14 Tips For Tall Guy Style


Tall Men Style Tips

  • Tall bodies tend to be disproportionate or can look lanky, so aim to add bulk in certain areas to break it up.
  • Try Color Blocking: charcoal trousers with a black blazer, or gray trousers with a navy blazer.
  • Utilize separates to break up body frame.
  • Lighter shades add bulk and can add width to areas needed.
  • Chinos can add width to your lower body to balance it out if your have a broad upper body.
  • Prints and colors suit a tall man best, because they add points of focus.
  • Horizontal lines add width and should be chosen over vertical lines.
  • Crew necks give you broader shoulders and shorten your neck. Choose crew over v-neck, as v-necks will only elongate your neck further.
  • Loose fits do not flatter, they only add to the lanky look.
  • Long torsos with short leg bodies should aim for jackets that finish at the waist so as to provide length in the right areas and balance the body out.
  • Long legs and shorter torsos should aim for longer lengths in jackets to get the opposite affect.
  • Avoid skinny jeans and pants because it will create an imbalance and cause you to look lankier.
  • Belts are a great way to break up your silhouette. Stick with belts.
  • Round toes suit you best, but depending on your height it could not matter either.

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