How To Match Pocket Squares

Here is Part 2 of this Two-Part series on pocket squares. The previous article covering How To Fold them, and this one covers exactly how to match pocket squares to your suit and shirt.

Pocket Square ‘Rules’

-White pocket squares match all suit and shirt combinations. 

-Pocket squares can never be too ‘loud’ in color. A grey suit, with a white dress shirt and a bright red or orange colored pocket square is money. Bold colors match muted colors. Black/orange. Grey/Pink. Tan/Red.

-A pocket square will make or break your suit. Put as much detail into the purchase of your pocket squares as you do the rest of your outfit.

-A pocket square is indicative of your personality. If you tend to be more of a conservative introvert, you may feel more comfortable with a Presidential Fold neutral colored pocket square. Extrovert and edgy? Rock a paisley purple square with a bold fold. 

-A pocket square should compliment your shirt and suit, but does not have to match exactly. (see pics below for examples of this)

-When wearing a tie, NEVER wear a pocket square with the same color and pattern. You know those Shirt/Tie/Pocket Square combo packs you’ve seen at the department store? Run away as fast as you can. Hell to the motherfuckin’ no!

Here’s an example of what NOT to wear


-Your pocket square should always be in CONTRAST with your suit. Never pair a black suit coat with a black pocket square. It’ll blend in and won’t even be noticeable.

-This is Next Level Style, but I like to pair my pocket square with my socks. If I’m wearing orange argyle socks, I’ll rock a orange pocket square, paired with a grey suit and white french cuff dress shirt. The orange pops and the socks and pocket square cause ladies to look you up and down. The eye automatically looks to see what matches on an outfit, it’s almost subconscious.


These socks…

Placed Argyle Sock - Orange

With this pocket square…



Here’s more examples of what looks good and gives you an idea of how to match pocket squares.


Note: the pocket square pattern is paisley, but the shirt is checkered. This works due to the randomness but yet complimentary colors.


Scott’s jacket is LOUD, but it’s toned down by the black dress shirt and gray slacks, so it works. The pocket square complements the tie and jacket, but doesn’t directly match. The key is to compliment the other colors, but doesn’t have to be a direct match in color.


David’s pocket square is a simple Presidential Fold, but the white of the square makes the white in his shirt collar POP and ties it all together. The subtle details is where true style dwells. This is a great look. Lose the tie for a night out and watch the ladies start opening you.


Personally, I would rock a burgundy pocket square with this outfit to bring in more color, but this still works in a more subdued fashion. Note once again, that the pattern of the square is not the same as the shirt or tie, but yet the colors compliment the shirt and tie.


Here, Ed rocks a square that adds color to his outfit (on the Left) and on the Right pic, breaks up the lighter colors with a dark square.

Think you’re too young to have swagger and rock a pocket square? Think again. Style doesn’t have age barriers.



Ready to upgrade your wardrobe and learn how to dress like a stylish playboy? Go Here.

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42 Replies to “How To Match Pocket Squares”

  1. Hi there. First time reader great blog. Navy suit light pink shirt burgundy tie with a hint of pink stripe. What colour pocket square should I wear? I have one solid pink a couple shades darker than the shirt.


  2. Slim fit Hugo Boss Light grey suit, white shirt cobalt blue tie with small hot pink polka dots. First communion. Sock & square ideas?


  3. Attendee at May outdoor wedding in Napa. Considering a navy sport coat, open collar light blue broadcloth shirt, and pink pocket square with light gray/navy/carnelian medallion print. Thoughts?


  4. Looking for some help. I have a light gray suit, white french cuff shirt, light yellow/lemon tie. I’m the groom. Wedding colors are gray, white, and yellow. Suggestions on a pocket square? I was thinking white (just because of being the groom), but didn’t know if a pattern would be cool or a completely different color. Thanks in advance!


  5. Please I require a quick answer, attaching a rose to a suit and using a pocket square on that same suit, arent dey serving the same purpose?? Or is it okay to combine them on the same suit with a tie??


  6. Have got a wedding coming up and I would be wearing a balck suit and tie, could you please suggest if to wear a pocket square and/or lapel flower and which colour would you recommend for both?



