop your self-worth and self-respect.

You cannot expect to be respected, if you don’t respect yourself.

You cannot expect to be the life of a house party, if you don’t show yourself friendly.

You cannot expect girls to approach YOU, if you don’t start approaching.

You cannot expect to get laid, if you do not put in the effort to make it happen.

Believe in yourself, put in the effort and watch your days of jerking off diminish and your nights with sexy girls increase.

Happy Hunting this weekend gentlemen!


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  1. #12 Underestimate the ability of tight logistics to be the difference maker between a make-out w/ a phone number and taking her home


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