11 Cold Hard Facts About Living In Las Vegas

Sin City is one helluva city that will make or break you. The abundant alcohol, gambling and fast broads are abundant and if you’re not disciplined, will wreck your life. On the flip side, visiting Las Vegas is one of the best vacations you can make for making incredible memories, banging hot girls and letting loose. I lived in Vegas and am there frequently throughout the year, so here are my observations from real experience.

11. Besides partying, there’s not much to do. What I love about Los Angeles, is that there’s an incredible amount of things to do. Want to surf? Hit the beach. Want to go skiing? Hit up Big Bear. In Vegas there’s a limited amount of activities due to it’s location and being landlocked.

10. If you’re a gambler and you don’t have self-control you will go broke within a few months. I’m not a big gambler at all, but I had friends who lost everything they owned due to their lack of self-control on the tables. This city was built and continues to be built on the backs of gamblers. These gorgeous casinos and clubs weren’t built off of people gambling $20 and going home.

9. There is no city on earth that’s better for pulling girls for one night stands than Las Vegas. When I lived there I was averaging 3 new girls a week and that was while working full time. Granted, I was working in top clubs as a VIP Host, but it’s still incredible at the amount of hot fast pussy available 24 hours a day.


8. The clubs are on an entirely different level than anywhere else in the United States. While I can’t speak for anywhere outside of the USA, I can easily say that nightlife in Vegas is mind-blowing. The level of energy, general aesthetics and world class DJs make Vegas the premier party destination world-wide. It’s hard to properly describe without experiencing it for yourself.

7. The heat is hot as hell and incredibly dry. The weather in Vegas is famous for being sweltering, but the flip side is that everywhere inside is air conditioned and casino ‘weather’ is the most comfortable. At night it cools down considerably during the non-summer months.

6. Alcohol is available 24/7 365. If you like to drink, then Vegas is your city. Unfortunately, you may need a new liver after a year. I have never drank so much in my life, then when I lived in Vegas. Want beer at 4am? Head to your local gas station. Want to go clubbing at 6am? Roll out to Drais or Artisan. The party never stops.

5. The cost of living is incredibly cheap. You can snag a sick high rise 1 bed room apartment right on the Strip for the same amount you’d spend on an average studio in Los Angeles. Everything is cheaper from gas to groceries. If you make good money and can save, then Vegas is a city where you can live large without draining your bank accounts.

4. The local girls are DTF. Vegas attracts a certain type of girl: likes to party, likes to have fun and is usually searching for adventure. They tend to work in the Industry as bottle waitresses (who make 6 figures), go-go dancers, bartenders etc. These girls who actually live in Vegas, tend to be extremely hot and DTF. Once you actually live in Vegas, you have the best of both worlds: hot girls who live in Vegas and new girls coming and going every weekend who are DTF. Vegas truly is a sexpot.


3. You have to have outside interests to have a normal life. If all you do is party, gamble and fuck, you’ll get burned out. It sounds great in theory to do that 24/7, but trust me it gets old. I like Vegas in doses now and don’t see myself living there again. You have to build a life outside of the party world in Vegas in order to have a sense of normalcy and not burn out.

2. The peak tourist season is April-September. Vegas slows down after Labor Day, pops off for New Year’s Eve, and slows back down until April when pool season starts. If you’re visiting Vegas, I highly recommend going April-September.

1. People are friendly. One aspect of Vegas that I miss, is the friendliness of locals. To a certain extent they all work in the service industry and this bleeds over to their lives outside of work. Compared to Los Angeles, people in Vegas will actually greet you and take interest in your day. It’s similar to a southern town or the Midwest where people slow down, say ‘hello’ and actually mean it.

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18 Replies to “11 Cold Hard Facts About Living In Las Vegas”

  1. So I’m moving to Vegas in dec with my boyfriend….. Any advice on making it out of there still together after a year, of living there??????


