Enjoying The Seduction


I gazed into the mirror examining the crows feet starting to emerge around my eyes. Late nights, heavy drinking, a dash of drugs and an arena full of grade A pussy will do that to you. ‘I’m almost thirty though’, I thought, ‘I don’t mind. Now I’m starting to really look like a man. Not a boy trying to look like a man, but a man who has lived life to the fullest’.

The crisp feel of a freshly dry cleaned dress shirt enveloped my frame, as I buttoned it up.

The snap of my cuff links, as I popped them into my cuffs brought a small smile to my face.

I tightened my watch just so, and checked the time. It was right. Can’t be wearing a classic watch and the time be wrong. That would be, well…wrong. ‘The stories this watch could tell’, I imagined, laughing out loud amused at my own imagination.

Turning the sound system up, Sinatra’s golden voice filled my place with his soothing melodic voice. ‘Damn could that cat sing’, my mind raced with living in a time of the Rat Pack, where men were men and women were women and it was a good time to have balls swinging between your legs.

I smoothed pomade through my hair and parted it just so, leaving a dapper look in the wake of my comb. Perfect. Washing the pomade off my hands is always a pain in the ass, but the hard bar of soap did the job. I took my time washing my hands enjoying the feel of the soap and warm water. There’s something about washing my hands that’s relaxing.

I slid my suit jacket on and selected a pocket square from my collection. The silk felt smooth between my fingers and I used a custom personal fold before inserting it into my suit jacket pocket.

One final look in the mirror. ‘This works like a motherfucker’, I thought, as I smirked at my reflection and headed to my mini-bar. The best part is always saved for last and I selected a glass, checked it for smudge marks and dropped a few perfectly square cubes into it. I pondered for a second, before selecting a premium vodka and pouring a nice eight count of it into my glass. The smooth sound of the vodka hitting the rocks blended well with Sinatra’s voice in the background. I splashed some tonic water into my glass and then grabbed a fresh lime from the icebox. Cutting it carefully, I squeezed two generous limes into my glass and now the work of art was complete.

The first sip is the best sip of the night and I savored the bite of the vodka combined with the tartness of the freshly squeezed limes. “Ahhh…”, I exclaimed. With no one in sight, my inner alcoholic could be set free to proclaim his joy vocally at this delicious drink. I stepped out onto my balcony and inhaled deep into a fresh cigarette. Once again, the first drag combined with the first drink is always the best ones of the night.

“The SLS Hotel”, I told my driver as I settled into my seat. Damn there’s nothing like plush leather seats in the back of a SUV. Thank God for Uber, which has saved me more money and possible DUIs and always delivered me in style to my destination. I relaxed for a few minutes responding to texts from friends trying to meet up, party friends trying to get a hookup and sluts who were wanting both. 

The driver prattles for a few moments and I try to drown out his cock-sucker lisp. Eventually my silence persuades him to shut the hell up and focus on driving instead of being my new best friend.


We arrived at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills and my driver pulled to a stop. Wishing him a safe night, I stepped out of the SUV and entered the hotel. There’s certain places where I get a certain rush the moment I walk through the doors, namely the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. The SLS is not one of them, but I was there to meet a sexy girl for drinks, and I bring an aura wherever I go, so it is what it is.

The hostess smiled as only a pretty hostess can and asked if I had reservations. I dropped my name and her face lit up. “Oh you’re blah blah blah, it’s sooo good to have you. Your date is waiting”, she prattled and I enjoyed the recognition. Might as well take it while you can. She ushered me to a corner table, where my lovely date was sitting looking perturbed at me having made her wait. Oh well, she’ll brighten up about three nanoseconds after I open my mouth and drop charm that would make George Clooney jealous. “Blah blah blah blah”, I said and just as I predicted, her face lit up, she smiled and then blushed. Game on.

I kissed her neck gently before sitting down and her expensive perfume hit me like a ton of bricks. ‘Dear God this girl smells divine. I must have her’, my mind screamed as I acted nonchalant and settled into my seat.

The best part of the seduction, in my humble opinon, starts and the witty banter and flirtatious conversation begins. You see, getting her naked is the icing on the cake and provides a ‘finish line’ for the seduction, but this part right here, the part where I can see her becoming increasingly into me, due to my body language and Game, is where the sweet spot is. To seduce a beautiful woman is simply one of life’s greatest pleasures.

She plays with her hair, bites her bottom lip and leans forward. My eyes are happy. The bait has been set. She is now on the hook.

She’s in town for a week for a modeling shoot (She actually has a billboard I passed on the way to the hotel, but she’s humble about it. She knows she lucked out being born with great looks and doesn’t want to ride on it forever) and she’s staying right there at the SLS Hotel. Logistics could not be anymore perfect and anyone who has experienced what it’s like to deal with logistics in Los Angeles, knows this is a perfect setup.

Her leg grazes mine under the table and even through my tailored suit pants, I can feel the smoothness of her never ending leg. Her legs stretch for days and are toned with a golden tan of color making them even more memorable. I’m ‘in love’, but if for only a night.


Eating food with a sexy girl can be very sensuous and pleasurable. The key is to take your time and savor each bite, each sip of your drink of choice and the conversation. She’s smart, but not a brilliant girl. She giggles at my consistent sarcasm and offers commentary on topics past the latest celebrity gossip and the hottest new club in town. She’s just right.

