The Easiest Way To Get Laid In Los Angeles

Many of my readers reside in Los Angeles and many of you will visit the city of Lost Angels at some point in your playboy lives, so I’ve decided to drop a extensive breakdown to help you cats out in your quest for quality pussy.

McQueen’s Getting Laid In LA Formula

There are five main components that make up this formula:

Hotel, Pre-Party Plan, Nightlife Connections, Uber and After-Party Plan


1. Hotel

Anyone who has lived in LA realizes that logistics can absolutely destroy the best players in the world. Regardless of your level of Game, logistics is the biggest cockblock in LA.

You meet a sexy girl in Hollywood, find out she lives in Marina Del Rey and you live in the Valley. On top of that, she rode with her friends and she’d love to come with you to your spot, but her friends are nervous about you being so far away from where they live. What the hell do you do?

The most important step in this equation is booking a hotel in advance in the heart of Hollywood, or in close proximity to where you’re staying.

For example: If you’re partying in Santa Monica, then book a hotel within blocks of the best bars and lounges. If it’s Hollywood, then you want to be within a few blocks radius of Hollywood Boulevard. Having a hotel room on Sunset Boulevard is a win-win as well. If you’re partying downtown Los Angeles, then staying at The Standard Hotel is a good call.

The point is, where ever you plan to party, you must get a hotel that is within stumbling distance or a quick Uber or cab ride away. I’m talking less than a five minute ride max.


(Best Western Hotel Hollywood)


There’s no need to spend an arm and a leg on a hotel room. Sure, you can snag a room at the W Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard and Argyle and not only is it a well-known hotel, but the lobby on the weekends is packed with girls. This makes your logistics as easy as partying in Vegas.

But, for the budget conscious, you can easily book a hotel room at the Best Western Plus on Franklin Boulevard just a few blocks away for half the price. The rooms are clean, it’s a well-known hotel and it’s cheap.

If you have a good wingman, get double beds and split the price. Now you’ve maybe spent $100 each max (if you get a cheaper room) and sometimes as cheap as $75.

Not only do you now have a room and a bed to pull that sexy filly to, but you don’t have to worry about DUI’s. A DUI in California will cost you over $10,000 in fines and court fees, plus you generally get your license taken away for 6 months. $75-100 doesn’t sound too bad does it?

Total Spent: $75-100 (with wingman or $150-200 solo)

Pro-Tip: Another option is booking an apartment or condo off the Airbnb site, but rates may be more expensive. Check beforehand for the best deal.


2. Pre-Party Plan

Make a liquor store run before you check into your hotel. If you live in the suburbs you can check out Bevmo or Costco (if you have a membership) for even bigger discounts on your favorite alcohol. If not, grab 2 bottles of alcohol:



These two beverages are guaranteed sure-fire winners for girls who will be attending your After-Party. Obviously, if you’re not into either of those, grab a bottle of your preference, but make sure you definitely have those.

Also, grab Mixers (Sprite and Coke are good) and Plastic Cups. If you don’t smoke, wouldn’t hurt to snag a pack of cigarettes for the after-party. It’s common when people are partying and drinking to want a cigarette. Cut out ANY logistics issues by grabbing a pack of cigs, condoms and chewing gum.

Budget Breakdown:

  • 1 bottle of mid-grade Vodka: $20
  • 1 bottle of mid-grade Whiskey $20
  • 1 Pack of Cigs $6
  • 1 Pack of Condoms $5
  • 1 Pack of Chewing Gum $2

Total: $53

(Mixers and plastic cups will vary, but they are cheap)

Now that you have your essentials, you can head to your hotel to take your time getting ready and Pre-Drink. Here’s where saving money comes into play: Since you’ve already bought your pre and after party drinks, you won’t need to spend a dime in the club. Period. Pre-party until you have your comfortable buzz and fill up a Flask with your favorite alcohol BEFORE you roll out. Any club worth it’s salt does not pat down patrons (unless you like ghetto spots), so as long as you conceal the flask you’re fine. Hell, they even have fake iPhone flasks now that look just like an iPhone, but are flasks and they’re only a few bucks.


3. Nightlife Connections

If you really want to make sure that your night goes smoothly, then get your Nightlife Connects down pat. Besides learning how to get a club On-Lock yourself, make connects with the right promoters and VIP Hosts. This is not that hard. If you’re going out anyway on the regularly, then make a point to do this. This will ensure that you won’t be waiting in line and won’t be paying cover to get into the tightest new joints.

Shoot a text to a couple of promoters and hosts and get your name locked down for a FEW lists. Not just one spot. Remember, this is about you getting laid in LA, so you may have to bounce venues. Covering your bases is a key element of this working properly. I would say get your name on lists for 3 spots. If after hitting 3 nightclubs in LA you don’t find anything, then I would jump to hotel bars and lounges for last call, but odds are you will find something for the night after 3 venues, if not less.


4. Uber

If you’re within 2-3 blocks from the clubs, then simply walk, or if you’re lazy like me then take a Uber. It won’t costs you more than $5-8. I tend to lose my buzz when walking more than a block, so I generally elect to grab an Uber.

The key to Uber is AFTER you pull a chick. You have to be able to walk outside of the club and IMMEDIATELY head to your hotel room for your after party. There can be no waiting around for 15-20 minutes on a cab while the girls get cold feet and decided to head home. Move fast, efficient and always keeping the party jumping.


5. After-Party

After-parties are the key to Los Angeles nightlife.

Who has one?

Where’s the best one?

Can we get in?

Everyone wants to know. The key this night because you followed this Master Plan to a T, is that YOU now have the after party so you hold the power.

A simple, “Let’s afterparty at my hotel. I’ve got alcohol”, is your golden line. The girl(s) follow suit and you hop in an Uber and you’re on your way.

Do NOT make the chicks walk 4 blocks to your hotel. Every block they walk increases your chance of them changing their minds, getting tired or them possible losing interest because of the shiny new Hummer that just pulled up.

Take Charge, Lead and Enjoy the Rewards.

Los Angeles can be very tough if you’re not on top of your Game and have your Logistics On-Lock.

Follow this formula and watch your success rate increase greatly.

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10 Replies to “The Easiest Way To Get Laid In Los Angeles”

  1. Plan ahead. Reach out to anyone you know in LA (clearing my throat) and graciously ask for their help in setting you up on guestlists etc.


  2. Great article. You are correct, logistics is key. What’s a guy to do if he is visiting LA and doesn’t have the connections? Still a lot of good info to use from the Nightclub Bible, though. Just may have more of a challenge to conquer.


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