Weekend Game Tip: How To Get A Girl To Leave With You

The true mark of a real playboy in development is learning to deal with LMR (last minute resistance) with women when you’re trying to seal the deal. The difference between Great Players and Good Players is that Great Players have honed their skills to handle any shit tests that girls will throw his way.

There are three main components of strategy when dealing with LMR: Priming, The Push-Pull Technique and Holding Frame. For this Weekend’s Game Tip, I will breakdown How To Prime A Girl To Leave The Club With You, and will cover the Push-Pull Technique and Holding Frame in the next two weekend game tip posts.

Note: This can be used for any type of nightlife event or venue from the club to a dive bar to a house party.

The Priming Technique

This technique is essentially priming a girl through various physical escalations in order to gauge her interest in having sex that night.


Joe meets Sally at the club and she leaves with him. They get to her apartment and are sitting on the couch. Joe goes in to kiss Sally for the first time and she pulls away slightly. Is she teasing or does she not want to kiss him?

First off, any girl who invites you into her apartment after having met you only hours before at the club (or even minutes), is aware that you’re into her sexually. If not, she may be a full blown idiot, upon which I suggest leaving and never calling her. But let’s assume that she is NOT an idiot, how should Joe deal with this situation? 

1. The first problem is that Joe has not physically escalated at the club or in the car headed to the apartment. Big mistake. A alpha male makes his intentions known after he has Primed the girl. In other words, Joe should have started physical escalation in the club by grabbing her hand and leading her to a different part of the club. This is Priming a girl.

Doesn’t matter where he leads her, could be to the smoking patio, to another bar in the club, or even to use the restroom, but Joe should have linked them physically in some manner which starts with the hand hold. I’ve only met ONE girl in my life who didn’t like to hold hands and she was a fucking weirdo. Girls love this and as a man it helps show ‘ownership’ of the girl in the vicinity of other males, which helps eliminate cockblocking to some degree.

When other patrons see a guy and girl holding hands, they assume they are a couple and won’t be as eager to approach her. Especially if she’s very attractive, they’ll just gawk or offer praise to you for being with her. Get used to guys giving you thumbs up and saying “nice job bro” behind her back to you.

2. The second problem is that Joe has not kissed her yet. There are varying opinions on whether a guy should kiss BEFORE they leave the club or wait until after they leave, but listen to someone who has spent over 10,000 hours in nightlife, working, gaming and coaching: ALWAYS go for the kiss while still in a place of ‘comfort’ for her.

She’s comfortable in the club, her friend(s) are probably there and she knows nothing bad will happen in that immediate place. This is common sense when you think about it. Kiss her in a place of comfort. Go for a legitimate kiss. Now I do suggest kissing her away from her friends and not in full-blown sight of the other club patrons. Some girls are shy about PDA and others are not. You’ll get a feel for the girls who are and the ones who are not through experience.

Take her to a dark corner or a hallway in the club and go for the kiss on the lips. Fuck kissing her cheek. You’re not in grade school and you’re both adults. If she wants to kiss you she will and if she doesn’t then her loss. Kiss her deep and vary from soft to hard, but kiss her like a man.

Now here’s the KEY: After the initial kiss (if she responds by kissing you back), then nibble on her lips SOFTLY and go in for a deep kiss again. As you feel her get into the kiss, then abruptly stop kissing her and say this: “You’re trouble”, with a smirk. This is a money phrase. She’ll probably hit your arm or stomach softly and say “Nooo YOU’RE trouble!”. Just wink if she says anything in that manner. It’s on.


3. The last component of Priming a girl, is to verbalize in a vague manner what you’re going to do that night. Note the word ‘VAGUE’. Do NOT spell out that you want to have sex with her.

Girls are emotional creatures and the key is learning how to use their emotions to dictate their actions. If you get logical on them, their pussy will dry up and they will start to think rationally at what their friends will think, how others perceive their behavior and their reputation.

You MUST keep the girl in a place of a Heightened Emotional State of Having Fun and Feeling ‘Enraptured’. She’s along for this incredible ride with you and she’s having a blast. Your job is to get her to the place where she doesn’t want it to end. 

Alright, getting down to the brass tacks, here’s what you do: At some point as the club is getting closer to closing time (leaving too soon is not a good play due to her friends or her wanting to have a ‘full’ night seeing the DJ), say this:

“You want to be my girl tonight?” If you’ve properly Primed her, then she will respond with a ‘yes’ head nod, or verbally say “yes” with a smile. Odds are she will NOT actually ask you what that means. Although it may seem beta to be asking her, it’s not, because that dash of asking her ‘approval’ to proceed can save you from dealing with multiple shit tests once you leave.

The other key is to be having physical contact with her when you ask this. Either holding her hand, your arm around her waist, or your arm hanging around her neck/shoulders.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t quite figured out why this is so motherfucking effective, but it is. I have used this particular question for around three years and my success rate is around 88% when using it. One reason why I think it might be so effective is that it establishes the unspoken, but in vague enough terms which is perfect for a girl’s brain to comprehend and rationalize as being okay. If you have a theory on why this exact phrase works then drop it in the ‘Comments’ section for us to discuss.

Next weekend I’ll continue this series with The Push-Pull Technique to combat LMR.

Have a great weekend testing this out and email me with your results: AskChristian@RealChristianMcQueen.com

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22 Replies to “Weekend Game Tip: How To Get A Girl To Leave With You”

  1. I think the reason is because deep down every girl wants commitment. Even if it is superficial asking her if she wants to be the one tonight makes her feel special, and gives her hope for the future….in the back of her mind


  2. I think the reason asking if she wants to be your girl for the night works so we’ll is cause it makes her feel like less of a slut for sleeping with u right after she met u. After all, she’s your girl and your her guy


  3. This was the first piece I had ever read on your blog and it’s 100% spot on. I’m trying to get all of the clubbing aspects down before I turn 18 in a couple weeks, thanks so much for existing


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