I casually, but with dominance, suggest we take it upstairs to her room and she agrees while a blush spreads across her face. It won’t be the last thing that spreads across her face tonight. My balls are full and ready to be emptied on her face, covering her gorgeous features and providing a masterpiece for my photo collection.

She grasps onto my arm as we wait for the elevator. Have you ever noticed that the elevator doors always open when you’re heading to a meeting or somewhere important for work, but are always closed when you’re about to take a girl to a room? It’s an irony that doesn’t escape me and the tension builds between us as we wait on the elevator. The sexual tension.

The doors open and luck is on our side as we are the only passengers on the ride up. The doors have barely shut when I push her back against the wall and we start to kiss. A kiss without passion, is not a kiss, it’s merely two people swapping mouth fluids. She kisses me with her full lips and her tongue is soft and wet. I’m melting like a motherfucker. I run my hands up her legs and grab her ass under her flimsy dress. It’s firm and small, but she is a model after all. Her skin is smooth that only a full body wax could provide and my boner is ready to rip through my suit pants and penetrate her.

Ding Ding Ding! The elevator doors open and an older couple stand watching us with mouths ajar at the sight of us breathing heavy and intertwined. “You guys make a great looking couple”, I proclaim to them. (I enjoy enhancing situations where a normal person would abstain). They mumble a thanks before we scurry out and walk down the hall laughing.

Happiness has hit me. ‘This is it’, I thought, ‘happiness in this moment’.

The moment we step through her hotel room door, we’re ripping each others clothes off. I take great pleasure in ripping panties off and make no exception with her. Without sounding like an erotic novel and I’ll skip the details we go to town and I fuck her raw, rough and with passion. This girl is a girl to be Deeply Converted. Beautiful, sweet and the attraction is extremely strong between us.


We lay on her bed after we cum and I pull a cigarette out to light it. “It’s a non-smoking room Christian”, she says. I smirk and respond. “You going to tell on me? Spray some perfume when I’m done”. She giggles and asks for a drag. Leading always works and if she won’t follow, then she’ll be kicked to the curb and replaced within a week.

I lied. The best drag of a cigarette is right after sex. It’s fucking perfect. I turn on the TV and lo and behold there’s a Mad Men re-run. We settle in to watch and the seduction is complete. From snapping my cuff links, to the flirting over dinner, to this very moment, I enjoyed the process. The seduction starts before she’s in your presence and it starts with you.

The point of this story about a slice of my life, is that seduction should be enjoyable. Of course your ego and cock want the satisfaction and there’s nothing wrong with that, but take time to soak in what happens before and during the time you spend seducing girls.

If you learn to enjoy the process, the reward will be that much more fulfilling.

Learn to seduce. Learn to enjoy. Learn to take in the moment, because you might just never get the chance again. 

God forbid I die tomorrow, but if I do, I would only regret the moments I didn’t take time for, not the ones I did.

Life is short and life has moments where the natural high you’re getting from the experience has you on top of the world. These moments are fleeting. Take them in.

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29 Replies to “Enjoying The Seduction”

  1. Great writing Christian.

    When you say “ripped her panties off” do you mean that you actually tear them off her (destroying them in the process) or that you pull them down her legs extremely aggressively? Either way is badass just wondering what your style is.

    Also I’m guessing other readers and myself would be interested in seeing another piece adding on to the topic of prepping for a night out in terms of prepping the logistics of your bachelor pad or even just essential items to have in a bachelor pad for optimal success. Your wisdom is invaluable to an alpha dog in the furnace of transformation.

    Thanks brother


  2. OK, this is a little off topic, nonetheless, I’d love peoples views here.

    Some feminist bitch on that ever popular social networking site has just pointed me in the direction of ‘http://www.sofeminine.co.uk’. I’m horrified that some of the articles on there are published primarily to discriminate against men and offer little self improvement or life/relationship advice for women. My guess is the admin are lesbians. Furthermore, this is the exact garbage that allows women who are average at best to feel empowered in society and creates an illusion in their heads whereby they think they are worth more than their own true value.

    With Easter bank holiday weekend fast approaching, I’m out for retribution as such for mankind, I’m making it my mission to seduce such a woman, have my wicked ways with her and toss her back into the pile of nothingness she belongs in, leaving with a smirk on my face that say ‘you’ll never beat us’.


  3. Truly inspiring. I think we’ve all had the feeling of the perfect night coming to life, but you put it so eloquently and add a touch of class that few ever reach. Thanks.


  4. Poetry, pure poetry.

    The modern day Shakespeare.

    If you ever fancy destroying the women of the UK, you’re welcome in my home.


  5. Excellent post. I really enjoyed reading this one.

    I like to think of seduction as analogous to cooking. A man could go through the motions in the kitchen, rushing through the prep work and the recipe, focusing too much on technique, and worrying about the end product. Even so, he can still get a nice dinner in the end.

    Or, the man could slow it down and take his time. He would have all his ingredients prepared “mise en place”, before actually applying the heat. The man would enjoy the careful preparation of his curated ingredients, watching them transform as he cooks, taking in the aromas rising from his pots, and putting an appealing presentation on the plate.

    It is a given that this will be a great meal, because he’s put in the practice, the time, and the work, in the kitchen many times before. The man isn’t just a cook anymore; he’s a chef.


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