How To Pick Up Girls At A Vegas Pool Party

To celebrate the launch of Vegas Pool Party Season opening this weekend, I’ve decided to drop some exclusive knowledge on meeting and fucking a girl from one. Even if you’re not in Vegas this weekend, summer is right around the corner and this is the time for the pools to be filled with sexy girls in tiny bikinis that somehow get smaller every year. By 2016 they will all be naked and I will walk around with a raging boner and a bottle of vodka, ready to stick both in any willing and participating pool sluts.

Slap on your sunscreen, slather your cock with KY and prepare for a fucking blast when you head to a pool party in Vegas. A small minority of people want to bitch how it’s impossible to go out to a nightclub or beach club and you have to spend a grip to get laid. Wrong. You don’t, but your biggest enemy is having a clueless ‘wingman’ and your greatest friend is logistics. That’s right, for a pool party you’re definitely better off being there solo (unless you’re with a buddy with rockstar Game) and I’ll explain why in a bit.


5. Get In The Right Mood

The first thing you have to make sure of, is that your mood is good. No one wants a Danny Downer roaming the pool party bitching about the heat. People go to pool parties to have FUN and a lot of it. Get yourself in a good mood while you’re in your hotel room and carry it with you the rest of the day.

Listen to feel-good music, watch some funny clips on YouTube, and hype yourself up, so when you walk into the pool party your very AURA is on point and you become a magnet for girls. A lot of gaming girls in party environments comes down to being in the right mood, which you send off signals about before you even open your mouth.

Roll solo or with an experienced wingman who is down for a good time too. I have seen tons of guys get cock-blocked by a friend or even worse, they have to babysit the ’wingman’ because their buddy got too wasted. If you’re not 100% confident in your wingman’s abilities leave him in the room. Also, it’ll make it much much easier to get in immediately and not wait in line for an hour.


4. Pre-Drink & Pre-Mingle

Here’s where you’re going to save some money. Pool parties in Vegas generally start popping around noon-1pm. Tired sluts and studs are finally emerging from their hangover sleep and heading down to the pool. Here’s some real advice: PRE-DRINK. One drink in one of those plastic cups at Wet Republic is $40. Yes, $40. Granted it’s the equivalent of like 5-6 drinks so you get your money’s worth, however if you have high tolerance like myself, then you could spend $120 and barely be buzzed.

Get a bottle from a liquor store off the Strip and post up in your room doing shots and getting your buzz on. This will costs you $15-20. Also, buy two Gatorades, whatever flavor you prefer. In one of the Gatorade bottles, after you’ve drank or poured out half, fill with vodka. You now have half-vodka and half Gatorade drink which is smooth as a strippers pussy. This is the best drink for staying hydrated, and trust me, Vegas heat during the day at a pool party is no fucking joke. The Gatorade counterbalances the alcohol.

Now that you have your proper buzz, get dressed for the pool party and head down to the casino floor. Note: Vegas pool parties are very strict on the swimsuit you wear. Do not wear basketball shorts; they will turn you away. Your shorts must be swimsuit material.

Once on the casino floor, start mingling. Talk to every fucking girl you see. Say ‘hi’, bullshit, just get warmed up. The moment you hit the pool you need to already be comfortable talking to girls. Mingling first will do that. Don’t think of it as ‘hitting on girls’ either. Think about it as you’re having the time of your life and you’re spreading your infectious energy and happiness to everyone. Don’t trip, soon enough you’ll have a slut spreading her legs.


3. BE The Party

You now have gotten your mood in a great place, you have a nice buzz and you’re feeling pretty confident and ready to meet some sluts. After you get past the rope and you’re inside a slice of heaven and your neck is sore from all the ass walking around and tits staring back at you, I’m going to drop some next level club game on you. You ready?

Over 80% of the girls at the pool party are on drugs. Not a shock, but specifically, they are on MDMA or ‘Molly’. Now I would never recommend you taking drugs to meet girls; there’s simply no need to, but what I’m about to tell you will help you when dealing with these girls.

