Reader’s Question Answered: After-Sex Etiquette


Today’s blog post is my response to a reader’s question about After Sex Etiquette. Remember gentlemen, if you’d like your question answered, send me an email: and maybe you’ll see it answered it right here.

*The name has been changed to protect the identity of the reader.

Reader’s Question:

“Hey Christian,

First of all, I really enjoy reading your articles. However, lets get to the point: couple weeks ago I brought a random girl home and two nights ago she texted me saying that she broke up with her boyfriend because she only wants to have some distraction *winky face.*

Of course that’s good for me, but what’s the best etiquette after sex? Should I wait until she contacts me first, or vise versa? I feel as if I text her first, she´s probably gonna fuck the first random dick that says ‘Hi’ to her. I wanna keep this girl for a couple months.


Jack M.

My Answer:


Breaking this down based on facts and not feelings, this is what we know:

1. She cheated on her boyfriend with you. She’s a slut.

2. She sent you a text to get validation and see if you were still interested in her (odds are, she sent that text to other men she’s been fucking, or at least her beta orbiters).

3. You’re already too emotionally involved in a girl that you had sex with ONE time (according to your email). You’re concerned that she may have other men (she does) and that you’ll lose your chance to keep her around.

As men, we get gut reactions to our dealings with women. There’s certain types of women that show red flags and show us with their behavior that they’re worth nothing more than a roll in the hay. This is one of them. Would I keep her as a FWB? Sure. Would I put out an iota of effort to “keep this girl for a couple of months”? No.

A man who is working on developing his Game and building a life of value, simply does not expend energy on depreciating ‘assets’. The simplest way to keep your life disciplined and on track is to examine all of your relationships: platonic and romantic. Friends and family. If a relationship brings additional stress, conflict and has the potential to drag you down, then think long and hard before putting any additional effort into it.

The cat is out of the bag. You’ve put your cock inside her vagina. Text her a simple text to come ‘hang out’ and leave it at that. You’ve already ‘won’ by having sex with her. She doesn’t have any leverage because her ‘asset’ has been given to you. Once you have acquired an asset, it’s not conducive to your life to continue trying to keep her and the most effort expended should be in only maintaining it. She’s not worth it by her behavior.

Lastly, if you’re thinking that’d you like to get into a relationship with her, then I’ll finish with this: If she cheated on her boyfriend (ex) with you, what makes you think she won’t cheat with another guy on you?

Save yourself a headache, keep it casual, tear her pussy up and never move her up on the bench: she’s a FWB and nothing more.

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3 Replies to “Reader’s Question Answered: After-Sex Etiquette”

  1. Cool article.
    The post-coitus rush of chemicals has always been a fun experience for me.
    But if you aren’t careful they can help high-jack your frame and make you too cuddley. What works for me is to be exaxlty the same as you were before sex plus a tiny bit more affectionate.
    Then leave.


  2. A girl truly in love and committed is LESS likely to stray, but you can never be positive. I’ve spit some incredibly tight game before, but couldn’t get taken girls to budge. If a girl wants some outside dick she’ll get it, but if she’s actually loyal, it takes an act of God to get her to stray.

    I personally am not big on fucking girls who are in a LTR. Too much drama, but it obviously can happen and you don’t find out until later.


  3. There is a minimal chance that a cheating girlfriend was just in an unfulfilling relationship – she might have met an Alpha guy with Game who swept her off her feet.

    However the text with “some distraction” is an absolute sign of her total slutty ways – not worth more than being one of your plates and probably an unreliable one at that.


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