6 Tips For Game Newbies


A popular email question that I get regularly is, “What are some things that men new to Game should do?”

Instead of emailing back the same answer weekly, I’ve compiled a quick list and newbies can access this at anytime. Not only did these help me formulate my Game many years ago, but they will help you as well.

Without further ado gents…

Six Tips For Game Newbies

6. Get A Game Mentor

Whether it’s a cool cat you always notice at your local bar pulling tail left and right, or a cousin who’s known for being great with the ladies, the key is to get a mentor and learn as much as you can. Offer to buy the drinks for the night and remember that their time is valuable. Having a mentor will jump start you quicker than not having one, but if you simply cannot find one, then still roll out solo until you do.

I rolled out solo for almost a year before meeting a cat who helped me immensely. If I would have never been out solo hitting the bars and clubs, I would have never met him though, so put yourself out there and you’ll meet a mentor.

5. Read Game Material, BUT You MUST Apply It

You can read every game book in the universe, but if you don’t get out and actually apply it, then it’s useless knowledge lying dormant in your head.

Read, Study and Apply.

You must get out in the trenches to apply game techniques and learn what works for you and what doesn’t.


4. Do 1 Approach A Day

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the idea of doing tons of approaches off the bat. Especially if you’re an introvert and it’s hard for you to be social.

The answer is simple: Focus on Game day by day. Do 1 Approach a day.

That’s it. Not hard at all. It can be at the bar, at the grocery store, or at the gas station, but simply work up the courage and do 1 approach a day. In 1 month that’s 30 approaches! You take 3 months over the summer and now you’ve done almost 100 approaches.

Not too shabby.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To ‘Fail’

Game at the end of the day literally is just a Game. I know it can be scary the thought of a girl rejecting you, but fuck those negative thoughts! Everything will be fine and at most you’ll get a girl who’s a bitch and you move on. Don’t allow yourself to get psyched out of approaching and talking to girls due to a fear of failure.

It’s not failing to get blown out, because the success is in you actually approaching.

2. Practice Day AND Night Game 

In order to get great with women and be able to approach and successfully close in both day and night environments, means doing both Day and Night Game.

Remember that 1 Approach a Day? It can be either night game or day game, as long as you do 1 approach. The key is that by applying yourself in both Day and Night Game, that you become an even better player, than if you just focus on one.

1. Start Small And Build From There

I know everyone wants to bang dimes, of course! But remember it’s like learning to run when you were a child. First you crawl, then you walk, and then you run.

You have to start somewhere, so if you don’t have much sexual experience with women, then start by hitting on the average girls, then the cute ones and finally the dimes. By starting out small your confidence will build and before you know it, you’ll be ready for the hottest of the hot.

Note though: Don’t dumpster dive. Meaning if you’re a male 7 don’t look to score with female 5’s. Go for girls on your level and higher. Stooping for girls beneath your looks scale will leave you feeling empty and frustrated.

Be realistic and work your way up.

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17 Replies to “6 Tips For Game Newbies”

  1. Great list, Christian. I’d add “Have some fun with it”. Sometimes we get too caught up and forget that game should be fun.


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