How To Pick A Cologne


Choosing a cologne can be overwhelming. You walk into a department store to the men’s cologne counter and are either greeted by a sexy young girl (hopefully), an old woman who hit the wall 3 decades ago (probably), or a waifer thin lad with a cocksucker lisp (most likely).

Next step, they start spraying colognes on those little pieces of white cardboard and shoving them under your nose with one hand, followed by then shoving a can of coffee beans under your nose too. I will say, the coffee beans work to neutralize your sense of smell, so you can differentiate between colognes.

If you’re anything like me though, I don’t like being hassled or pressured. I like to take my time, smell the ones I want to and make a decision after I’ve had a chance to see what smells good on ME.

For you cats out there who are clueless to the best process to select a cologne, here’s some tips to make the process painless, productive and some recommendations from my own personal collection.

4. Narrow Them Down By The Process Of Elimination Using Your Instinct

The moment you smell a cologne you can tell if you like it or not. If you have to think about it, it’s not for you. That doesn’t mean you buy it instantly, just means you put it in the ‘Options’ category.

Spray the cardboard sheet, wave it in the air so it dries and take a good whiff. If you’re not sure, forget that cologne. You want a cologne that not only smells good on YOU, but one that you like and one that you feel confident wearing.

3. Select Your Favorite And Spray On Your Wrists

After you’ve eliminated the ones you don’t want, choose your favorite that you like. Spritz 1 time each on both your wrists and then rub your wrists together. Then leave the store. Walk around for 45min-1 hour. You can be shopping, having lunch or jerking off in the men’s restroom, doesn’t matter, but what does matter, is that you give the cologne time to settle with your natural scent so you can get a good idea of what it really smells like on you.

After the time has passed, smell your wrists and even better have a girl with you to take a whiff too. Girls have a more sensitive nose and are usually great at helping a man pick out a good cologne. If you don’t have a girl with you, well here’s the perfect opportunity to do some openers on girls at the mall.

“I’m picking out a cologne. What’s your opinion on this one?” Girls love to help with anything to do with clothes, style and colognes.

2. Choose A Cologne For Day And Night

You don’t have to if you’re tight on cash, but if you can, buy two colognes: Day time and Night time.

The day time scent should be light and fresh and the night time scent richer. Rocking a couple sprays of a great day time cologne will even give you more confidence when spitting some day game, so do yourself a favor and invest in yourself.

Bonus Tip: If you only have enough money for one cologne, choose a night time one. Day time isn’t pertinent to have cologne like it is at night and you can always get by with a cheap body spray like Axe for the day.

1. Don’t Get Sold On Hype; Choose What Works For Your Body Scent and Chemistry

Lastly, don’t get sucked into a sales person’s pressure on what to buy. They make money through commission and always push the latest released colognes. Problem with that is, is that just because it’s a brand new cologne by a name brand, doesn’t mean that it will mix well with your body chemistry.

Fuck the labels and choose what smells great on you. That being said, there are some brands that make great scents for men and have been consistent with delivering great colognes. Here’s a few of my favorites from my own collection.

Bonus Tip: When you’re paying for your purchase, ask for samples of other colognes. Since you’re already spending dough, the sales person is happy and will stock you up with small samples. This is a great way to wear other colognes and see what works for you without spending extra money.

My Personal Go To Colognes

Tom Ford Noir

This is one helluva Night Time cologne. My personal test of a cologne is how masculine it smells on me. I’m not into fruity scents. Tom Ford may be light in the loafers himself, but the man has impeccable style and his men’s colognes are very masculine.



Burberry Brit For Men

A classic staple in my collection for years, Burberry Brit is also a great Night time cologne.



Polo Sport

Yea yea I know it’s been around forever, but it still works because it’s a classic scent. You can never go wrong with Polo and this is a rocking scent perfect for a round of golf, or lunch on Ocean Drive in Miami.



Any kickass new colognes you guys use? Drop a comment letting me know.

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45 Replies to “How To Pick A Cologne”

  1. Let me duck first but…. after many attempts to come into “new age”, I have continually reverted back to a consistent WINNER, Christian Dior Fahrenheit . I continue to get complements from Guys and Gals, and many of them comment on it being an “oldie but a goodie”. A friggin TSA agent complemented me on it a couple of weeks ago. Freaked me out. Granted, it seems a little too “sweet” for men, but most women seem to dig it, and the younger ones obviously comment “never smelled that before”. Before your time, sweetie.


    1. BTW, ***side note for Christian McQueen*** Your site/blog is the BOMB! I just found this, and OMIGAWD, I have been reading your articles back-to-back. I swore I would NEVER pay to be a member to ANY blog site, but I’d pay to be part of this one. Really really Great, No-nonsense straight up truth-talk, great tips, without the “hard sell”. I like your style bro, keep it up.


  2. I love Kiton , it smells very good. Girls always complement me on it . It comes in two scents : Regular and black. I prefer regular. It’s available online and at Nordstroms. I definitely recommend It!


