James Franco’s Text Game: ‘Thirsty’ or Direct?

Recently on the Buzzfeed site, they released a leaked conversation on Instagram between A-list actor James Franco and a girl he contacted. To some it may seem like he’s being ‘thirsty’, but is he really? Or his text game actually the type of game that high value men use?

I’ve included the screenshots (courtesy of BuzzFeed) and my analysis of Jame’s Franco’s text game.

Note: My commentary is in bold.

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-James initiates contact with ‘Hi’. It’s about as direct as a greeting as it gets. 

-She responds with ‘hi’ and a shocked cat emoji. She’s clearly surprised that he contacted her.

-James then asks “Where do you live?” and then a second text asking “NYC?”. He’s immediately getting to the point in terms of logistics. If she’s not in NYC, then it’s assumed he’ll move on. Why waste time going back and forth if she doesn’t live close?

-She then responds with “Scotland” and then “In a small town called Dollar”. 


-James then asks “How long will you be in New York?” He’s going direct again. Is she in NYC or out of town. He’s getting to the point quickly.

-She then responds with “Oops sorry, um a few days it’s my 18th birthday present”.

-James then asks “You’re 18?” Smart man. He’s trying to get a direct answer. He then asks “Who are you with?” and “Do you have a bf?” I can understand asking who she’s with, but I wouldn’t have asked if she had a boyfriend and you’ll see why in a second.

-She responds with “nearly 18, my mum and not if you’re around (and emoji smiling hearts)”. This is female hyper gammy in full display. Even if she did have a boyfriend, she’s saying she would cheat because of who James is. (A-list celeb) Higher Value Male = females desire.


-James then asks “When is your bday?” Once again playing it smart, due to her saying “nearly 18”. He then asks “Where are you staying?” and “What’s your #?” Again smart moves because he’s finding out logistics pure and simple, plus trying to get her off Instagram and onto the phone so he can set it up. So far, so good James.

-She responds with “In May (her bday) but I have exams then, just off Times Square in a Hilton, what do you mean #?” 

She’s playing games now. He’s shown Direct Interest and at her young age, her hamster is spinning at the attention she’s receiving from an A-List star. To say she has exams in May when her bday is, is a shit test and asking what he means by a #, is her shit testing him again.

At this point, I would have made a joke asking for her SS number, showing I see through her shit test.

Make her feel foolish for acting coy.



-By the screenshots it’s apparent she did give him her phone number, as it’s apparent that they are now texting on iPhones.

-James asks “Can I see you?”. Although this is Direct, I wouldn’t have asked and would have led: “There’s a great new restaurant in Manhattan blah blah. Dinner at 9?” Entice her by suggesting something to do.

He’s going direct to get her to have sex immediately, and I get that. He’s famous and this probably works, but for a NON-celeb, build some comfort. Remember, they haven’t even met in person.

In his case he has so many options, that he can go Ultra-Direct in his text game and many players who are on a great level utilize this.

-She responds with “As long as you are James Franco”. She feels it could be a joke which is understandable.

-James responds with “I am. You’re single? What’s the hotel? Should I rent a room?” This is where it gets odd, because these questions were already answered in the Instagram conversation. Once again, she needed more comfort built.

-She responds with “April fools was an hour ago though…” Once again doubting if it’s him.

-James responds with an actual picture of himself. This was smart because she didn’t believe it was him and how else would he prove it? He then says, “It’s me. Yes or not? Tomorrow or thurs?” He proved it was him, asked for a straight answer and then suggested two times. Direct with options.


-Apparently she didn’t respond, so James text “Ok. Be well”. He was willing to walk away. Smart again.

-Classic game is at work now, because of his Push-Pull technique. She comes ‘running back’ through text because now his attention is being cut off. She responds with “I’ll come back when I’m 18”.

-James responds with an “X”. I wouldn’t have responded, but it’s not the worse play.

-She then says, “Well this is a story my Scottish friends will never believe”. This is a way to boost her ego and keep his ATTENTION without delivering anything in return. Note: Girls are notorious for pulling this shit. They will keep you in text hell, that’s why I teach to get logistics set up and don’t continue texting back and forth.

