Weekend Game Tip: My #1 Indirect Day Game Opener



It’s helpful for a guy new to Game to have a framework to work from and that’s why I’ve listed my multiple openers to help you get started. As you progress in you Game level, you’ll make your own and get an idea for what works best for you.


To start, my Go-To Line that I have used very successfully in the last couple of years for Indirect Day Game, when the environment is too generic for me to reference immediately, is this…

“Excuse me. Do you know where the closest Starbucks is?”

The Starbucks Opener is absolute GOLD because of a few reasons that I’ll break down right now:

  • EVERY girl in the world, well 99.9% of girls, LOVE Starbucks. The moment they hear the word ‘Starbucks’, they get happy.

  • There’s Starbucks all over the world. If you live in Japan and you’re reading this, you can use this line. If you live in Texas or Canada you can use this line. It’s a Global Friendly Line.

  • ‘Starbucks’ equals comfort drinks/food for most people who go there. When a girl hears the word ‘Starbucks’ come from your mouth, she subconsciously goes to that place of feeling happy, safe, comfortable and content. By it coming out of YOUR mouth, she will automatically associate you with those feelings, albeit to a lesser degree. ANYTHING that you can say that gives you an edge from your opening line is good, because it builds comfort in her.

  • When you mention ‘Starbucks’, you’re mentioning a globally recognized BRAND. By being a fan of Starbucks and seeking it out, you’re a part of the ‘club’, the fan club of Starbucks that it. When you ask a girl where one is, she’ll automatically put you in the ‘normal human being’ category, because ‘normal’ people drink coffee and usually from Starbucks. Any association with something that is popular and normal helps you build comfort.

  • It’s a great Builder Opener and here’s why:

    -Asking where the closest Starbucks is, allows you to build off of it with whatever else that can continue the conversation, which in turn builds comfort.


    I’m surprising my Grandma with Starbucks, she loves it. What is the name of that blend they only make in the fall? Pumpkin Spice? That’s it!” blah blah blah


  • Lastly, the reason why this is such a DYNAMITE opener is because EVERY girl knows where a Starbucks is. Period. Guess what this means? This means they will give you Directions to get there. Guess what that means? That means she will talk to you longer explaining HOW to get there. This gives you opportunities to tease her like this:

    Her: “Turn right by that burger place on the corner”

    You: “They don’t name roads around here?”

    Her: (Laughing) “I don’t know the name, I’m TERRIBLE with street names!”

    You: “Apparently. My name’s XYZ.” (Turn your back for a second then turn back around to her) “Okay, what’s my name?”

    Her: “Ass! It’s XYZ. I’m not THAT bad”

    You: “Uh huh. What’s your name by the way, or do you not have one either?”

    Her: blah blah blah

The Starbucks Opener is absolute gold and as you can see is a Builder Line. You can take it and run with it. Use it for Indirect Game. Here are some more Indirect Openers you can use, that are situational dependent. I put the possible location you would use each specific line in parentheses beside each opener.

  • Excuse me. Do you know what aisle the Sriracha sauce is on?” (Most girls like this asian inspired sauce. Grocery store)

  • How many sets do you have left?” (gym)

  • Can I work in?” (gym)

  • Excuse me, I’m color blind, does this match?” (Another GOLDEN line for when you’re shopping. Can use this on a customer or employee, whoever your target is. Girls love to shop and help guys match clothes. I actually am color blind so I used it out of sincerity in the beginning, realized how well it worked and starting using it to Game girls)

  • Do you know what time it is?” (IF they’re wearing a cute watch. Then comment on the watch and go from there)

  • Couldn’t help but notice your (purse/watch/shoes/item of clothing, just fill in the blank), and I’m shopping for my sister (or mother). Where did you get that?” (Girls LOVE to have their fashion complimented and will be eager to help)

As you Day Game more, you’ll get a feel for what works, but these have been cornerstones to my Indirect Day Game. The beauty is that you can use them while you’re going about your day being productive: gym, shopping for yourself, getting healthy food at the grocery store, etc.

This has been an excerpt from The Alpha Playboy Part 2: Day Game + Relationship Game available NOW!

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10 Replies to “Weekend Game Tip: My #1 Indirect Day Game Opener”

  1. Hey Christian, just discovered your blog from reading Strength By Sonny. Really enjoying it so far. If you don’t mind me asking, are you seriously colour blind? Have you always been?


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