5 Essential Grooming Products For Men


Part of being a man is taking care of your face and body. You only get one, so it’s up to you to maintain it. Your presentation of your appearance is key to being taken serious, whether for a job interview, giving a speech to your class, or meeting that sexy girl for drinks.

This is a list of 5 products (I am NOT affiliated with any of them) that I have used for years and swear by. Ranging from a hair product to keeping your feet fresh, I consider these my staples of getting ready every single day.

5. Gold Bond Powder


Who wants rank ass feet when they get naked with that sexy broad after drinks? If you whip your socks off and the air reeks of sweaty feet, then do yourself a favor and spend less than $5 on this powder. I usually buy the travel size at CVS or Rite-Aid for around $1-2 since I’m traveling alot and it doesn’t take up much room in my luggage.

Here’s what I do to keep my feet and balls fresh as fuck.

  • Right after showering, I dry my feet completely. That means drying between your toes too young buck.
  • I apply a generous amount of Gold Bond Powder to the Top and Bottom of my feet.
  • I also throw a bit on my balls. Yea, I’m serious. Your balls sweat and this keeps em fresh and clean for when that sexy chick is down there sucking on them.
  • I put on my socks immediately after applying the powder which ‘locks in’ the freshness.

#4. American Crew Hair Pomade


Damn, now that I think about it, I’ve been using this product since I was 15 years old. Doing some quick math, that’s almost 15 years of using this great product.

I fork out the $16-20 for a jar, but the good news is, it lasts me a while, smells masculine and leaves my hair looking fresh and polished. It’s good for the hair style below that I rock and I’m sure some of you do as well.


Quick Tip: A little dab will do you, so don’t overdo it when applying to your hair.

#3. Keihl’s Midnight Recovery Creme


This shit is no fucking joke. With the type of late nights that I keep with the excessive drinking, smoking, fornicating and partying, I have to have a product that will minimize the damage to my skin and especially under my eyes.

Alot of face skin cremes are complete bullshit hype, but this one is not. It will set you back a few bucks, around $45, but see that eye dropper looking stem on the cap? That’s how little you use of it. Just a couple of drops on your finger, then spread it around your face. A little goes a long way and it’ll last you months.

Quick-Tip: Don’t take my word for it. Hit up your local Kiehl’s store at the mall and ask them for a FREE SAMPLE. Try it for a week and you’ll see the difference.

#2. GNC Vitamins E, A & D Face Lotion


This face lotion I apply before bed and first thing after a shower in the morning. It is phenomenal and get this: It’s only $2.99! Unfuckingreal. I’ve even got deals before at my local GNC getting 2 jars for $5. One jar last me months too. I’m shocked they price it so cheap, because I would pay more, it’s that good of a product.

Don’t skimp on face lotion, unless you want to look like a cracked lizard sitting in the Vegas sun when you get older. This one is cheap, smells great, and gets the job done.

#1. Crest 3D White Mouth Wash


Since I’m a heavy smoker, it’s pertinent for me to keep my mouth fresh, unless I want chicks to be repelled when I open my mouth. Keeping my teeth white is the bonus and this mouth wash gets the job done. I’m not crazy about the taste, but for 30 seconds I’ll deal with it.

White Teeth + Fresh Breath = A winner. It’s usually priced around $6-7 at CVS or similar type store, but should last you awhile.

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10 Replies to “5 Essential Grooming Products For Men”

  1. Once again you didn’t fail to deliver Christian

    I will be trying out: 1) Gold Bond Powder 2) American Crew Hair Pomade and 3) GNC Vitamins E, A & D Face Lotion


  2. My boyfriend use Crest 3D White Mouth Wash. It’s one of the perfect element for his grooming. I gifted him Voyage Cologne by Nautica, he was happy to get something like that. It gives him a natural smell and makes him refreshing. So, what i think a cologne could be a essential grooming product.


  3. That GNC cream is amazing, I got two jars yesterday.

    I would add two essentials:

    6) Baking soda: As a teeth cleaner and deodorant. Noting beats this dirt-cheap marvel.

    7) Sunscreen: Not that typical greasy paste that your mom used to spread on you when you went to the beach as a kid. There are very fine stuff from Avene, a liquid version will do great. Sunscreen is key when you head outdoors (it should be often enough) for your face, neck, ears and hands. Using it will avoid getting that unsighty dark patches on your skin as you become older.

    Great article as usual!


  4. Scored some Kiehl’s samples today. I went to Kiehl’s as well as Nordstrom & Neiman Marcus and got stocked up. Check Nordstrom’s & Neiman’s if you don’t have a local Kiehl’s store. I also checked Macy’s & Dillards and they did not carry Kiehl’s, at least in PHX. Neiman’s was particularly helpful with the gal explaining that you should make a pin prick in the package rather than breaking off the top. This will help control the amount that comes out (it is concentrated as Christian mentions) and also keeps it from drying out and you don’t have to worry about keeping it in an upright position.


  5. I use Redken Extreme Hold gel for Men. Excellent product smells great. Aveeno skin relief moisturizing cream for the face. Onyx by Azzaro cologne mixed with Avatar, rare to find these days for some reason. Oh and Degree men’s D-stick for the pits, with just a little it will last u all day.


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