The #1 Tool For A Player


Today’s blog post is my response to a reader’s question about how to use the scar on his face to better game girls. Have a question? Send me an email and maybe I’ll answer it right here.

*The name has been changed to protect the identity of the reader.

Reader’s Question:

Hi Christian, straight off just going say your articles are sick mate.

So basically I’m an 18 year old English guy (I’m travelling Australia at the moment and the accent does wonders by the way) extremely confident and I’ll admit it, good looking and good style. However, last December I fell over off my face in a night club, I know you’re thinking fucking twat right? But it’s left me with a 2 inch permanent scar right on my left cheek bone. It looks fucking bad ass and like I got it fighting or something.

So my query is, I don’t feel I’m utilizing this enough in my game, girls ask me how I got it and obviously I lie. They love touching it as well when I’m getting down with them, but my lies are kinda lame.

Can you come up with any lines or things I could say that is total alpha badass with out sounding like a dick?

Bradley G.

My Answer:


The #1 Tool Available to a player, is mystery. No, I’m not talking about the PUA with the fuzzy hat and eye shadow; I’m talking about using mystery to enhance a woman’s attraction to you.

Let’s see what the definition of mystery is to gain a better understanding.

Mystery: something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain.

Wow, that’s interesting right? Based on what we know attracts women, we understand that women are attracted to aloof, distant, strong silent types. A man who airs every single fact about his life, leaves NOTHING to the imagination. When a woman believes she has you figured out, what is left?

Note: Not all media is displayed unless it is being viewed on a laptop or desktop.

Tony knows what’s up.

Since you have a scar that isn’t hidden, its clear that it will come up in conversation with women while gaming them. While I wouldn’t advise you to lie, I will show you how using the gift of mystery will further enhance her attraction for you.

Girl: “How’d you get that scar Bradley?”

You: (pause, look at her for a moment, then look away) “Long story.”

Girl: “I’m curious. What happened?”

You: (another pause, then look her in the eye) “I don’t like talking about it.”

Girl: “Okay, sorry didn’t mean to pry.”

You: (Change subject while acting unfazed now)

What this does, is send her IMAGINATION into overdrive. Her hamster is literally reeling with possible scenarios as to why you have that scar. Let me let you in on a little secret about women: They always choose to believe the more elaborate and dramatic story that their imagination creates.

There’s nothing you could tell them that would be as effective as what goes through their mind. In fact, if you tell them a made up story, odds are she won’t believe you and will think that you’re trying to appear as a badass, instead of simply being a badass. Badasses have nothing to prove. They just are.

The real life story that you told me, isn’t exciting, but even if it was, you’re right to not tell the true story. Use my example and watch her pupils dilate and feel her pussy get wet. Girls cannot resist a bad boy and at your age (18), you can crush the Game by playing that up.

Lastly, I know what it’s like to have scars. I was repeatedly stabbed in the back in a fight, that I touched on here, but even with an incredible story behind my scars, I use the same method I just wrote about.

Try it and see for yourself how the power of mystery can cause a girl to be even more attracted to you.

Ready to learn my SECRETS to keeping a gorgeous girl interested in you for the long haul? Click here.

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16 Replies to “The #1 Tool For A Player”

  1. Dear Christian, I have heard so much about Frame, but no body seem to explain it in a manner that i can understand. Would be glad if you can explain or break it down for me.


    1. I’m interested in this as well. You seem gifted with the ability to convey complex concepts clearly with your writing.


  2. This design is so much better than the last one you can’t even imagine. The last one was almost as hard to navigate as GLL’s.


    1. They’re not showing up a different color for some reason. Troubleshooting now. They do work though, if you hover your mouse over the words ‘Click Here’.


  3. Thanks so much for the reply buddy. Shit that’s good!

    Like I said I’m 18 and game well already but yeah that should help no end.



  4. I think many of us want to reveal our coolest/best selves too quickly and too explicitly. This article is great in that in that it reminds us to slow down and let the woman dig a bit. Sometimes I forget that a woman’s imagination can be used to work in our favor.

    Btw I’m digging the redesign. Very clean look. Good stuff, Christian.


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