  7. hi – my son has his school formal in a few weeks…. He’s wearing a classic black shawl lapel tuxedo type jacket with black bow tie, white shirt with french cuffs and plain black pants (not tuxedo pants). His partner is wearing a long dark charcoal/nearly black dress. Buttonhole and corsage are both dark red roses. What colour pocket square would work – my son does like a paisley pattern. Thanks in advance!


  8. hi there, I am getting married in September. I am wearing a navy blue suit, brown shoes, white shirt with a woven blue and light grey checkered tie. The bridesmaids are wearing a rose gold coloured dress.. I personally think i need to break the blue suit with a coloured pocket handkerchief but stuck on what colour.. any suggestions?


  9. I like you’re ideas, think your right on target. Big fan of matching the pocket square and socks. I often say the pocket square IS the new tie in business. More and more I see less and less ties.

    In the office I want a tieless outfit that outshines the tired suits. It has to look as good without the jacket (and pocket square) as it does with.

    What are your thoughts on a colored crew neck Tee shirt, under your dress shirt. When tieless it can add a hint of color by the neck. Tie that tee shirt color into a match with socks and pocket square.


  10. I am wearing a black tux with a white shirt, black vest and black bowtie. I wanted to throw some color on my outfit by adding a blue pocket square (has blues ranging from light to navy blue). Do you this would work?


  11. I’m wearing a navy 3 piece suit, a light blue shirt with a dark pink tie! What colour pocket square would you recommend?


  12. Hey Chris. I’m wearing a navy blue shirt on charcoal grey pants and a light pink shirt with a herringbone design. Any ideas on what colour my tie and pocket square should be and the way the pocket square should be arranged? It’s a school farewell party. Thanks!


  13. Hi Chris. I’m wearing a navy blue suit, waistcoat, white shirt and bowtie in rich and deep navy color with narrow stripes. It’s for a wedding and I am the groom. Do you have any recommendation? I would like to make it stand out. The wedding color theme is Spearmint/Mint. Much appreciate your help!


  14. Hi Chris. Smoke Grey Suit, Black Waistcoat, White Shirt, Black Tie and Black shoes. Please could you give your comments on the pocket square as well as the rest of the attire? Thank you 🙂


    1. Sounds good hard to really see it without a pic, but with the ensemble being neutral in color, then the pocket square could be more bold to give the outfit a pop. Think reds, pinks, blues, or yellows.


  15. Hi, I’m wearing a navy blue checked suit, waistcoat, white shirt and navy blue tie. I’d like to be a little adventurous with the pocket square as it’s a wedding but keep falling back to white – any ideas?


  16. My son a slim fit royal blue suit (white shirt) for prom. He wants to wear cognac color shoes… we are trying to decide what color tie/pocket square to do. Orange or Yellow? Solid or Pattern? If the tie is solid should the square be a pattern? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks


    1. Yellow will pop with it.
      Pocket square should be pattern if tie is solid. Do NOT do the Regis thing of having a perfectly matching pocket square and tie i.e. Same color and pattern. As long as the primary colors match you can be creative. Patterned yellow square with blue designs on it etc.


  17. Navy Suit, Light blue shirt with white collar, red tie, yellow pocket square, yellow/navy socks Black shoes, comments please?


  18. If I wear a charcoal suit with a darkish red tie with a white shirt, what shade of red can I go with in pocket squares? Thanks


  19. Nice layout of the different options at your disposal when wearing pocket squares. It can be a bold statement but you have to get it just right. Thanks for the options 🙂


  20. i really appreciate this article. i always felt that the solid white pocket square was the safest choice to go with your suit and tie provided the shirt was white but regardless what color,pattern or style the tie was. I have a wedding to attend this weekend. i plan on wearing a solid white shirt with a navy blue/baby blue plaid pattern. the suit is a classic light grey. as for my pocket square, i chose one that was white with a subtle blue/purple checkered pattern. a friend of mine who was with me as i chose it told me it would look horrible for the occasion, but i beg to differ. reading this reinforces my choice, and that it was a good one ! i cant wait to wear my suit on the big day.

    i do admire your blog. have not read too many posts just yet – but i am catching up. big fan aleady.



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