Alpha Adam vs. ‘Thirsty’ Theodore


One question that I get continually through email and my twitter, is how does a player in development know the difference between being ‘thirsty’ and a leader when dealing with women? This is a great question and I’ve decided to break this down by telling the story of ‘Thirsty’ Theodore vs. Alpha Adam.

‘Thirsty’ Theodore is in his mid-twenties, has recently secured a good job working as an investment banker making 6 figures. He’s of average looks, height and weight, but has improved his personal style due to reading my blog. His ‘thirst’ is very real though and he hasn’t learned about the Law of Abundance, nor has actually applied the Game articles on this blog. He’s content in believing that his high status job is enough to woo the ladies.

Alpha Adam is also in his mid-twenties, but does not have a good job as an investment banker. Instead, he’s bar tending at his local bar, while saving money to start his own company. He lives modestly and beneath his means, choosing to save money for his future business endeavors, instead of living life on the edge and spending everything he makes. Adam is also of average looks, height and weight, but has improved his fitness and is in the best shape of his life, by focusing on building up his body in addition to is savings account. Lastly, Adam has scoured this blog devouring the free information on Game and has applied it in his life. Adam’s Learning + Application of the Game principles have been bearing fruit and his Game is growing increasingly better.

For all intentions and purposes, Theodore and Adam are equals. Except for one extremely important difference: Theodore is ‘Thirsty’ and Adam is an Alpha in development.

Let’s examine a few different situations and how they each deal with them, in order to shed more light on what the line between being a leader with women and being a ‘thirsty’ beta bitch boy with women entails.

The Approach

-‘Thirsty’ Theodore approaches a girl on the street by running after her as she passes him on the opposite side of the street. He dashes through traffic, narrowly avoiding being crushed by a public transit bus, in the hopes of catching up to the ‘cute’ girl in tight yoga pants.

-Alpha Adam happened to be walking down the same street at the same time and notices a guy (Theodore) panting out of breath dashing through traffic to reach an average looking girl in tight yoga pants. He continues walking headed to the gym. He has allotted specific time to workout and nothing gets in the way. Especially not an average girl in tight yoga pants walking on the opposite side of the street.

Adam check-ins at the front desk to his local gym and then proceeds to blast through a workout focused solely on himself. He’s made such improvement in the gym, he barely notices the hotties in the gym who continually eye fuck him as he works out. Adam notices, but His Workout comes first. Adam finishes his workout feeling pumped and on top of the world.

He walks out of the gym and approaches the crosswalk, where a hot girl in tight yoga pants is waiting for the cross signal. He casually looks over at her and a small smile escapes his lips. She smiles back. “I’m Adam, what’s your name?” “Michelle. Just get done working out?” she asks. “No. I normally wear workout clothes and walk around sweating like a whore in church”, Adam retorts with a smirk and a wink. Michelle giggles and punches Adam’s arm softly, an obvious Indicator of Interest. Just then the cross signal flashes ‘Walk’ and Michelle starts to cross the street.

Adam continues his confident gait, but doesn’t scurry to keep up with Michelle. He’s walking on His Terms, Living His Life and Michelle just passed through it. “Slow down Ms. Michelle”, Adam barks and Michelle looks back slightly surprised, but clearly happy that Adam was dominate enough to command her attention. She stops in her tracks waiting for Adam to meander up to her. Now in unison, they finish crossing the street. Adam already has his phone out and puts it in Michelle’s hand. “Put your number in. If you can keep up we’ll grab a drink sometime”. Michelle’s face lights up and she promptly types her number, first AND last name into his phone. Adam already knows when a girl puts her Last name in your phone too, this is another Indicator of Interest. “Cool”, Adam says. He turns to go leaving Michelle standing there basking in the glow of encountering an Alpha In The ‘Wild’.

-Meanwhile, Theodore is sitting in a Starbucks dejected contemplating his last pitiful approach. Let’s rewind and see what happened with his ‘thirsty’ approach.

Last time we saw Theodore he was dashing through traffic and narrowly avoided getting killed by a public transit bus. He catches up to the average (but in his eyes ‘cute’ girl) in tight yoga pants. “Excuse me miss!”, Theodore yells out of breath. The average girl stops and turns. “Yes?” Theodore pauses for a couple of seconds to catch his breath. “I noticed you walking from across the street and would like to take you on a date sometime”. “Umm I don’t really do dates”, the girl responds. “Well, it doesn’t have to be a date, but if you allow me to take you out, then I can prove to you I can show you a great time. See I’m an investment banker and I-“, she cuts him off before he can finish. “I have a boyfriend, so no that’s not going to happen”. Theodore’s face falls and before he can respond, she turns on her heel and saunters off. If Theodore wasn’t so blinded by his ‘thirst’, he would have noticed the extra ten pounds of fat squeezing through her tight yoga pants. Theodore watches her walk away, before hanging his head and ducking into the Starbucks adjacent to the street.

The Date

-‘Thirsty’ Theodore has lucked out and has been setup on a blind date by his cousin. Her name is Brandy. He hasn’t had a date in months and can hardly contain his excitement.

-Alpha Adam texts Michelle later that evening this exact text: “Adam here, the sexy muthafucka u met crossing the street. hittin up xyz bar tmrw nite for drinks. join me” Michelle texts Adam back 15 minutes later agreeing to meet for drinks. Adam waits 40 minutes and responds with this exact text: “koo. skirt n heels” Michelle responds back immediately with assorted emojis of laughter and excitement. Adam doesn’t respond.