The girls, due to the excitement of being in Vegas, wearing next to nothing (it’s a fact, that when adults are in public in little clothing, they’re in a state of excitement), and being on drugs, that they will be happy. In fact, I believe it’s even easier to meet girls at a pool party then a nightclub due to this variable. Yes, at nightclubs girls are on drugs as well, but not as much as during the day parties. Partly, because they need to wake up from the night before so the pop a pill, and partly because the pool parties are dominated by the EDM culture. So we have the girls in a state of uber-happiness. How do you deal with that?

By Matching Their State. Essentially, the easiest way to do this, since you’re not on drugs, is to look at the pattern of activity of people around you. Observe. You can literally mirror people’s actions by doing a slightly toned down version of what they’re doing. I know this can be done because I do it at every day club or nightclub that I host at. I have to. If I were to consume drugs with all of my clients 4-5 times a week, I’d be dead. I came up with this because it’s frustrating as hell to be around drugged up/drunk people and be sober.

Here’s an example: chew gum. First off, it keeps your breathe fresh and you are talking to sluts all day. Secondly, people on MDMA tend to grind their teeth. Just by you chewing gum, it gives off the vibe that you too must be on MDMA.

Now you might be wondering why it matters if people think you’re on shit or not… because people do not like reminders of sobriety while in a party environment. Trust me on this. It’s a human subconscious reflex to reject the tribe member who won’t eat the buffalo tongue with the rest of the tribe.

Secondly, Move To The Music. Note: I didn’t say you have to dance, but some movement is necessary. I have my own shit I do and to each their own, but a Vegas Pool Party is NOT a place to stand under an imported palm tree and have your arms crossed.

I want you to walk around the pool talking to every girl who looks your way and be fun, be cool, be flirty. Smile, engage, flirt, and bounce. Follow my formula in the Nightclub Bible for working a room. This is even more critical for a pool party.


2. Escalate And Hold On

Unless you look like a troll and have the game of I Am Sam, you WILL meet a slut at a Vegas Pool Party who’s reciprocating your game. Now normally, I would recommend playing it chill and then going for it, however, for a pool party you must understand you’re dealing with the following ‘cockblock’ issues:

1. It’s day time. Girls feel freakier at night. It has something to do with the darkness of night I believe. Corrupt souls that they are.

2. She will have one friend at least. Focus on groups of two girls. They are in Vegas for cock and it’s not difficult at all to pull 2 friends for a threesome after a pool party. The groups save for last resort.

3. They are planning on going out that night after the pool party so they want rest and food. This is the #1 Cockblock of Vegas Pool Parties. Thankfully, I am providing you with the solution…

Back to solutions. After building some comfort with her, venue change her within the same venue (I.e. You meet her at the bar, talk etc). Then grab her hand and go to the opposite side of the pool party and hang out. You don’t need a fucking reason, she’s buzzed and doesn’t really care, it’s to get her used to going somewhere else with you and her being safe.

If she’s holding your hand and making out with you and rubbing her firm phat ass on your cock with her wet bikini, then you have a girl who is DTF asap. Stick with that girl and for all intent and purposes put all your eggs in one basket. Here’s what you say:

You: “Fuckit I’m going to drink in my room, put on some Pandora and order some room service. Let’s go.”

Her: “What about my friend?”

You: (motioning to her friend who’s dancing with a dude) “She’s a big girl and she looks busy” (wink)

Her: (laughing) “Ok, let’s go”

You: (grab her hand and get the fuck out of there asap)

Note: Generally speaking the best actual physical time to pull the girl is between 4:30-5:30pm. Any earlier she’s probably going to blow you off because she wants to hear Tiesto’s set. Well good ole Tiesto is only playing for an hour, so when his set is over the energy dies down considerable.