  3. For me I only use one at Night as a “Real” Calonge and that would be called Avatar but I think u could buy it off either Avon or Amazon… Its also a good Day Time one as well and that’s how I got my girl because of using it at Night. For day time use I use the New “Gold Temptation” by AXE its a great Day Time use for me… Hope this works and thanks for reading my comment


  4. Pinaud’s Clubman and Clubman talc. Reminiscent of afternoons at the barbershop with my grandfather. Its absolutely classic and reminiscent of a time when men were men. I feel like I’m on my way to see Frank, Dean and Sammy at the Sands when I’m wearing it. It’s available at barbershop supply stores and on amazon.


  5. I once took my sister and a cousin to the store. I made them smell the most popular ones and they both agreed on two:

    -Versace por homme (original)
    -Eternity for men

    Versace has been my fragrance for 3 years and I am always getting compliments by women on it.


  6. Midnight in Paris by Van Cleef & Arpels works very well for me. I’ve had many compliments since making it my “go to” night cologne. Hints of leather, vanilla, and tobacco mainly. Very subtle and slightly powdery sweet.


  7. Within 45 minutes of using David Beckham Homme I got a sexy French foreign exchange students number. I found it on sale for 10 bucks and it came with a body wash that I used before our date. Very pleased with the quick ROI.


  8. I’ll brace the criticisms but Abercrombie & Fitch’s ‘Fierce’ has never let me down since high school. I’m in my mid-twenties and women still love it. Men who are into fashion and clothing hate it because of its overuse back when they were in high school, but the women I meet who are my age love it. What’s funny is many of them don’t know it’s from A&F, probably because Fierce wasn’t as popular as people think it was/is.

    For night cologne, Gucci by Gucci has a real ‘film noir’ type of scent. Manly and classy.


    1. naaa man, A&F “Fierce” is nice. Clean, subtle and solid but not overdone. I wore that for a bit, and it always made me feel “clean” but not like a bull-in-a-china-shop-knock-that-bitch-over-with-my-manhood. I’d wear it again.


  9. I combo Tom Ford Tuscan Leather on my neck and Tom Ford Oud Wood on my wrists which I then blot behind my ears. Leather is all man and reminiscent of cocaine, Oud is manly but sweet, but not as sweet as Tobacco Vanille, which drys down powdery and femmish on me. Daytime is Le Labo BERGAMOTE 22. And if you’re into musky Id say try OUD 27 also from Le Labo. Its almost urinesque, and not for everybody. ANNND I occasionally trot out one of my high school go-tos especially if on a date with a woman of a certain age: CK Obsession or Drakkar Noir. Chick crack back in the day and can work magic on said seasoned women.

    A quick tip for fellow chrome-domers: Applying cologne only to your head will ensure it doesn’t get on your clothes thus potentially allowing more wears before washes, especially if youre wearing cheap smelly that goes stale.


  10. the ‘For Him’ version from the Victoria Secret – VERY SEXY line

    not even joking, after all it’s engineered with them in mind


  11. Hi Christian,
    The new blog format is great. I usually buy Dolce & Gabbana “Masculine”. It is now discontinued but Amazon still has some stock.


  12. For the past couple of years I’ve been wearing Acqua di Parma (Colonia) and have received positive comments on it, This is a classic scent.

    Tom Ford For Men is also good.

    I like a lot of the Creed fragrances (Royal English Leather, Green Irish Tweed, Aventus).

    Royall Rugby is also something I wear on occasion, and this one, too, has drawn positive comments from women.


  13. Acqua di Parma Essenza as a night cologne- masculine, full bodied, slightly sweet

    D squared mountain wood as a day cologne- extremely unique scent, very hard to describe, but absolutely incredible in my opinion


  14. Onyx by Azzaro. Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche. Avatar (rare, used to be sold in Walmart but smells awesome!). Bottled Night by Hugo Boss mixed with a hind of Calvin Klein Obsession.


  15. I take it you dont agree with the dont wear cologne theory. I haven’t in years. I can’t really see a plus to it honestly aside from just smelling nice. I prefer the classic standby of marlboro reds and irish springs, but I might have to go back and retry cologne again.


    1. That plus of “just smelling nice” is pretty compelling though.

      Cologne isn’t some magic potent that causes women to fall from the sky, but I wear it more for myself. Sure, girls liking it helps, but do whatever works for you.

      If you’re not big on cologne, but are thinking about getting some, just ask for samples at the department stores. Will cost you nothing and you might find yourself liking it more this time around.


      1. I can agree with that. I’ll probably try it again just to see, but I did want to add some food for thought too for anybody reading these comments.


  16. Success by Trump gets positive responses from women who smell it on me. That’s one of those scents that didn’t stand out for me, but if women like it on me, that’s all that matters.


  17. For day time, an obvious, classic choice: Aqua di Gio. Also Polo.

    For the night: Chanel Egoïste Platinum if you want to smell like a million dollars. Women go nuts. Gentlemen Only by Givenchy for formal events: very elegant. And when I’m sporting a more “rebel” look and vibe: Allure Sport. Even has some hints of tobacco in it.


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