  2. forgot to mention there was a time when a nightclub porter would get a few crumbs by sweeping up the ” RAIN” left by ballers. now that money is collected by management and supposedly given to charity. sometimes there would be well over a grand left on the floor, for someone reading this post who does not know what rain is in a nightclub, it’s when a clubgoer throws up dollar bills in the air, and people scramble to pick it up. thanks again.


  3. most of your comments about vegas are correct, but walk one or two blocks off the strip and everywhere you look are people asking you for loose change, a dollar for the bus, cigarettes, etc. i cannot go into my local seven eleven for a coffee without being asked for something on a daily basis. vegas is loaded with homeless drifters, meth addicts, criminals. it’s sad to see some dude from dubai just drop 150 grand on two bottles of ace of spades ,then leave the club and 2 minutes later down the block from the club there is a dude hustling change. ya, vegas is a great party town, but has big community problems.more so than most communitys, while we’re on the subject of nightclubs you’re right again about nightclub waitresses, bussers, bartenders, barbacks, hosts. most make money people would kill for, but there is one nightclub worker that no one pays ANY attention to, and doesn’t get to chop up ANY of all that cash floating around . that worker is the nightclub PORTER!! no one gives a good fuck about him while he cleans up puke, blood, piss, and at times even semen! people have no idea what goes on in a popular vegas nightclub, by 2 in the morning with a popular dj , you can’t move a fuckin inch in the club because it’s so crowded and a porter has to walk around the club with a pan and broom in one hand while picking up empty drink glasses that are thrown on the floor by wasted club patrons with the other ! what would be the big deal if all the club workers would take about 20 or 40 bucks each and break the porter off .when there’s a big spill at a table it’s the porter to the rescue for the busser or waitress. when these asshole guests decide to throw a bucket of ice at his friend who the fuck cleans it up?THE PORTER!! beiong in the industry i;m sure you know what i;m talking about. thanks for hearing me out.


  4. Seriously thinking about moving to Vegas at the end of July. Main reasons are to save/stack cash and have better access to DTF girls.


  5. I don’t drink.
    I play Texas Hold ’em very well.
    This post has me thinking about relocating to Vegas. Sounds like the town I’ve been looking for.

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  6. This offered much clarity for my bang metropolis OCD comparisons-IMO go West COast the rest of the US is shit. After I move out West if I dont dig it-I’ll find a way out of this Country.


  7. Went to vegas once for a weekend, found it easy to hook up with girls in the clubs, but hard to get then to leave with you due to the fact they all tended to be there for the weekend with a group of girls, such as a hens weekend etc. The fact that it was a specific event/celebration weekend made them not want to have a ONS for sake of they would miss out on Vegas with their friends. I can see how local girls would be the ones you want.


  8. There are things to do in Vegas besides gamble, drink and fuck. If you’re into the outdoors Vegas is a good spot to be. Red Rock, Lake Mead, shit like that.


  9. Thanks for posting this one. #’s 11 & 3 confirm my concerns that LV could lose its luster living there. Like you I may just continue to enjoy LV in doses. May need to hit up one of your LVHE sometime!


  10. Zappos is one major company I know of with offices in the Vegas metro. There’s several others, especially in hospitality/entertainment. The casinos/hotels need IT, accounting, finance, legal , etc. Not as many avail positions of course but they are there, and I’d bet you’d save more bank and have a hotter selection of girls in your life vs the same line of work in a place like DC or Philly, etc.


  11. I’ve always thought it would be a cool place to live – but are there any jobs out there besides low paying service industry jobs if you aren’t a hot chick?


    1. Vegas is a regular city so with that you have regular jobs outside of the service industry like any other city.

      The industry jobs can pay quite well. It’s not uncommon for the table dealers to be making $100k+, busboys making a stack a week and bartenders hitting 6 figures as well. The question is, who wants to do that forever? It’s a fun city to experience for a period of time, stack paper (if you have discipline) and then leave.


    2. Apparently Vegas is super popular for tech startups because of the lack of a state Income tax. There’s only a few cities in the US that are in States without income tax. Texas, Seattle, Vegas, Florida are the only ones I think, so there are quite a bit of startups there.


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