1. Logistics

The #1 Most Important Key Of Pulling A Slut From A Vegas Pool Party is Logistics.

You cannot skimp on this aspect, so even if you’re on a tight budget, that’s okay, but spend the majority of your trip budget on staying at the hotel connected to the day club that you’re planning on attending. For example, if you want to go to Wet Republic Day Club, then you need to stay at The MGM, The MGM Signature Suites or Blue-Green Resort/Hotel. You can get rooms at these spots for reasonable rates, if you book early enough.

Meeting a girl and being able to get to your room ASAP, is everything. If you have to wait for a cab, (although you shouldn’t be waiting if you took my taxi line bellman tip advice), or wait on the Strip stuck in a cab in traffic, or a million other things that can happen before you get her from the party to your room, then you’re greatly REDUCING your chances of fucking her. Stay close and utilize the hell out of it. Get her up to your room and make sure you still have alcohol there ready to go. Once you get inside, do these things asap, especially if she’s giving you resistance.

1. Walk in, grab the bottle of alcohol and do a shot with her.

2. Put your fancy smart phone on the iPhone player and play some music. You’ll get a vibe for what she likes from earlier so throw that on.

3. Fuck room service. Kiss her, take that bikini off and go to town. After pool party sex is some of the best sex. I don’t know why, but there’s something primal and raw about it.

If you’ve never experienced a Vegas Pool Party then here’s a taste gentlemen:



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16 Replies to “How To Pick Up Girls At A Vegas Pool Party”

  1. Hey man!
    ur posts are reeally helpful !
    what do you if youre staying a litle far away say, at the tahiti village?
    How to pull them into their own rooms?


  2. BTW: My experience was having a blast, getting two numbers, then meeting a girl on MDMA in the pool and making out with her for an hour within 60 seconds of meeting her. I tried everything to get her out of there. Problem was…I was staying at Bally’s. When I left solo at 5:30pm, the party immediately stopped when I walked out the door. 100% different vibe that you would have to deal with once you leave the pool.


  3. I can vouch for this article 1000% based on my 1 experience at Encore Beach Club last summer. You have to have fun, you have to be staying in the hotel to pull, and the girls that are the easiest are on drugs. You don’t really need to worry about approaching. Just walk around in the pool and hang out. Girls are everywhere you turn around.

    For the guys wondering about how they look and “six-pack” abs…remember that girls are 100% more self conscious and nervous about how they look in their bikinis than you will ever even be able to imagine. If you’re fat, get a tan and manscape first. If you’re small, talk to smaller chicks. If you’re tall and jacked like an NFL WR? Well, then you’ll probably get the hottest chicks there. No different than real life.


  4. Own it. You can always rock a shirt too, but confidence is King, so be confident.

    I have two stab marks on my back and I just rock em.

    If you’re in great shape, it won’t be a problem.


  5. I have kiloid scars on my body similar to this, but not as widespread:

    I am in good shape otherwise – decently jacked with a six pack.

    How will this impact my experience at the pool club (and by extension any other shirtless party)?

    What adjustments to my game should I make?

    Should I just wear a shirt the whole time?



  6. How easy is it to pull if you’re big and walking around with a nice set of abs? Are girls going to approach you?

    Also, what does entrance to those parties usually cost?


    1. The better in-shape you are, the more you’ll get at the least, eye fucked. When girls stare, that makes it even easier to approach. I’ve yet to meet a chick who didn’t drool over 6-pack abs.

      Usually what happens is if you’re rockin abs and you walk around the pool, girls will grab your arm or make a comment.

      If you’re NOT in great shape, then it’s a matter of talking to girls and approaching, but girls are usually more receptive at pool parties then clubs, plus although it’s loud, you can actually talk because you’re outside and the acoustics are obviously not as good as being inside a club.

      Depends on the weekend, Memorial Day Weekend and major holiday weekends during pool season, are an easy $100+.

      Regular weekend can be $75+ depends on the pool party.


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