-Theodore gets reservations for the most expensive restaurant in town he can find for his blind date with Brandy. Instead of following the 11 Step Prep To A Night Out blog post, Theodore instead rushes around like a maniac waiting to the last minute to prep for his date. He arrives to the restaurant flustered and as usual, out of breath.

-Adam has a very productive day working online doing research for his company he’s going to start, has an intense workout and follows the 11 Step Prep To A Night Out routine to a T. He almost forgets he planned to meet with Michelle, due to being so involved with his own self-improvement and goals. He had planned to meet Michelle around 9pm and gets to the bar at 9:15pm. He was busy and had shit to do that came first in his life. In essence, you could say Adam was selfish about self-improvement. Michelle got to the bar at 9:10pm and was sitting at the bar waiting on Adam. Adam saunters up casually, pulls her in close for hug initiating physical contact from the get go and then orders a round of drinks, while stating she would grab the next round. Adam was aware of the importance of getting a girl to invest in you physically, emotionally and financially from the get go.

-Checking in with Theodore, his ‘thirst’ is coming across strong in this date. Brandy is cute and eager to be fucked, but Theodore just cannot contain himself. He talks for almost an hour over dinner about his career and how much money he makes while clearly showing that his false bravado is hiding his deep insecurities. The irony is, Brandy thinks he’s cute and just wishes he’d shut the fuck up and lean back. See, Brandy hadn’t been fucked properly since she was fucked and dumped by Adam months before. Adam had given her the ride of her life, but due to her request for Adam to remain monogamous, she had been put on the back burner.

To this day she still hadn’t been fucked like Adam had fucked her and she not only wanted that feeling again, she NEEDED it. Unfortunately, she could already tell Theodore wasn’t the man for the job. She excused herself to go to the bathroom. While away from the table, she text Adam begging to see him and that her pussy was his if he wanted it. Adam didn’t respond. Adam was busy having drinks with the hotter Michelle.


The Close

-The night continues on and Adam has bounced to another bar with Michelle. Michelle physically can’t keep her hands off of Adam and she clearly needs to get fucked. Adam grabs one last shot at the bar for the two of them, which gets comped due to his having learned how to get a nightlife venue On-Lock, and then grabs Michelle’s hand leading her outside and into a cab. He takes her to his spot and proceeds to fuck Michelle’s brains out. After the second round of sex, Adam checks his phone and notices that Brandy is blowing him up asking to come over and get fucked. He ponders for a moment and then decides he has enough energy for one more round. He tells Michelle he has to get up early and kicks her out. She’s had a great night and is eager to set up plans for another ‘date’. Adam states he’ll check his schedule and closes the door.

-Brandy walks back to the table where Theodore is smiling like a bumbling idiot. She has a feeling of puking his ‘thirst’ is so real. ‘Why can’t he just act casual and relaxed?’, Brandy thinks. She orders another drink on his tab and leans back to listen to him talk about his plans and hopes for the future with a wife, 2 kids and a nice house in the suburbs.

Theodore clearly never learned that you don’t go into detail like that on the first date and continues to spill his brains leaving zero mystery and zero room for her to be attracted. Brandy’s phone text message alert sounds and she quickly checks it while nodding her head at Theodore’s nonsense. “OMG! It’s my girlfriend, she’s upset her boyfriend dumped her so I have to go. So sorry”, Brandy exclaims to Theodore, while quickly gulping down the last of her drink. She’s not paying for it anyway so she might as well take advantage. “Let’s do this again soon, I know another great restaurant we ca-“, Theodore trails off as Brandy is running out the door. “Would you like to see the dessert menu sir?”, the waiter asks. “No it’s fine”, Theodore responds while hanging his head dejected once again.

-Brandy pounds on Adam’s door excitedly, but Adam doesn’t answer. Pissed off, Brandy calls him repeatedly before Adam picks up answering the phone mumbling through his sleep. “What?” Brandy knocks on the door while still on the phone. “I’m outside!” she exclaims. Adam mumbles something imperceptible and opens the door, before turning to head back to bed. Brandy walks in while ditching her clothes as quick as she can. She eagerly jumps into Adam’s bed eager for the Alpha Cock she’s been craving, needing, wanting with every bone in her body and doesn’t even notice the open bottle of vodka, the half eaten Swedish Fish and Michelle’s panties lying on the floor.


Adam rolls over and goes to sleep. ‘She can wait till morning’, he thinks. She’s not going anywhere.

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13 Replies to “Alpha Adam vs. ‘Thirsty’ Theodore”

  1. Christian this has got to be one of your best articles to re-read over and over again. Just can’t help but fuckin throw on that Alpha Adam grin the rest of the goddamn day. Thanks.


  2. Hm, I’m kinda not seeing the point here. One guy does everything perfectly while another totally fails. Now, it’s easy to see which one you want to be, but what is the exact key difference between that differentiates them – other than simply, Everything?


      1. Hey Christian, Great article man!! This one really resonated with me not that i’m as thirsty but never being the guy that girls hit up after their dates to bang. I love the info you have in ya blog, but could you provide structure as in how to go from a beginner (thirsty) to Alpha? I’m sure others would appreciate it!


  3. Great article Christian. Thirst is a huge problem for a lot of manosphere guys. I went through a thirsty phase. Thirst is one of the most unattractive qualities in men or women. How can a man expect others to respect and esteem him if he can’t respect and esteem himself.

    “you don’t care if she comes, stays, lays or prays…whatever happens, your toes are still tappin'”


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