-James says “Don’t tell”, which is a way of covering his tracks. Being a celebrity, I’m sure he doesn’t want his personal shit out there. She of course, has to get attention which is why the screenshots were leaked in the first place. Never underestimate the importance of attention whoring that girls crave.

-She then says, “I just want proper evidence that it’s you and I won’t”. This is a way to get proof for her friends that he wanted (wants) her. More attention whoring. I would have ignored her.

-James then texts “I gave it to you. If you don’t want to meet, then text me when you do. Bye”. This is classic. He is holding Frame and breaking it down for her. He’s not wasting his time. I would have ended the texting with her earlier, but this isn’t a bad play.

-She then texts James, “You sound so dodgy though”. Classic shit test. She is literally gaming him to keep him going here. 

-James responds with “Bye”. Hysterical.

-At this point, she realizes he’s done and sends out a hail mary, starting with “One second blah blah”

-James sends the picture holding a written piece of paper with her name on it and his middle finger in the air, so we can assume he’s flipping her off. Hysterical again. 

In summation we can see that his ‘game’ was not ‘thirsty’, but simply Direct. While not great, it was solid.

He is a celebrity, so it’s less about him using Game and more about him asking questions as though they are completing a transaction. She gets to fuck a celebrity and he gets her pussy. Simple. He could have been smoother and possibly gotten the bang, but he probably does not care.

This is classic I Don’t Give A Fuck Game.

When your value is high and your time is precious, you don’t give a fuck if she rejects you. This is Next Level.

He put out minimal effort to prove it was him, which was understandable considering she doubted it was him, and when she balked, he ejected quickly.

He could have led more, by not asking if he should rent a room etc, but overall his Direct Game was solid.

Remember gents, when your Game is tight and you have High Value, you can go Direct. Men of High Value don’t have time to be wasted. You may get rejected immediately, but you also won’t waste time with girls just seeking attention and validation.

Want to make sure you’re not a ‘thirsty’ texter? Get The Player’s Guide To Text Game here.

13 Replies to “James Franco’s Text Game: ‘Thirsty’ or Direct?”

  1. yea, I argee that its a loss for franco, more so in how he handled the last bits of proving it was him… then she doesn’t respond, man fuck these time wasters that’s why I stay away from online dating. he probably doesn’t care though


  2. She’s not actually playing games when she says “What do you mean #?” In Scotland they don’t use the hashtag symbol to mean number, so she actually doesn’t know what he’s talking about..


  3. Saw an interview on youtube with him with a camera-crew following him and his younger brother.
    In real life he is no pussy whatsoever, great dominant eye contact, more Alpha than anything.

    His text game was direct and partly completely unrefined – probably because there usually is no need for much refined text game. It cost him the lay and her leaking the shit later on. Most men just learn the stuff through trial and error or learning from more experienced guys via books and blogs. But since he became ever more famous in his early 20s, I doubt that most guys and PUAs in his place would have sat down to learn Mystery method or refined their text game in endless hours when all their needed to say was HI to have a girl.


  4. McQueen, is he able to bypass all the comfort shit due to his high value or because she already knows enough about him through his fame?


  5. i thought it was thirsty because he picked up a 17 year old brit girl which was bound to spill the beans to everybody everywhere thus shooting him in the foot and making him have to do the grandiose bullshit apology thing


  6. But that’s the point, you don’t need finely calibrated game when you’re a handsome and rich celebrity who doesn’t give a fuck.

    You need game when you’re out in a sausage fest and you’ve got to fight to differentiate yourself from all the thirsty dudes and or the dudes who actually have status like Franco.


  7. You’re being very nice to Mr Franco, this text game sucked balls, he played her game and now it’s plastered in the internet forever, the first shit test showed very clearly what type of girl he was gaming, could be easily avoided especially for someone who is a celeb

    Imagine what some more skilfful gentleman in the crimson arts like you,roosh,roissy could do with this level of fame and pre-selection

    Nice post, send this guy a copy of the player’s guide


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