Never Settle

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(Christian here. The following article is a Guest Post by Miami/NYC based creator and Head Editor of Ric Douchegado. You can follow him on Twitter @RicDelgadoRocks)

Remember the first time you kissed a girl? How sweet it felt to finally get that thing you wanted from her so badly? What about the first time you got a really solid hit on a golf ball, or made that game winning three point shot?

Success is both the best and worst thing that can happen to a guy. Its the final pay off for all the crazy hard work you’d put in for months or even years. You had a plan, you followed through, and you got exactly what you wanted. And now that it’s over, and you’re back right where it all started.

With women, it’s no different. The biggest mistake any guy can make is settling, but it’s not exactly how you may think. While 80% of the normal male population views settling as the act of finding some fat girl to marry because no hot girl would give him the time of day, this has more to do with the decisions you make in your regular interactions with women as part of your life as a player.

Settling is one of the biggest mistakes that newbies make, and the biggest roadblock that naturals never even consider to exist.

Here’s the exact parts where guys settle:

You’re in a bar and you meet a girl. Things are going really good, you know she’s into you, and you’re into her. You pull out you phone, and say, “hey let me get your number.”

She types it in. You get all giddy inside. “Ok cool, I’ll call you soon so we can hang out.” Then you walk away, all happy about the phone number you got.

More than likely, you’ll never hear from that girl again.

*Never settle.*

You go out on a date with a girl, and things are going really good. Walking her to her car, you sneak in a kiss, and you’re beyond excited because this is probably the hottest girl you’ve ever been out with. After a couple more pecks as you get her inside, she gets in and drives away.

Was it a good date? Yeah, sure. Could you have maybe gotten her home? Absolutely.

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*Never settle.*

Things have been going great with Tanya. She’s sexy, you guys have been pretty intimate, and she’s finally agreed to come over to your place for drinks. The mood is right, everything is going good, and you get down to business. Unfortunately, Tanya won’t let you get beyond getting her shirt off. You try a couple of different ways, but she won’t let you get to the promised land. She leaves that night, and you think to yourself, “at least I got to play with her tits for awhile.”

And a piece of her died that night, because she was hoping a man would give her a deep hard dicking she’s been dying to get. And while she may keep going out with you, she’s going to always question how much she respects you.

*Never settle.*

Successful guys never let anything, besides a purely impossible situation, get in the way between them and what they want.

So the next time you feel like an interaction with a girl is about to end, and you haven’t banged her, remember that there’s no such thing as a sure thing. Take in the situation, and think, “how can I push this even further?”

The point is to be forward and aggressive. Don’t let her dictate when things end, it’s all up to you. As Alec Baldwin says, Always Be Closing. Hold that close to home.

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