Spring Wear For Men: The Casual Playboy Outfit

The flowers are blooming, the sun is staying out longer, girls are wearing less clothing and Spring is officially upon us. With Summer right around the corner as well, now is the time to update your wardrobe into casual playboy sophistication.

First off, toss out any cargo shorts and printed t-shirts. In fact burn them.

It’s time to update and sophisticate your wardrobe, so you dress like a man and not like a teenage boy. Yes, I was a cargo short wearing motherfucker at one point in time, but no longer.

Here’s 1 Must Have Spring Outfit For Men that will have you looking sharp, feeling comfortable and getting you eye-fucked by pretty ladies in summer dresses.

Gents, introducing The Casual Playboy outfit.


Perfect for warmer weather and sophisticated enough for a yacht party, but casual enough to rock at your neighborhood BBQ, a classic Polo shirt is a must have staple to a playboy’s outfit.

You can cop one of these from low-price stores such as HnM, but I’d throw a few more bucks behind this purchase and buy a higher quality version at Lacoste. It’ll last longer, the color will stay sharper and it’ll sit better on your frame, plus the famous alligator emblem on the left side of the shirt speaks to your sense of style and class.

Lacoste mens polo shirt (3)

Depending on your skin tone, don’t be afraid to get a brighter colored polo, but remember that a white polo is classic and matches everything. My picks are light blue, soft pink, white and green.


If you’re anti-shorts, you can switch shorts for the pants version of these. Either way you can’t go wrong.

Pair the Polo with a pair of linen khaki style shorts. I swear by these shorts. Not too casual, but comfortable as hell where my balls can breathe, these shorts are sophisticated and stylish for men.



Your shoes are KEY. Don’t skimp and invest in some quality shoes that look great and will last. The shoes for this particular outfit are the Lacoste Dreyfus which are a modern twist on the classic boat shoes. I’ve had these shoes for a couple of years (they continue to come out with them yearly) and I swear by them. One of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own hands down.

Here’s three different colors of the Dreyfus, but they also have them in black and a myriad of other colors. You can’t go wrong with any of them, but make sure that your polo matches the shoes. Wearing a green polo with blue shoes will have you looking like an idiot, instead of a stylish playboy.

Canada Mens Lacoste Dreyfus GoldBrown Boat Shoes Outlet_LRG




You can’t go wrong with a pair of classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer’s. I opt for the tortoise shell design personally, but black works as well. The beauty of these shades is you can wear them with this outfit, or even suited up. They match everything.



The last piece of this outfit is the watch. It’s key to match the band of the watch to your shoe color. If you’re wearing the Dreyfus shoes in black, then wear a black watch band. If brown shoes, then a brown band.

You can wear a metal banded watch, but to keep it more casual, I would wear a leather band watch. Here’s some suggestions of watches I personally use, from inexpensive to expensive. Pick what works for your budget and your outfit is complete.


Burberry Men’s Swiss Chronograph $1,000

shopping (2)

Michael Kors ‘Mercer’ $225

The only thing you’re missing now, is a sexy girl on your arm, but with the wealth of information on this blog, I’m sure you’ve got the right tools to handle that as well.


Cheers to the Spring gentlemen!

With spring here and summer around the corner, get ready to change your life! Go here.

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17 Replies to “Spring Wear For Men: The Casual Playboy Outfit”

    1. ‘Earthy’ colors match brown shoes best, but it’s not far off from black so matching it is easy. You can get away with just about any shirt color, but I’ve found white, light blue and green to match well. The rules regarding brown shoes formally and casual differ, but for this outfit there’s leeway with the shirt/shoe combo.


  1. was out shopping for some new summer gear and this article (and other Real McQueen stuff) and came up with a phrase to tell myself when deciding whether or not to buy something…. rat pack, not frat pack


    1. No. My point is make sure that if you wear a green polo, to not wear blue shoes or any colors that clash. Stick to brown watch band and brown shoes. Or black watch band and black shoes, or white shoes.


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