My Rant On Game vs. Lifestyle


Something has been bugging the hell outa me lately, so I’ve decided to type it out and we can discuss.

There’s a growing movement regarding Game not being needed in the traditional sense in order to pick up girls and that working out, dressing sharp and focusing on yourself is all that you need. Myth.

You veteran players understand the difference between Game and Lifestyle, but for the newbies I’m about to breakdown why Game is fundamentally important and always will be in order to bed girls with consistency.

I’ll start this discussion by dispelling the myth of Game not being necessary.

If Game is not necessary, then how come there so many successful men with good jobs, money and social circle that are consistently friend zoned or treated as schmucks to get a free meal from?

If Game is not necessary, then how come a successful man with a good job and money in the bank struggles to keep his girlfriend interested in him?

If Game is not necessary, then how come a successful man, with a good job, bulging biceps and money in the bank can’t keep his wife from cheating on him with the gardener?

If Game is not necessary, then how come I get emails weekly from successful men, who have good jobs, money in the bank and rigorous workout schedules, asking me how they can meet women and get laid consistently?

If Game is not necessary, then how come men who have studied Game for decades, have fucked hundreds of women and could go toe to toe with famous men, get laid consistently with beautiful women?

If Game is not necessary, then how come I was able to pull hot girls consistently when living on food stamps and homeless, without fancy suits, ZERO social status, zero social circle, no workout routine to speak of due to being too hungry and not a fucking dime to my name?

If Game is not necessary, how come I see below average to average looking men, outpull male models in the club consistently?

If my point isn’t clear enough, then allow me to elaborate on the difference between Game and Lifestyle by utilizing the No Shit! Formula.


No Shit! Formula
First off, before anyone gets in a twist, realize that I’m clearly a HUGE advocate of self-improvement and developing a great lifestyle. As I have clearly written about in my books and almost daily on my blog, I motivate my readers to focus on themselves, as well as learning Game.

My point here is that there is too much ‘buzz’ regarding basic attributes that a man should be working on in his life, that while will enhance and add to his Game, is not in and of itself Game.

If working out, dressing stylish and making good money was all that’s needed to be a Super Player, then every gay man in West Hollywood would be raking in the pussy.

Let’s not kid ourselves: Game is separate and necessary along with developing one’s lifestyle, but developing ones lifestyle will not in and of itself get you laid.

You can get laid with pure Game and without lifestyle, but lifestyle will not guarantee that you will get laid. I know men who make literally over a $1,000,000.00 a MONTH, who pay me to coach them on how to Game women. Multiple clients like this ranging from well-off to ultra-wealthy and even a billionaire client who I coached last year for a few months. If Game is not necessary and it’s all about making money, lifting weights and rocking custom suits, then what the hell is their problem?

Back to the No Shit! Formula

-All men who are responsible to their bodies should workout and excel to have the best body they can create? No shit!

-All men who care for their health and who want to live a long and prosperous life should get on a regular juicing schedule? No shit!

-All men who want to experience the finer things in life, location independence if they so desire and be able to spend money as they please, should focus on making money that is suffice to the lifestyle they desire? No shit!

-All men who actually give a rat’s ass about their appearance should learn about style, develop their style, invest in good fitting clothes and keep their appearance on point? No shit!

-All men who want to develop their brains should work on learning another language and read mind-stimulating books? No shit!

All men who do all of the above get laid and get laid with reckless abandon consistently with extremely hot girls and do not require Game in order to do so. 


If Game is not needed, then how come we all know men who check off everyone of those good attributes, but DON’T get laid consistently and even more importantly, have ZERO concept of keeping a girl’s interest in a LTR or marriage?

These qualities are all good and I not only do them, but strongly encourage each and everyone of you to be the best you can be and become who want to be, but do not be mistaken: NONE of those qualities are a substitute for learning Game.

In order to be a well rounded COMPLETE Man, then one must do all of those in addition to learning and practicing Game with women until it becomes an instinct.

The reason why teachers of Game will give out specific lines and ‘cheats’ is to help newbies in the beginning until they find their wings and can fly on their own. No one is advocating wearing fuzzy hats, flashing belt buckles and nail polish, in order to get laid. That in and of itself is NOT Game, but ironically how that was used during the Mystery era to help men with Game, the attributes I listed are now being used in the same way to replace Game.

Game stands by it’s self.

You can be average or below looking in looks, have mad Game and pull consistently.

You can be broke as fuck, living on food stamps and homeless, have mad Game and pull consistently.

You can be living at home in your parents basement and still be banging chicks left and right if you have mad Game.

Lifestyle Does NOT Stand By Its Self

Coming from someone who knows about the most decadent lifestyles ever lived and has experienced everything from private yachts to private jets, parting with celebrities to spending thousands in one night on partying, I know from whence I speak when I say that Lifestyle does NOT stand by it’s self.

You can own a beachfront home in Malibu, have a Bentley in the driveway and not be able to start, nor maintain a conversation, in a hotel lounge with a sexy girl that attracts her and causes her to want to fuck you.

You can own a nightclub, have your own table with unlimited bottles (I’m speaking from seeing this consistently with my own 2 eyes), be ABOVE average looking, ABOVE average in height, have tons of money and still NOT be able to pull from your own club, instead relying on a master like myself to do the dirty work.

You can be Tiger Woods, be famous as fuck, have a sexy wife, have multi-million dollar yacht, have ZERO Game and still rely on paying whores to fuck you because you never learned about Harem Control or about Frame in a LTR.

You can be Robin Williams, be world famous, but yet be dealing with bankruptcy due to repeating the same mistake of not marrying once, not marrying twice, but being a fool and marrying three times. Robin’s lack of Game, NOT lifestyle is what has made him play the fiddle like a fool. With Game his story would be different.

Will developing your lifestyle help you get laid? Absofuckinglutely.

Will making money and having freedom to jet off anywhere you want, whenever you want help you get laid? Absofuckinglutely.

Will rocking a tailored suit, pocket square and tight haircut help you get laid? Absofuckinglutely.

Will hitting the gym, getting your body in Greek god condition, buying a juicer and eating health help you get laid and have even better sex due to your physique and stamina? Absofuckinglutely.

But those in and of themselves is NOT the end all and be all to getting laid consistently.

Game is necessary to know exactly how to trigger a woman’s attraction for you and how to maintain a relationship without it becoming stale and her losing interest.

Game is necessary to know how to have Harem Control, not be dominated by women and their whims and how flip the script on them to qualify themselves to you and not the other way around.

Weekly, I see good looking (no homo) men in Los Angeles who have BALLER lifestyles get blown out in clubs, parties, lounges and bars even though they have looks, status and money.

Game is an ingredient of Swagger.

I was out with a very sexy 23yo Latina model the other night having drinks. I’ve banged her before and we were checking out a new restaurant. As we sat talking, she commented on what made her fall for me over the other men she has chasing her (Former A&F model, famous NBA player for the Lakers and a slew of very rich men), and this is what she said and I quote:

“Doesn’t matter how good looking a man is, how rich he is, or if he’s famous, I have to be ‘turned on’ by a man. He has to have swagger. He has to have Game”.

Me: “Game huh? What do you mean by that?”

Her: “Well money I have, so a man being rich isn’t a need for me. A cute guy is cool of course, but I’ve met gorgeous men who are BORING and aren’t interesting and famous men tend to have the worse Game, so what I mean is that you somehow knew EXACTLY what to SAY and DO to turn me on. It’s like you say and do what I would want you to say and do, but I don’t have to tell you. It’s hard for me to put my finger on it exactly, but most men don’t have Game, but when I see it and talk to a man I can tell quickly whether he has ‘it’ or not.”

Lastly, don’t confuse this post with me not being a firm believer in developing your Lifestyle in conjunction to learning and developing your Game, but a concentration in BOTH is key to being a well rounded and accomplished man, but this ‘trend’ of people being too cool for Game, is a slippery slope that is grounded in myths and bullshit.

Game is necessary and always will be.

Unless you’re Justin Bieber of course…oh wait, forgot he has one-itis with Selena Gomez and continually publically humiliates himself over her, DESPITE his millions, good looks (no homo) and MASSIVE female fan base.

Everyone needs Game. Don’t be fooled. Even the people who say they don’t use Game, are generally using Game without being aware that they are.

Game: There is NO substitute.


10 Replies to “My Rant On Game vs. Lifestyle”

  1. I love this rant, man. Younger, when I had looks and money, my game was on-again, off-again; but I never really knew what I was doing. I am older now and I am wakibg up ( more like coming to)..
    The truth is the hottest sex I ever had with the widest variety of women is during those times when I had “nothing” (I’ve been homeless several times).
    A coupl days ago my hard-copy of THE ALPHA PLAYBOY arrived. I am making progress.
    Christian, you and I have some similarities and I am gratefull for this site and the knowledge you present.
    This rant is the absolute fuckin’ truth. For those of you who think all you need is looks and money, I can tell you wake-the-fuck-up. Read this rant, read everything Christian writes, and apply it to your life. I love playing poker and I bet allbyou want to wager you’ll be a better man AND knocking-down-shorties BIG-TIME…
    Thanks again Christian. Your help for us is important brother.


  2. Self improvement is like picking out and polishing a throne and game is siting on it, taking command and control of your kingdom. If you fail at taking command you will look like an idiot on that throne. No women wants and idiot. Look at the movie gladiator that’s what we call game


  3. It’s very true. Earlier this year I thought I knew better and turned Game off in my head. I was relying on my situation, money and clothes to do the talking for me, stupidly. I didn’t get anywhere on those dates.

    I turned off everything; my natural charm, wit, energy, everything. All because I thought my situation would be enough and I started boasting about things I’ve never done before.

    Changed back to my old self and got laid on the next first date I had. It’s powerful stuff.


    1. Ironically, whenever I slip and allow money, status or lifestyle to replace Game, I slip and ‘lose’ the girl. Hot girls get money and lifestyle thrown in their faces constantly. Lifestyle may get you more access, but Game is what keeps them coming back for more.


  4. Thank you for putting the truth out there, Christian. Game recognized. It is easy to see that the need for game applies, even at the top of the celebrity food chain.

    I can list more examples that show that even in the celebrity world, the top players stand above the rest, and they’ve got game: Leonardo Dicaprio, George Clooney, John Mayer, Derek Jeter, Gerald Butler, Jeremy Piven, etc…

    And then there are the examples of the ones that don’t: Tiger and Beiber as you mentioned, A-Rod, and in my mind one of the worst offenders, Kanye West, for getting engaged with that slut KK, who has her own sex video with Ray J.


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